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Saturday, 1 April 2017


ALLAN DRANSFIELD on THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONER [I.C.O.] - FreedomtalkradioScotland 31 March 17 


[I had no choice but to go to the ICO after the General Medical Council completely ignored my reporting professional negligence by my local GP - the entire process took months to get nowhere with the GMC, and a further 12 months and more was wasted getting nowhere when matters progressed to the ICO. I cannot publish the person's name at the ICO for legal reasons but, for instance, when I tried to call him direct [when he wasn't on one of his very regular fortnightly "holidays" and away] I was told on his Ansaphone when my call couldn't be taken to "leave a message if you can't speak direct and I'll get back to you directly" which I did numerous times only to be ignored each and every time I left my contact details. A complete farce. My interaction with this character cost a small fortune too - I learnt after my 1st lot of documents "didn't arrive" after sending them by normal post that I had to send everything via Recorded Delivery, which I did for over a year, sending some docs more than once as they simply were ignored - others never getting any proper response either. A complete waste of time - the result of this costly time-wasting exercise being the ICO taking the GP's and the GMC's side, which was: "no case to answer", yet I had overwhelming concrete evidence for my case, where, eg. my GP nearly killed me on at least 5 occasions as the result of collapsing at the end of nearly 3 years of being prescribed a drug which wasn't checked or monitored even once during the entire near 3 years of it being prescribed, which has also had a devastating effect on my life and health. The ICO is, in my opinion [like the GMC and the GP I had to unfortunately engage with] not fit for purpose and a complete waste of taxpayers money - an utter and disgraceful scam!!]

From earlier:

The Information Commissioner - Socialist Activist Alan Dransfield + Pete Danby on Criminal Records [RADIO INTERVIEWS] - 03 March 17

The Information Commissioner   Socialist Activist Alan Dransfield...begins at 30 mins in

Pete Danby on Criminal Records irregularities etc.  begins at  1 hr. 49 mins. in
By Freedom Talk Radio Scotland
March 03, 2017 - 09:00:00 AM
120 Minutes