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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Infamous 'Ghost Plane' Seen Again over Derbyshire, UK [VIDEOS]

February 13, 2017
Infamous 'Ghost Plane' Seen Again

A legendary phantom airplane said to haunt the skies over a county in England has allegedly been seen once again by a baffled witness.

Sandra Holland told the Derbyshire Times that she and her daughter encountered the ghost plane about two weeks ago when they were stunned to see it barreling towards them.

The frightened pair weren't quite sure what to do as the mysterious plane approached, but Holland marveled to the newspaper that "then it vanished. It was very strange and a real shock to us."

Holland's story is only the latest in a long line of tales from people who have purportedly seen the apparition of an aircraft in Derbyshire.

Dating back decades, confounded observers all seem to report the same scenario, where a seemingly distressed airplane flies low to the ground before disappearing.

It is believed that the airplane in question may be an RAF Douglas Dakota that crashed in the region in the 1920's, although the veracity of that event is not entirely certain.

While skeptics may say that the story is simply an urban legend fueled by the occasional misidentification from wondrous witnesses, we sincerely hope that's not the case since the prospect of a 'ghost plane' is a tale too awesome not to be real.

Source: Derbyshire Times

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