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Friday, 2 December 2016


WikiLeaks' Public Donation Address Receives 4000th Bitcoin
WikiLeaks' public donation address recently received its 4000th bitcoin. The nonprofit whistle blower site, which to a large extent relies on donations, ...
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WikiLeaks' Julian Assange questioned by prosecutors over rape allegation
London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was being questioned by prosecutors on Monday at the Ecuadoran embassy in London in the latest twist ...
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WikiLeaks Suffered A Mysterious Outage For 4 Hours: Victims Of A DDoS Attack?
There have been many conspiracy theories regarding some U.S. agencies wanting to take out WikiLeaks, considering that the non-profit organization ...
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WikiLeaks website suffers mysterious outage sparking Rule 41 hacking conspiracy
Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks suffered a mysterious outage on the morning of 1 December for roughly four hours, two days after posting its ...
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Explosive: New Wikileaks Doc Allege NSA Paid Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to Spy
Notably, during the release of the documents, Wikileaks servers went down, leading some to wonder if there was some kind of hack (DDoS?) against ...
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WikiLeaks Is A Powerful Catalyst For This Data Center REIT
Thanks in large part to wikileaks, managing data for the federal government now requires the implementation of stringent security protocols. Federal ...
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Clinton campaign team says Trump gave platform to white supremacists, blames FBI's Comey and ...
The U.S. government has said Russia was responsible for hacking at least some of the emails released by WikiLeaks, including those from the private ...
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Transcript Leaked from Ohio State-Michigan Fourth Down Video Review
Last night Wikileaks obtained what can only be described as shocking transcripts made by the NSA spying on communications between the on-field ...
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Neue Wikileaks-Dokumente sollen NSA-BND-Kooperation belegen
Seit 2014 befasst sich der NSA-Untersuchungsausschuss mit der Datenspionage der Geheimdienste. Wikileaks hat nun fast 2500 Dokumente ...
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Cookies on the BBC website
In early November, as Wikileaks steadily released piles of emails from Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta, one contact caught the attention of ...
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Congress server hacked, emails, social media and website compromised
... confidential emails and correspondence internal to the Congress Party may make it to the public soon via whistle-blower websites such as Wikileaks ...
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Is Germany the Next Target?
WikiLeaks and a network of anonymous hackers have become a major influence, providing yet more campaign fodder. Foreign governments are ...
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Democratic donors are pissed they flushed their money down the toilet
In addition to losing the presidential election to a game show host, they are embarrassed by Wikileaks' release of their names and personal info and ...
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One Big Loser From This Election — Organic Foods
A little over a month before November's upset election, the WikiLeaks dump of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's emails revealed a ...
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Paul Roderick Gregory: Media wakes up to Russia's 'fake news' only after it is applied against Hillary
Whereas the American Left celebrated WikiLeaks for exposing military and intelligence secrets, Julian Assange is now an evil pawn of the Kremlin.
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If Trump Makes David Petraeus Secretary of State, the General Will Have to Notify His Probation ...
Hillary was hacked, which resulted in her information being released to the public by WikiLeaks. But the crimes are basically the same: they both ...
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Democratic senators push Russian election
The final weeks of the campaign included near-daily releases by WikiLeaks of emails hacked from the account of Clinton campaign chair John ...
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How to Fix Our Voting System/More
Wikileaks Latest Document Dump: 'Year Zero' – 1979 (Jeff C.) This week, the site released more than half a million US diplomatic cables from 1979, ...