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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Attack on DWP sanctions by the National Audit Office - PETITION UPDATE 2 DEC. 2016

Petition update

Attack on sanctions by the National Audit Office

Gill Thompson
Stevenage, United Kingdom
2 Dec 2016 — The government sadly still feel that sanctions are a necessary and long-standing part of the welfare system, and indeed still quote that they are used “as a last resort…. and that procedures are followed.” Even though there appears to be many articles disputing this.

Attack on sanctions by the National Audit Office:

The public spending watchdog The National Audit Office (NAO) launched a scathing attack on the benefit sanctions system, claiming that fining people for breaking the terms of benefits does more harm than good and costs more to enforce than it saves.

The NAO found that benefit sanctions were being inconsistently applied across the country, with some job centres being far stricter than others.
The watchdog found that withholding of benefits, which it found to be commonplace, plunges claimants into hardship, hunger and depression.


Claimants must comply with the conditions of the procedures, but this must work on both sides, procedures must be fair as well as conditional.
They are sanctioning the most vulnerable and the most needy in our society, people with disabilities and health issues. They have sanctioned people for missed appointments, being late for appointments and many other reasons. This is still continuing.
See below


We have seen the increase in food banks, homelessness and many left destitute with nowhere to turn, and this continues.
David like so many others, was doing his best, but sadly this was not good enough. He had been on work placements, a computer course
and was delivering CV’s. He missed two appointments.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign, within Change.org and now with Crowd justice.

We are now at 90% of our initial target on Crowd Justice and should you feel able to you can donate on the following link which would be most appreciated.

Spreading the word is so important and can help make a difference to the many vulnerable still suffering through benefit sanctions.
I ask please if you could share this post to your friends and contacts.

My warmest thanks to you all again for you very kind support.