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Wednesday, 16 November 2016



Surely the laws of motion etc couldn't sustain the moon's position etc in relation to earth for starters if the earth were flat - centrifugal forces, gravity etc wouldn't all be very different if flat earth and the moon could not be where it is + stay where it is if so​, and the tides would all be different and affected too?
If the earth is flat, what is on the underside of the plane that is supposedly populated? And how come pics of all the other planets show spherical objects and no flat ones?
On 16 November 2016 at 06:24, Sam Bamford wrote:
Our stationary FLAT EARTH...The World Is NOT As It Seems...
John-Paul Mahon gives a Live presentation to New Horizons for more insight into the Flat Earth Theory...

We all know that we are taught many lies about the world in which we live, but there is one lie that is so massive that anyone who speaks out about it is instantly mocked and ridiculed. This belief in the true nature of things is associated, in the minds of most of us, with foolishness, primitive beliefs and the height of ignorance.
We’ve all grown up with the ingrained reaction that if you say that the earth is flat you must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
Globes adorn classrooms, libraries and people’s houses across the world. NASA’s blue marble is an iconic image that is burnt into our memories and perception and, since we were small children, we have ‘known’ that we are on a spinning ball orbiting the sun. To think otherwise would be ludicrous, wouldn’t it?
This is a fascinating topic and all of the questions that are going through your mind as you read this are valid and can be answered; all of the ‘bullet-proof evidences’ for the globe model are not the concrete proofs that you may imagine on first blush.
The world is NOT as it seems and, since condemnation before investigation is unwise, you are invited to consider the overwhelming evidence that we live on a flat motionless plain...