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Monday, 24 October 2016


Mozlandia: The most unique book about Morrissey ever?

If you love Morrissey - you have to read Mozlandia. It’s as simple as that.  
This unique new Headpress book is not so much a book about Morrissey, as it is a book about Morrissey’s fans, about their creative expressions of fandom, and their contributions to Morrissey’s worldwide popularity.
Specifically, this book is about the subculture of Moz fandom as a US-Mexican borderland phenomenon
Available now for the special price of just £13.04 – only from Headpress. Available in special edition hardback – only from Headpress. 
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"I think his music and lyrics are the most culturally transcendent about Morrissey's appeal. To an extent, I would also say that his politics, his critical views of the world, and sometimes, his personal style are also culturally transcendent."
Mozlandia author Melissa Mora Hidalgo talks Morrissey, The Smiths, fans, and her new book.
Click here to red the entire exclusive interview now
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In this issue:

Mozlandia and where it is.

"Morrissey perhaps was seduced by LA like most people who are not from here, lured by the nostalgia of old Hollywood or perhaps simple sunshine." So says author Melissa Mora Hidalgo in her new book Mozlandia, a tribute to Morrissey fans and...
Watch the promo video for Mozlandia: Morrissey Fans in the Borderlands, by Melissa Mora Hidalgo.
Flipbook extract from the new book by Melissa Mora Hidalgo, published by Headpress. Morrissey is a music icon. The former singer of the influential Manchester band The Smiths is arguably one of the most intriguing, if not polarizing, iconic...
Richard Stevenson, creator/editor of noise receptor journal and a key contributor to FIGHT YOUR OWN WAR: Power Electronics and Noise Culture, shares some of his favourite tracks with us.
Bizarrism is a collection of strange-but-true tales, featuring a grand parade of eccentrics, visionaries, crackpots, cult leaders, artists, theorists and outsiders of every stripe. First published in 1999, and out of print for years, this m...
Now available exclusively from Headpress, the paperback and special edition hardback of Bizarrism Vol 1: the revised and expanded addition, by Chris Mikul. This Headpress favourite offers a unique insight into some of the strangest stories ...
Media for the new Headpress title: Fight Your Own War - Power Electronics and Noise Culture, which includes extracts, video promo and an interview with editor/contributor, Jennifer Wallis.
Bizarrism is a collection of strange-but-true tales, featuring a grand parade of eccentrics, visionaries, crackpots, cult leaders, artists, theorists and outsiders of every stripe. First published in 1999, and out of print for years, this m...
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