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Sunday, 4 September 2016



Did the NY Times Call Themselves 'Kremlin Stooges' in Their WikiLeaks Hit Piece?
The faults of Assange and WikiLeaks according to the NY Times include the release of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails ...
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Evgeny Morozov: "Nessun legame Russia-Trump-Wikileaks, fanno il loro lavoro"
Evgeny Morozov Nessuno tocchi Wikileaks. "Certo, ci sono molte più affinità fra la Russia, Trump e Wikileaks, che tra la Clinton e Assange", dice ...
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News Analysis: Hillary Clinton could benefit as voters show less interest in her scandals
The news website WikiLeaks has also released information showing an allegedly cozy relationship between a nationally known CNN correspondent ...
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McCarthyism of the left? Clinton supporters use anti-Russia rhetoric to bash opponents
Not all critics of Trump or Wikileaks are on board with the McCarthyite tactics, however. On Thursday, radio host and lawyer Mike Papantonio spoke ...
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Your View: Benghazi email proves Hillary granted access to State Department
To prove my point, I have in my possession an email released by WikiLeaks showing that Hillary knew on that same night that the attack was “Al ...
02:18 04.09.2016(updated 07:48 04.09.2016)

Social media points out that while the New York Times claims that the TPP leak was to benefit Russia, it turns out that the New York Times were partners on the story. Oops.The New York Times drawn out neo-McCarthyite witch hunt against all political opposition to Hillary Clinton hit a low point on Wednesday in an article titled "How Russia Often Benefits When Julian Assange Reveals the West’s Secrets."
The piece, part of an ongoing series by the Western media that suggests that Vladimir Putin is always the winner of world events – the winner of Brexit, the winner of the DNC Leaks, the winner of the Republican Primary and the winner of the failed Turkey coup — would leave one to believe that it is always Christmas in the Kremlin. This time, Putin won because Assange, Snowden, Trump.
© AP Photo/ Mic SmithTrump Jumps 13 Points in Less Than Two Weeks to Overtake Hillary in Reuters Poll

The NY Times hits Assange for failing to provide more material against Vladimir Putin and Russia rather than focusing his sights on the ruling regimes of the West and pointed to his involvement with RT (formerly Russia Today) as evidence that he is a 'Kremlin agent' – the same accusation that has been lobbed against three-star US General Michael Flynn for the same reason. The faults of Assange and WikiLeaks according to the NY Times include the release of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails "suggesting that the party had conspired with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to undermine her primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders" and the leaking of internal deliberations on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) trade deals that would all but abolish workplace, environmental, and food safety protections.
The internet noticed an immediate inconsistency in the reporting by the New York Times, however. If by leaking the documents WikiLeaks was doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin well then what does that mean for the New York Times that partnered with WikiLeaks to publish the TPP files?
©AFP 2016/ Nicholas KAMM Media Blackout: FBI Defends Hillary’s False Statements as Result of Brain Damage

Columnist Trevor Timm from the Guardian immediately noted immediately on Twitter that "in their hit job on WikiLeaks, NYT claims the TPP leak helped Russia. They left out they were partners on that story."
According to the New York Times, "Russia, which was excluded, has been the most vocal opponent of the pacts, with Mr. Putin portraying them as an effort to give the United States an unfair leg up in the global economy."
©REUTERS/ Carlos Barria FBI Notes: Hillary Staffers Smash Burner Phones With Hammers, Destroy Evidence
"The drafts released by WikiLeaks stirred controversy among environmentalists, advocates of internet freedom and privacy, labor leaders and corporate governance watchdogs, among others," claimed the New York Times. "They also stoked populist resentment against free trade that has become an important factor in American and European politics."

If the WikiLeaks document release did, in fact, have all of those effects at the behest of the "Grand-godfather" of the alt-right conspiracy according to Hillary Clinton then it would have to hold that the New York Times has outed itself as an alt-right Kremlin propaganda outfit. Putin is clearly everywhere