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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 13 SEPT. 2016 - MANNING HUNGER STRIKE + Clinton election means crackdown on speech?

Shameful WikiLeaks admits it made an error after tweet mocking Hillary Clinton's health
WIKILEAKS bosses published and deleted an opinion poll inviting people to speculate on the health of the US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
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Sean Hannity Hypes A WikiLeaks Conspiracy Theory That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let's go with the stuff that what we do know, alright? Let's go with the constant cough. Let's go with what she told the FBI and ...
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WikiLeaks Feeds Conspiracy Theories That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Or Head Injury ...
WASHINGTON ― WikiLeaks is feeding conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton is not telling the truth about her health, tweeting and then deleting a ...
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WikiLeaks: Clinton was advised to placate Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
Hillary Clinton was indirectly advised to artificially placate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to expedite a halt to West Bank ...
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Assange attacks Clinton on health
WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange (and respected medical doctor — oh, wait) has found himself in hot water after posting a Twitter poll asking followers ...
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Clinton election means crackdown on speech, says whistleblower
If Hillary Clinton makes it into the White House, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says Americans are in store for an era of “neo-McCarthyism,” ...
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Swedish Appeals Court to Rule on Assange Detention Friday
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appears on screen via video link during a news conference at the Frontline Club in London, Britain Feb. 5, 2016.
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The best of inconsequential hacked e-mails
The famous-notorious 2010 Wikileaks publication of 251,287 State Department cables had immediate consequences. Local politicians or ordinary ...
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What Chelsea Manning Is Really Fighting For
The transgender WikiLeaks source, now serving 35 years behind bars, has begun a hunger strike—and says she'll refuse to cut her hair. How the ...
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Flashback: Hillary Clinton Sought Information on 'Mental State and Health' of Former Argentine ...
According to The Guardian — which had early access to U.S. diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks in November of 2010 — Clinton sent secret ...
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A Response to Russian Environmentalists
For example, when WikiLeaks exposed massive corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, high-ranking Democratic Party officials and ...
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How employees can be at risk from doxxing threats
Some doxxing is indirect, thanks to organizations like WikiLeaks. When CIA director John Brennan's email account was taken over by teen hackers, ...
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US Elections 2016 Conspiracy Theories: Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Won Democratic Elections ...
Wikileaks released thousands of Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton emails that showed Bernie Sanders actually won the Democratic ...