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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


EBAY: stop selling the body parts of cats and dogs eaten/murdered in China!



What happened to eBay?

Sent to Ebay’s “Office of the President”, their UK CEO, their US CEO, and their extremely questionable “customer services dept.”, also put on their “Community Forums” =

“My latest comment on the Ebay Community Forum regarding the latest awful experience I’m having to endure, involving a dubious seller, his questionable sales technique, his questionable goods, EBay’s nefarious actions regarding that, and EBay’s noncompliance with the UK retail laws in place, and their own guidelines, and more recently: Paypal joining in with endless games, lies, and more:

“Re: What happened to eBay?
"Ive had atrocious experiences with both sellers and Ebay employees recently, who have lied to me during calls trying to resolve problems often. I've recorded some of these calls and sent them to the CEO's here in the UK and also to their "Office of the President" who didnt take a blind bit of notice of anything I said,

Also, i purchased 2 items, the 2nd after a part missing from the 1st item bought from the same seller was supposed to have been sent to me. Taking his word for it i purchased an identical 2nd item, then realised i'd been had, and tried to return both items, opening returns cases, but Ebay would not support my returns even though I won a returns case. The seller refused to forward proof that the 2 items bought were once owned by ex-Beatle John Lennin himself, even though I asked numerous times, he ignored me wholesale, and Ebay couldn't care less what they sell, whether its real or fake.

I wrote to the "office of the president" as well as the UK CEO + the US CEO about not being able to get my item returned - but neither even replied, even though a fraud had taken place retail-wise, so i'm over £180 down on the 2 transactions, and stuck with dubious items, which are, in fact worthless, despite a dubious "Letter of Authenticity" which came with each item. Even the feedback statement for 1 of the items was incorrect - it had been changed from the former £9 postage originally stated, to "free p+p" statement - a total inaccuracy - only Ebay could've made this change, but, of course, they ignored my notifying them of this obvious error and subsequent complaint regarding this bogus feedback statement for the item which i was supposed to respond to with a feedback comment. How could i if the statement was wrong? 

So many of Ebay's employees are dishonest, and couldn't care less about the users, and if one gets scammed, they just laugh it off and do nothing, even if one wins a returns case. It is a public scandal how they get away with how they act, breaking their own guidelines time after time - the latest load of rubbish sent to me regarding my being scammed and unable to return the item for a refund =
" We are dedicated to keeping eBay a safe and secure platform to trade on. I can assure you that this was not meant to cause any distress, but if we suspect there has been any unauthorised activity, then we will take the appropriate measures to try and protect your eBay account where possible."

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE, and when one complains and writes to the "Office of the President" they don't even answer half the complaint - only the  parts which they can get away with.

It is truly shocking how they've become - no better than scheisters on the street flogging fake goods!!"