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Sunday, 28 August 2016

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 28 AUG. 2016 - CRAZY: "Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down All Conspiracy Websites" + Hillary Clinton Wanted Vaccines 'A Priority One'

Innocents Exposed as WikiLeaks Gushes Information
WikiLeaks has leaked sensitive personal information belonging to hundreds of innocent individuals worldwide, including some residing in several ...
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7 things to know now: More WikiLeaks; Miss Teen USA trouble; Harry Potter
More WikiLeaks: According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, there are more leaks of material from Hillary Clinton's campaign to come. Assange ...
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Why Is Wikileaks Distributing Malware? Computer Viruses Found On Confidential File Sharing Site
Julian Assange has promised Wikileaks would be exposing significant information on the Clinton campaign in the coming weeks, but the confidential ...
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Cold War 2.0: Hillary Claims a Putin-Led 'Alt-Right' Conspiracy is Against Her
It began in the lead up to the Democratic National Convention when faced with damning evidence in the WikiLeaks file dump, campaign manager ...
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Hillary Clinton Wanted Vaccines 'A Priority One' Following Haiti Earthquake That Killed 160000 ...
However, following the deadly quake, a Wikileaks email dump reveals that Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were more concerned about ensuring that all ...
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Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down All Conspiracy Websites
These wild claims by Clinton echo her attempt to distract voters from the contents of the WikiLeaks DNC email release by blaming the hack on Putin ...
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Black Men For Bernie Supports Trump Amid 'Hillary Is Racist' Protest
Another tipping point for Bruce Carter and the Black Men for Bernie movement came after a July 2016 WikiLeaks release of 20,000 internal e-mails of ...