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Monday, 2 May 2016

PRINCE "BLACK ALBUM" - EBAY AUCTION - all proceeds to "Soi Dog Foundation": ENDS Thurs 5 May @ 10.39BST

the actual lp

Up for auction on Ebay, ending this coming Thursday morning at 10.39BST on the 5th May, here:


 is a 12 inch vinyl long playing record by

entitled  "THE BLACK ALBUM", released in 1988, 

with the PRESS RELEASE for the album, issued by a major media company [WEA], in 1994,

7 mint UK tabloid newspapers, dated 22 April, reporting on the passing of Prince on the day before, on 21 April 2016, these tabloids having many pics and special features...
All proceeds of this auction will go to the charity the "SOI DOG FOUNDATION" which rescues dogs living in appalling conditions in Thailand - see more: https://www.soidog.org/

"Soi Dog Foundation"'s Facebook page
  This copy of the 1988 12" black vinyl lp "The Black Album" by Prince is on the "Rikardo Hammond" label, cat. no. RDLP 101 released in 1988 in the Netherlands - see https://www.discogs.com/Prince-Black-Album/release/1675124 
With this comes an original 1994 press release [not a copy or repro] for the album from a media company [WEA] which did a release of this album in a short run in 1994 - the press release telling of the history of the album, along with the tracklist.
the actual press release
PLUS 7 mint UK tabloid newspapers, dated 22 April 2016 reporting on the passing of Prince, many with special features 

above: the actual tabloids
disc: ex condition: minimal signs of any use, clean and visibly mark free [Record Collector gradings used throughout]
cover: ex condition: no visible signs of damage anywhere - no rips, writing or seam splits or other serious damage
1994 original Press release: ex condition: A4 size, no visible signs of any damage, not a repro or copy

7 x UK tabloids:  mint,  unused

and why this album was shelved in 1987: http://www.idolator.com/…/prince-why-the-black-album-was-ne

All official receipts forwarded to anybody after as received from the Foundation as proof of receipt.
Thank you!!

Latest posts from eurweb.com 

Prince’s Death Skyrockets His Albums To Number 1 and 2 On The Billboard Charts

By, Jen Nicole

So this past week Prince has dominated the television screen and our conversations as we mourn the death of one of our Entertainment greats and try and figure out what exactly led to
Meanwhile his music (which most of it you had to purchase) is firing up the charts! This usually happens when really popular musicians die though, remember when Michael Jackson died? His music was selling out the wazoo lol.

“The Very Best of Prince” has claimed the number one spot, while previous chart-topper “Purple Rain” settles for number two this time around. By controlling the number one and two positions on the Billboard 200 at the same time, Prince joins an exclusive group of musicians who have dominated the charts with more than one work. The first artist to own both spots was singer-songwriter Jim Croce back in 1974, per MSN.com.

On the day Prince died, “239,000 of his albums were bought by grieving fans, according to Nielsen Music. During the weekend, another 399,000 albums were sold,” per CNN Music. Those weekend sales were up more than 16,000% from the previous weekend.

Since its release in 1984, “Purple Rain” has sold over thirteen million copies in the decades since.

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Source: eurweb.com  and  http://naturallymoi.com/2016/04/princes-death-skyrockets-his-albums-to-number-1-and-2-on-the-billboard-charts/