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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


09 May 2016: “Dear all – sent this:

I have only moments before my battery needs charging, I am in a motorway café and found this out. My car passenger door has TWICE been unlocked overnight with the MOTIVE of forcing me to have new locks fitted. On 5 May 2016 a garage confirmed the illegal tracker on my car and said he could not remove it. A set of my keys was stolen in 2012 and despite my knowing who (Lancs Uni Student Union office staff) the police DID NOT INVESTIGATE. I found the garage in Jan 2012 fitting the device, (GMP thugs instruction) and from then many attempts to steal my car keys and then my car continuing to present. If I have new door locks the Gestapo will say I have just bought my car. I have not obviously. They tried to enter 28 Fell View again in my absence that 4 and 5 May last week but failed. They have arranged for local lowlife to steal my book of maps just to force me to have new locks: it isn’t going to happen. Jan 2012 WILL NOT BE REWRITTEN. I have my methods. carol Woods Ms X165 YU red Toyota Yaris”


Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016

CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016


Dear All, I just want you to know some of what I have to deal with EVERY single day in one fraud or another.
Today for example as the Gestapo with their illegal devices fitted to 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP which I rent under duress, assumed I was not going out (they knew I was indoors much later than  usual) and sent yet another fraudster to pretend they met me which they do often by parking their cars in the area as told to, they do not see me of course, I am not expected to se them but do. They pretend in that they have been to Caton to meet me to agree to sell MY HOUSE stolen wrecked and looted in Oct 08. Today it was one not used previously CAROL HILL CONVEYANCERS sent from Morecambe about 9 miles away: who paid her? The photos with this [below…ed.] show a day 19 Oct 2015 which is a date (19th) always used every month in one fraud or another to “revise” history of MY house. SUZANNE JARVIS thief and worse of 41 Fell View had been posing as me and went to a court as if she was me (trust me, I always know , she is not the first to do that, recruited by police) so I went to a garden centre a few miles away where I’d be on CCTV as I could not in 2 places at once. Watching from the café window I could see this corruption about to take place. This male drives in and parks. He alights, adds  a good coat and walks into the garden centre where I was, walks round, looks at nothing and leaves. He drives off, I get the photos  [below…ed.] and his car identifies him: he pretends he has met me in a garden centre café about my house! This happens often: I was in Morecambe Town Hall Oct 2010 and one staff member got dressed in his best jacket, removed his ID tag and  pretended I had been with a judge in chambers about my house! 

Lancashire police led FRAUDS a snapshot – 11 April 16

I am Carol Woods Ms and am currently “living” under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.This document shows where the Gestapo took their ideas from in electricity theft and why they still use locals to travel round in taxis and stalk me with the lowlife supposedly JOANNE HALL when they are nothing like her and Hall is busy with her life in OLDHAM miles away. (That was done on 11 4 16 using 12 Fell View.)
Hall is my sister’s youngest daughter and is about 41 now; she has never had a job so I agree that she would fit in well with those used to be her but her mother, my sister, would have something to say about that. My sister has 3 daughters, 2 of whom were serial thieves and worse being class A drug users from an early age; Joanne was 1 of those 2. Those 2 were why lowlife round FELL VIEW were used and pretended I was their aunt: K MILLS in 20 Fell View and her sister K MILLS in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View (she helped to run away recently as a found out thief and fraudster) both unemployed, unattractive, overweight malicious trolls did, in pretending JUNE WILLIAMS another thief and worse 30 Fell View, was their mother they all pretended that she was me, that I was June Williams’s sister thus aunt to the MILLS thieves. Both Mills thieves had pretended I lived with them and claimed in benefits as such and, for example, used electricity connected to a squalid caravan dumped on the front of council house 20 Fell View to pretend I rented it and watched TV from that windowless, health and safety issue. The mail in relation to “me” went to Mills in 20 with the postman knowing that no one lived in the health hazard “caravan” and treason, fraud, deception, forgery and more was aided and abetted by the Royal Mail. The point of that was the use of a TV and of power from 20 to charge up the TV in the caravan which no one watched.                        
Moving into 28 Fell View March 2014 where I found the former tenant, a lone elderly lady had been bullied to death to make it vacant for me by such as MILLS in 20 and WILLIAMS in 30 with others, I found that my mains lights had been connected to AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View another fraudster and more who also claimed to be me. All that is out of scope of this but has its documents and proof. The power surge to link me in 28 to her in 26 happened when I tried to use my lights after moving in March 2014. My lights were blown out which is usual for any power surge linking one supply to another. I have had no lights since as the Gestapo and council try to claim there is no bungalow of 28 and that it is a part of 26 when it suits or part of 30 when it suits. Meanwhile they try to show I rent a squalid caravan with thieves and worse in 20 Fell View. At the time I had not known that my sockets along the party wall between 26 and 28 were also linked to 26 and that I paid for her use. After some weeks I decided to switch off my mains supply altogether and plunged 26 into darkness with their TV and everything going “of”. Her unemployed thug son, late 40’s was there using his phone as if he was me committing their usual shopping frauds and they rushed about knowing they were found out. In Nov 2014 the council sent a firm to install breakers as the council had accessed MY bungalow in MY absences and installed equipment via MY loft to allow 30 and 26 to use my power. That was endangering life.                                 
I had no lights and used a lamp via my sockets but had my power supply to my sockets off 23 hours out of 24 most days. (I have little that uses electricity.) I then discover that Williams in 30 have SKY TV in their sitting room installed in Aug 2014 as if they are me, they have SKY in their bedroom so how the tiny bungalow can accommodate 2 TV’s is beyond me. They pay by direct debit as if they are me. All that is in other documents and only referenced here to show the events. Sometimes I would get up at 4 am and switch on my sockets power to charge my laptop battery and the Gestapo monitoring my power use would alert the Williams to leave on their washing machine for example so that when I switched on my power, their washing machine would wash at that time using my power. Williams have a socket link along the party wall and she would watch TV about 16 hours every day which has had to cease as she now has to pay her own bills. All that aside, how does that make me my sister’s youngest daughter and why?                           
In 2012 my sister and I would chat, she on her land line, me in a call box once a week and the hackers always used any detail to then arrange harassment of me and in their lunacy, act out with harassers events trying to manufacture evidence of a crime.                      
In March 2012 I had moved to rent caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe which caravan apparently did not exist on formal records. I had never had a meter and card before so did not know what to expect as to charges of power use but was surprised to find that I adding £15 on my first night had used up the £15 by the next morning; how? I hadn’t even then got a kettle and only 1 light on at once. The heating and cooking were gas. I added another £10 and amid much thuggery, lunacy, serious organised crime as found out, I found that my caravan was linked to the site security lights and I paid for that use. In that no fewer than 4 electric meters were blown out by the power surges linking my caravan to the site security lights. The fire service refused to call as Masonic thugs told not to so do as they are told. MY house and all utilities wrecked deliberately after an illegal raid of 5 Sept 2008 by state thugs, (no search warrant in force at all) the fire service refused to call then as well so I paid for my utilities to be repaired at my cost. In the caravan, after I contacted Fire HQ a pair of clowns did call and fitted me another fire alarm saying the one fixed was out of date. Despite letters and personal calls as the meter problems went on, they ignored me.                       
What gave the Gestapo that idea of linking me to the site security lights? In a call to my sister, just as I moved to 298 we talked of an aunt of ours GLADYS BELL now late 80’s. Gladys was married to NORMAN and he was chief electrician for Morecambe Corporation (now part of Lancaster City Council); he was also a freemason as many of my father’s side of the family were. My father was not. Gladys and Norman did in the 1950’s and 1960’s run a decent sized hotel on the promenade in Morecambe with an aunt MAY living and running her hotel only 2 doors down. May was married to senior mason BILL. Bill died over 40 years ago and aunty May died about 15 years ago. May and Gladys were sisters but not the only 2 from one family, there were other sisters as well and of course the brother, my father. My sister and I talked of those times when it was known that Norman Bell had linked up their hotel power supply to a street lamp on Heysham Rd Morecambe with just their private living quarters on a quarterly bill. We surmised that he had probably done the same for May and Bill only 2 doors down. In that chat my sister told me that Joanne Hall had had her boyfriend STEVE DEVAL of Oldham tamper with Joanne’s supply unit so she paid less than she should have done for what she used. That being heard Joanne was approached with a deal with STILL goes on and which FRAUD is planned to take place AGAIN: she was told she would not be prosecuted for theft of electricity if she claimed to be me (aside from the age difference she is at least 8” taller than I am) on 19 Oct 2012 in Rochdale DWP moving to Oldham; in that she was told to leave her flat where she had lived for over 10 years and be re-housed to start a new tenancy to make it seem as if she was in fact me moving. She did all that; my sister had no idea why Joanne had changed her flat. I did not tell her. Rochdale was used because she was too well known in Oldham obviously. And I had been to Rochdale twice shopping when I visited my sister so that apparently was good enough “proof” that their DWP office could be seen to be “useful in fraud”.                              
In Dec 2012 such as ROGERS and GATEBY pair of thieves who used 298 for DWP frauds did try to lure me to ask them to link up my caravan to the site mains to by -pass the meters: they thought I was as stupid as they were. I reported that as endangering all in caravans as ROGERS, unemployed layabout with no qualifications had been given by the landlady, Mrs Margaret Middleton aged mid 80’s the key to access the storage for the main junction boxes and he was gaily adding power to his caravan to show me, “Look, I can do this to yours as well”. I was without electricity all Xmas and New Year 2012 into 2013 as the site handy man was not in work; I had needed another new meter mid Jan on his return.  That continued in exactly the same way with KENNETH NICHOL in caravan 2 a repulsive, unemployed stalker, harasser, thief and worse being provided with equipment to access the underneath of my caravan where the mains supply entered. 4 times I caught him leaving in the early hours of mornings crawling out from under my caravan. His noises had awoken me. He was attempting to cause an electrical problem which would murder me. He did not only try the electrics but my gas supply as well.                
The council moved me to flat 3 Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA with the Gestapo pretending that I still rented at 298 as well. Oddly my photos of 298 stop on 1/7/13 the day I left yet seem to be many from flat 3 which would be odd if I didn’t really live there. I added in writing to the council partly as a joke that I hoped I was not paying for any security lighting. July 2013 was sunny and bright but I had noticed in the bright sun-light a security light in the corner of the block of flats housing me, flats 1 -4, 2 on the ground floor, 2 on the 1st floor. I found it was on 24 hours a day and walked round the site to see if it was alone in that; it was. The council finally came to look and I was not surprised when the decent staff member traced a newly installed wiring from the light via my flat bedroom to a newly fixed socket; I was paying for that as well until he dismantled it.                        
Moving then to 28 Fell View I found a street light outside me on 24 hours a day, after almost 2 weeks I reported it as wasting public monies and it was switched off until normal lighting hours. Thus moving to 28 Fell View I was linked to a street lamp, 26 and 30 Fell View with 20 thrown in for good measure in June 2014. At 10 am on 10/4/16 and again at 11 am I heard Williams in 30 checking the party wall sockets to see if I had on my power supply to my sockets: I didn’t have; I hadn’t had all day. The reprisal for knowing about freemason thieves was to reverse that and try to make it me. In that if the Gestapo could add to my utility bills they decided that would “teach me a lesson”. These are more tales of Dark Forces I was warned about in 2010 as my being “up against”. They certainly want me in the light and to pay for it.”

How NHS funds are misused in Lancs11 April 16


I emailed you when I was illegally detained in Harrogate Cygnet hospital. The actual illegal detention was not Harrogate responsibility but CYGNET staff including Dr SUSAN BRADBURY and a Dr Moton (who was not the psychiatrist he led me to believe he was) knew that the detention was illegal as no 2 doctors could be identified to say they saw me and found me to be mentally ill. Actually Cygnet held me on the “delusion” that I said I had jobs which I had not had, presented later with the evidence I had they simply changed the delusion! That being seen not be a delusion either they invented another and so on until after manufacturing documents said to be from “doctors” who later admitted they had never heard of me, it was decided that I apparently had a brain tumour. Of course there was no evidence but they had scraped the barrel; there was nothing left. Thus I am a walking miracle, I think. The good news was that they admitted I had a brain.
I told you it was costing the tax payer £4.000.00 a week to keep me in Cygnet; I was held against my will for 2 months before they tried to hide me in DURHAM under a different name. Given I am not mentally ill and any brain tumour seems not advanced enough to spoil what I try to do, I found that FRAUD and was not hidden away in Durham. In that I thought you may be interested to know of that criminal waste of tax payers monies using the cash strapped NHS who funded that FRAUD. You said you could not help, at least you responded, the labour MP for my home area is not the slightest bit interested in wasting such vast amounts yet she won the election claiming she would help the NHS. It seems to be they have more than enough and do not need “help”.
Believe me, they did not stop there; they carried on and still try and on 7 April 2016 amid FILMED lunacy did pretend they assessed me in a house 29 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and had to “remove me”. They did not know I was busy watching and taking photos. Obviously the sleazy corrupt bullies can be identified one is ROBERT SANGSTER who set the trap for me which trap I did not fall into. In using 29 Fell View they pretended it was 28 Fell View which I rent under duress because MY privately owned house in Lancaster is apparently bought by police officer TRACEY KENNEDY yet no one can give me her rank and badge number. I have to wonder if she only poses as police.
CQC are apparently looking into this but seem to be dragging their heels.
This needs to be questioned; this amazing misuse of NHS monies when they bleat they are so short. At least you responded: no one else has bothered.

Kind Regards,

Carol Woods Ms.

(PS why did they do that? Lancashire police and council want to discredit any testimony I INTEND to make for FRAUD EXTORTION DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES and worse. I am a whistle-blower and despite going through all the right and proper channels, nothing was done to aid me. Do ask me how this is linked to Cherie Blair.)”


Names swapped in FRAUD Lancs7 April 16 [pics removed]

“I am Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP drawing up this document because many who now know of my case have no knowledge of events of YEARS and how and why they are all linked being organised by police and council staff. The motives are many not least to claim I am not me but someone else. These are typical Dark Forces routines which “group” I was told I was “up against” by the FCO in 2010. I add now that at 11 55 am on 7/4/16 the police sent over a low flying helicopter where I was, why do that? I am not paranoid; they do that when they try to “confirm” something that is FACT that is really FICTION. The events of earlier on 7/4/16 did not entrap me; thus I drove to Morecambe about 9 miles from Caton. The helicopter has been used a number of times in FRAUDULENT ACTIONS to HARASS usually overhead where I rent 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP they to claim that the see something they do not but which, if seen, would suggest I was not me. All that is in a document of harassment of police actions with photos yet to be completed. At 11 55am after all the wasted public monies in more serious fraud, intent to harm me and more near 28 Fell View what would they say they had “seen” to make me seem to be someone else? I heard someone running up behind me: a scruffy local who was a type like McTEAR named below: he was trying to be “seen with” me thus making McTEAR “innocent” in this. It was not McTEAR but they would claim it “looked like him” from where they were. I took a photo of the helicopter above and then of the male who by then had to pass me as I had stood aside. It was not McTear, whoever it was, was not with me. Why did DWP do nothing when I hand delivered the data about the organised DWP FRAUD and impersonation of me in a DWP tribunal; that was forgery and perjury at least. This is one snippet: I have dozens similar to relate. I am said to be “mentally ill” because events happen everywhere I am. This shows who is mentally ill; it is not I.                           
Moving back to my home area of Lancaster in March 2012 after being away for YEARS after my house was seized, wrecked and looted in 27 Oct 08 and 19 Nov 08, I rented caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ knowing it had been set as a trap for me but having no alternative:  I had nowhere else and had relied on my car from Jan. 2012.               
   In 2001 in regard to my whistle-blowing (http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/) one from WREA GREEN Land Registry CAROL McATEER featured as corrupt in that agency.               
   A local ruffian started to spend time at 298 and pretend he lived there when I knew he did not. I found out after some many weeks that he was ALAN McTEAR and he had mail sent to 298 in a related benefit fraud. He really lived nearer to Morecambe town itself. Events unfurled and they included him trying to obtain life insurance on me and 3 attempts to force his way into my caravan in early hours throughout summer 2012 to murder me. All that reported was ignored.                
I then found him standing outside my caravan door at night often, he friendly with the landlady and her son, he was allowed to sneak onto 298 where they would keep their dog quiet so I would not hear someone about. Standing about outside was proof, according to him, that he lived in my caravan with me. On 25 Nov 2012, I reported him to Morecambe police for stalking me. That was ignored. I also found that he was one to be given a key by the landlady to enter my caravan when I was out and he to sit about and pretend he lived there as my partner. The tracking device on my car shows the police where I am and allows much of such organised harassment to take place. In that I had also seen him stood by my car when parked in Morecambe centre; he to pretend he awaited the driver (me) with police driving by to claim they saw him, they saw my car thus it was “proof” he was “with me”. In Dec 2012 I found he had been to a DWP tribunal with his partner claiming she was me “ill” and needing extra DWP monies. In that the police legal rep IAN YOUNG had drawn up the papers and they had a pub landlord “Mark” (Robert Gillow pub Lancaster) pose as a solicitor representing McTear and his partner. They lost their claim. All that reported to all agencies MoJ, DWP, police etc was ignored.           
      Within that, from early 2013 a younger pair appeared and they pretended to live at 298 when they did not; they called for mail. She was to stand outside my caravan and try to encourage me to use her mobile phone; cutting a long story short, I found she was a VICKY McQUAID who posed as my daughter. She was chosen because of her name and because she has auburn hair. One of my daughters has red hair. McQuaid was a convicted thief and used for lots of other reasons aside from her name. Thus McQuaid was muddying waters with McTEAR. McQuaid I found also lived in Morecambe town proper. They did not use 298 as a safe mailing address: it was FRAUD. 99% of my mail was stolen.      
       The council then in July 2013 moved me to flat 3 Penhale Gardens about 3 miles distant from 298. They had there a seedy old man in flat 14 James McNAMARA to take over from McTear. McTear had been used to make me Carol McTear from Carol McAteer to muddy waters of investigation. McQuaid was to make me the mother of a convicted thief thus another into another person. McNamara was a pest and he would stand about outside my flat and pretend he was linked to me; he did not drive either so he would stand near the flats when I had been out and walk onto the flat site as I drove on pretending as he was just returning it was proof he had been out with me. He began to be provided with a red taxi to get him to Morrison’s for example when I was seen there, he to be seen thus likely to have been driven by me. That red taxi has been used many times and to date is still used to drive to harass and pretend when I drive in my car between Caton and Lancaster. McTear was sometimes still used to stand about by my parked car and “be seen”. The red taxi is used because my car is red.
 I leave the flats for Caton, 28 Fell View LA2 9RP and find too many coincidences around me and see liars obviously sent to tell me nonsense about themselves which all seemed to be details from MY life. In 14 Fell View the driver of a blue Mini seemed to be being used why I did not know except that a blue Mini features in this but it was not hers. I later find she is a Ms McGUIRE and she claims to drive me about in her blue Mini as apparently I live in 14 Fell View as well and am disabled needing to be driven about. We had gone from McAteer, to McTear to McQuaid to McNamara to McGuire. The blue Mini? On 2 Aug 2013, I had been in flat 3 for a month; it was ground floor with a front and rear door. At my rear door I thought I heard odd noises but could see nothing; the door half glazed. Eventually I was certain something was taking place and found a scruffy woman taking notes; she was a social worker pretending she was indoors with me “assessing” me as “disabled” needing “sheltered accommodation”.  I challenged her; she claimed she had the wrong flat. How did she know? She hadn’t knocked or called to the proper front door to ask. She had been there at least 10 minutes taking notes. I pointed to the large no. 3 and asked if she wanted flat 3. No, she wanted flat 7. Did 3 look like 7? No. She walked away to her car parked out of view: it was a blue Mini. I took a photo, PX07 FNC, why not park in the obvious place? Because that was easily seen from my flat; she hadn’t wanted that; I was not to know what she was doing. Others were to then park out of sight and pretend. They did not want their cars identifying as that identifies the drivers. Moving to Caton, within the first few days a blue Mini would hide and wait for me to drive off Fell View and race off to pretend they were linked to me; I took photos from my car which suggested I was actually in my car and not in another. Then RX02 TLU from 14 Fell View was drawn in. She has driven about behind me then taken the road back to Caton as if I have been dropped off. 
The INTENTION is to establish that I am “disabled” and need driving about mostly in regard to “explaining” events at MY house which apparently did not happen in 2008 but are only taking place at whatever time new events and recruits are found because the police and council have decided that the most plausible explanation as to why I “lost” my house was because I am “too disabled” to live in it AND in that am not me anyway. In 2012 Lancaster police did again try to say that I only “imagined” I had lived in and owned MY house. That is the “mental illness” apparently: I am deluded about that and other things such as jobs I have had.  This is only a fragment of use of others. 99% used are unemployed and thus free to do as they are asked. Round Fell View in 55 houses with others in off-shoots such as Copy Lane, the numbers of harassers with some bringing in friends and associates, there is a never ending supply to act on instruction.

Part 1 of 2 NHS fraud Lancashire7 April 16

This document from Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP It is in 2 parts to save on “bulk” continues on from the NHS PLAN document sent out 4/4/16 with the added frauds taking place later that same day sent out prior to this. Typing this I will add that a male has been sent to stand outside me in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and shout nonsense; that is the usual tactic of “proving” he has met with me. The joke being that 28 is illegally wired so the police can hear every single thing (and act on what they hear such as tipping off their bullies and harassers as to when I prepare to go out so they can stalk to harass) yet they wouldn’t hear such fraudsters who pretend. The persons round Fell View are mostly unemployed, some are retired but have never worked so that’s academic; they are not salt of the earth types.

The INTENTION of Lancashire Care Health Trust letter in question to me, Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP aside from all else, some of which took place on 4/4/16, sent from the ROBERT SANGSTER I can now confirm was one to harass me in February 2016 using his phone pretending he spoke to me on the number added to NHS records as being one I had stated was mine. The number 07881700989 is not recognised at all by me and, I had no phone.  Given his odd behaviour in that I remembered it and then find he was R Sangster and was shouting into his phone walking about where I was he pretending he talked to me on the phone thus I actually there near -by was not me. He later wrote to me claiming he had been trying to ring me despite by then my having made it clear to all NHS liars involved that I had no phone; he declined to say what number he tried when I asked. To continue their INTENDED FRAUD which we all saw was planned and organised after my photos of 4/4/16 and visit to EAST BARN PATHFINDER DRIVE LANCASTER to hand in for R Sangster a letter a related fraud was also on going where I was not expected to find: Lancaster University. There I found by chance as I drove up, the white camper van and white haired old man just calling to the sports centre. Was that “innocent”? No. He had never previously been, I know, I went in behind him and heard the exchange. How was he part of what they planned at DeVITRE HOUSE and EAST BARN both NHS places? The old doxies in T19 MAP we know as being the car used in the SAME FRAUD PLANNED 4/2/14 on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where I then rented flat 3 but they were not the same old doxies used then. All that in my earlier document for this I add that in August and September 2008, neighbours at MY house and I all saw an old doxy in a silver Audi parked near my house, she just sat for a short time but then drove off as they always do, never out of the car, calling on nobody; just pretending. She was the documented FRAUDSTER claiming she worked for a dead person. BUT the dead person I was to think was alive and appointed by the Secretary of State then (Alistair Darling) to oversee Lancashire County Council bankruptcy of me. Firstly, the junk issued to me to make me think they were court documents are seen to be what they are; junk. B) Mr Darling’s office confirmed to me they had no knowledge of appointing anyone at all in any matter related to me. C) LCC cannot bankrupt anyone as they have no corporate personality and so on. Without going into all the reasons it was FRAUD, EXTORTION, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, WITNESS INTIMIDATION and so on, there was the inconvenient fact that the person appointed was dead. This is how they use dead people, mentally ill people, children and anyone they can, no one is out of reach for the Gestapo.  (Cheryl Kaye Wrea Green Land Registry told me in Sept. 2013 when I pointed out that they must have known a dead person claimed to have sold my house as “trustee” that dead people could be appointed and just have others pose as them, for Land Registry apparently that would be normal.)                      

Despite being dead, old men, as the “trustee” would sit in a large white camper van parked right outside my house looking like what they were; harassers and fraudsters. Finally to pretend one met with me they had him sit parked with the curtains closed but enough gap to film and there he sat filming to show that he was outside my house thus he must have been inside. I also could see from my first floor front bedroom that he in his cab was taping himself. That was what liar PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM tried to “revise” on 7 Nov 2015 arresting me; I took photos of people. Apparently it is not a crime to sit in a camper van and film and tape and pretend one is a dead person involved in EXTORTION but it is if I take a photo of one still indulging in such. Thus the white camper van at the University was not “innocent”; he was to be “proof” they had again “met with me”. Who was to claim they saw him so could “prove” that? He isn’t on my photos of the DeVitre House and East Barn areas and he had been parked up some time prior to my arrival. Someone who was known to be a liar at best would claim they saw the van thus “proof” he might be who he claimed. Someone who a jury would believe as a “Christian”, none other than SUZANNE JARVIS of 41 Fell View who had been working in an unqualified role in the leisure centre as if she was me. Agnes Jackson of 26 Fell View did in 2014 try to claim she was me as a qualified teacher of “A” level horticulture to prove she was me; she at a local pub was to be “seen” working their window box dressed, as she thought, to be “mistaken” for me.                       

Jarvis of 41 is a reason Mrs Greenbank was forced out of 28 Fell View, wanted for me; that document of “reasons” is being drafted as simply as possible. Jarvis is married to ANDREW JARVIS and without going into all as to why they are used I add that his name ANDREW and the fact that he had a small white van was seen to be “useful” as police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY who claimed to have bought my house in May 08 had his white van. NHS with their plans of Nov 2015 especially were INTENDING to befuddle me and hope I confused the Andrews and the white vans. BUT Halliday claimed he was married to me in one desperate attempt to explain his involvement thus Andrew Jarvis being married to Suzanne apparently makes them me. Mrs Jarvis does not work, is unqualified and a thief, liar and fraudster at best. He works from time to time when often he is to stay at home to “child mind” to leave her free to drive about and pretend she is me or is driving me.               

From my moving into 28 Fell View in March 2014, they claimed I lived with them in their council house at 41 Fell View and they were my carers and drivers. To do that they had various sleazy “professionals” call in e.g. PE08 ZRX and PN56 NXB to validate that FRAUD. Obviously they had no one in 41. Found out in March 2015 when others were found out in similar frauds, Mrs Jarvis told me the Lord Jesus was going to help them in any fraud investigation. Months later she told me she as a church goer could not even tell a white lie.                         

To then try to claim they had someone living with them (in their crowded house as they have 3 young children) persons were “borrowed” such as one day she collected an old woman with dyed orange hair and pretended she was the missing person from 41 Fell View. That failing, they have borrowed various males to be MR CAROL WOODS living there. In their desperation they then became Mr and Mrs Carol Woods; she claimed to be me. She would stand outside 41 and shout about school meetings and pretend that she was a qualified teacher: like AGNES JACKSON had done before her when she was me, Mrs Jarvis was driven round in L7 DGG car and pretended she had been in a mental hospital and was thus being returned to 41 where other “professionals” called and drove her about for a few days to shop. For months they in 41 claimed they were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods but I have 4 adult children, they only have 3 young children, they were old when they started their family; how was that dealt with? They were loaned a woman about 20 years older than their eldest child and she was their 4th, a daughter. That woman was to hide behind bushes and walk along behind me especially if it was dark to pretend she was with me thus my daughter thus she living in 41 was Jarvis’s daughter thus proof Jarvis was me. Then she was exchanged for a male who lived in hiding in 41 for a short time until I made a comment that I knew he was there, he disappeared so something else was “arranged”. Mrs Jarvis was me with her “job” at the University thus was typing my documents especially when I refer to being at the Uni. Library. She was to “prove” the white camper van had just arrived and thus likely to have been involved in NHS buildings about 2 miles away thus likely to be 2008 again and a dead person driving. Jarvis of course has had court documents and all kinds of mail sent to her as if she was me. The postman knows what he aids and abets but all that is out of scope of this.                        

The 4th April 2016 INTENDED PLAN failing another is hatched. In the plan for the 4th a malicious old troll in 29 Fell View was used Mrs LENNON; she was another reason Mrs Greenbank was forced out of 28. Where was it that police officer TRACEY KENNEDY lived in hiding to avoid debts from 2006 to 2009? 29 Blades St Lancaster and that was ONE reason she in 29 is used; she pretends she also drives me about and pretends I live there in hiding. On 4th, as part of the expectation their “plan” would succeed, she had the usual fraudsters gather at 29 and PRETEND they prepared an invisible person for something, MR Carol Woods was present in CW55 AYM car used often as “proof” there is such a person. The car has had at least 3 drivers one being the type of old doxy used often and similar to the one driving T19 MAP on 4/4/16 as photographed by me. My document sent out on 4/4/16 explains the use of a dark blue car used at EAST BARN where it was known I was heading to hand in my letter for Mr R SANGSTER. The dark blue was chosen because LENNON in 29 Fell View council house has a dark blue Ford AF07 XLL, the one at East Barn was not that car; my photo shows clearly it was not. The driver was nothing like LENNON either. Jarvis has a dark blue car, also a Ford as LENNON’s is; Jarvis’s is GN07 AHO. Notice how the use of similar licence plates is planned to muddy waters of investigation. That is not coincidence.                 

 Jarvis found out again they have another “plan” and that involved another borrowed youth and Mr Jarvis “leaving home” on 5th April 2016. The borrowed youth is about 5 years older than their eldest and to be my eldest, a son. But I had 3 daughters, Jarvis only has one. I was never a single parent with 4 children either. Where is the borrowed youth to fit in aside from that fraud? When I moved to 28 Fell View CLARKE in 23 was using a disabled boy in a wheelchair pretending he was his son which I had no reason to doubt. Jarvis aided that fraud as did Mills in 20 Fell View. Clarke was another reason 28 was wanted for me which is out of the scope of this. Suffice to say that the boy was being used as was another boy who I was sure was statemented thus vulnerable; I reported that as child abuse. That in part is what Jarvis tries to rewrite using another youth now in her fraud.     

How can NHS try to make those fraudsters into “me” all at once remembering that WILLIAMS in 30, JACKSON with her borrowed “sons” in 26, David BARRON in 47, DALTON in 45 with her yob, HICKS in 43 with the woman he lives with in hiding, JUNE CARRADICE in 17 and ENID SCOTT in 15, LENNON in 29 and so on are all apparently “me”? The letter I was sent in harassment saying that NHS would call to see me in 28 Fell View had with a stamped addressed envelope to Mr Sangster East Barn for my reply. It was hand written with a postage stamp; not a professional addressed envelope at all. So what? On 14 Jan 2010 I was arrested by PC JIM EDMUNDS Lancaster police, he who poses as a sergeant when he can borrow a jacket and on that day promoted himself to inspector with his PC uniform which he told me he preferred. He was aided in that criminal act of making me think he had powers over what he had by PC RICHARD TREDDENICK. Apparently I had sent an item to someone I had not known existed: I suggested the envelope writing was that of a man’s hand thus, since then they have tried to link me to a male which male has an uneducated hand. Had I returned my letter in that envelope provided by R Sangster, it would have been used as proof there was a man posting for me and thus I was linked to a male.                       

 DAVID BARRON in 47 deluded old man has pretended to be out with me by driving round behind me in his car X368 MEC after sitting in his waiting for me to leave so he can be behind me. He has stood next to my car and pretended he is linked to me; he has placed on the ground, by my passenger door, an old man’s glove to pretend he was in my car and dropped it on alighting. He has posted mail as if for me at the now famous post box at the end of Leslie Ave/Copy Lane off Fell View. How? He is told to wait as, illegally, it is seen I drive back to Caton and will pass the box; he posts as I drive past. On 31 Dec 2014 no fewer than 6 police vehicles and one red taxi were used to aid and abet AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View posting in fraud as me from that box they to claim it was I who posted, not her. Barron is similar type to Mr K Williams in 30 Fell View whose wife JUNE thinks she is me. They were main players in getting Mrs Greenbank out of 28. Thus Barron seen is to be “proof” Williams is seen with me thus I am Mrs Williams. Mr Barron lives alone. June Williams is one given ID in my name to gain “work” as unqualified “volunteer” in HMYOI Lancaster Farms which was part of the mental illness I apparently suffered when, on 7 Nov 2015 in that arrest, it was claimed that I was deluded in only saying I had had the jobs I said I had had. Obviously the unqualified, unemployed round Fell View who pose as me are deluded; they couldn’t even think of applying for any of the jobs I have had. The police records of that “arrest” record me as being “unemployed”. How did they know? Did they ask? No. It was part of making me someone else altogether so that others – PLURAL – could be me. Had I used the self addressed envelope, it could have been ‘proof’ I was Mrs Williams with Mr Williams addressing the envelope for me, or Mr Jarvis, or the lout in 45, or Hicks in 43, or one of Jackson’s “sons”. Jackson is sent thugs to pose as her sons, to driver her to fraudulent DWP claims and they are selected as they have “auburn” hair or, if not, told to shave their heads such as drivers of MD02 HGO a silver VW Bora, KS53 VLF used often at the empty house, 24 Fell View, and a male called Jackson, no relation but a useful recruit of 36 Fell View. Williams were sent a “daughter” almost as old as they are on 20/4/14 when they posed as me and tried to sell MY house claiming they, as me, were “too disabled” to live in it. I, working in my garden, was to think it was their daughter and not suspect what they were up to while they were to pretend they were me meeting with an old doxy such as one linked to a dead trustee. My photos identify that fraudster.                       

 As the cars gathered at 29 Fell View on 4/4/16 in that PLANNED fraud they gather at 15 and 17 on 6 April 2016. Who lives there? More who were nails in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin.  15 is used because I took photos and recorded in my email car T19 MAP being used again as it had been at flat 15 Penhale Gardens on 4/2/14 in the same fraud then. 15 Fell View is EDNA SCOTT and she is to be the EDITH CURWEN flat 15 Penhale Gardens who tried to pose as my dead mother on 4/2/14 and sell my house as if she was “too disabled” to live in it and in that pretending I was my own dead mother. (My mother was dead before I bought MY house; she never even saw it.)  In 17 Fell View is a JUNE CARRADICE used much to aid and abet JUNE WILLIAMS as if Williams could be me and she in turn is CARRADICE of the same Christian name. Both 15 and 17 have gained in fraud claiming to be linked to me. How is the name Carradice linked to me? I have a friendly acquaintance of over 40 years called CARRADICE; she lives near one of my daughters in Lancaster. On my return to my home area in 2012 she was recruited to walk about and be “me” seen where I was as she has auburn hair. I of course am someone else. Ms Carradice was one of a number I had been friendly with to be used. Then it was her hair that was “useful” when a Carradice was found in Fell View it was another nail for Mrs Greenbank’s coffin. How were persons recruited? Partly via false friend JANET WOODALL who, until I found her out, was introduced to many I knew and partly asking my ex-husband via his family links to senior freemasons. Lancaster is a small place: find one person and a trail of others can be found.  

Part 2 of 2 NHS fraud Lancashire

On 7 April 2016 which was clearly intended to be 7 Nov 2015 again, along with the above this took place and I captured it all on camera. To go back to March 2016 when SANGSTER told NOT to call did but about 20 minutes after the time he had stated he would then “explained” that by saying he just hadn’t read my letter telling him not to call when the police had alerted him to the fact that I was still in and about 28 Fell View so if he drove from Lancaster he’d catch me indoors. How did they know where I was and when? The illegal devices in my bungalow and on my car. Thus we have another l ink with corrupt NHS and police. The second letter sending an appointment to keep me indoors or involved at a “place of my choice” where a FRAUD was to be acted out behind my back with the INTENTION of claiming that I was someone else and who was that someone else? See above for 4 April and use of 29 Fell View, LENNON and her continuing frauds in pretence that I lived there as someone else. THIS IS I GUARANTEE IS TO ACCOUNT FOR THE “MISSING” MRS OLIVE GREENBANK FROM 28 FELL VIEW, BULLIED OUT SO I COULD HAVE IT. Sangster knew I would not be meeting him on any date at all; that was my letter of 4/4/16 which was copied out to others. There was no ambiguity in my letter or in the actions of today, 7/4/16 earlier.                                         

A red estate car arrived to be parked near to mine; it arrived late on the evening of 6/4/16 and had never been used before: SK05 LWN. That is usual when the Gestapo pretend that someone has driven me as someone else from somewhere else to live with the unemployed fraudsters along Fell View such as in 22 and 20. (Full document being drawn up.) Overnight another red car had been parked right opposite me in 28, outside 39 fell View, she who also poses as me from time to time. That was a red Citroen Zsara DE06 EOS and to rewrite the fraudster “professional” found out aiding JARVIS in 41 Fell View claim that I lived in 41 and was driven about and cared for by JARVIS along with all the others who claimed the same. That “professional” fraudster was a “social worker” based at WHITE CROSS Lancaster and her car was a red Citroen Zsara PE08 ZRX. DE06 EOS has not been used previously thus was found for the purpose of the PLANNED FRAUD. How could they do anything when I was clear I would not be meeting Sangster at all? They carry on regardless.                    

I drove away 10 minutes after the appointed meeting time, I was in no rush, I expected something behind my back and seeing 2 sleazy “professionals” who have been used often, both employees of the council, I took yet another photo of them showing how they waste public monies to harass and defraud. They use 29 and PRETEND they remove a dog from someone in 29, the invisible person being “cared for” by LENNON who is supposedly me. They thus are paid at public expense to drive all the way to Caton, walk their own dog and pretend. The Director of Social Services is I think STEVE GROSS(E). Maybe he needs to know how his staff use the public funds. Heather Tierney Moors needs to know about SANGSTER and the fraud at EAST BARN and DeVITRE HOUSE of 4 April 2016. Those 2 will claim time and travel expenses. Those 2 have done the same at least 4 times previously always when there is a “plan” to “see me off”. A dog is crucial in this; out of scope of this but will become clear as to why. I have no dog but basically, persons who have posed as me have thus the INTENT is to claim I HAD a dog but it had to be removed. Driving away I saw the usual use of a G4S thug driving about so I turned and followed him; one was used on 6 Nov 2015 amid all that. I took photos and I would say he was driving to Lancaster University via the back roads to claim they found me living in the library which they seem to do every so often. The Gestapo expected me to spend my day in there but I wasn’t heading there at all. I returned to Fell View, collected something from 28 and drove off again.                  

Two cars drove onto Fell View which drivers looked exactly like sleazy “professionals”, I had to drive round to see: one red K60 MDY with 2 “professionals”- women and one smaller grey with a seedy male obviously a “professional” but maybe not SANGSTER. They all look the same; it is hard to tell one from another. He drove and parked on ROMAN CRESCENT, a cul de sac off Fell View which is out of sight of 28 and used because they can see my car moving from their viewpoint but I can’t see Roman Crescent. He was allowed to park in a driveway but did not alight. The 2 women parked not far from him but outside no. 11 Fell View at least 500 yards from 28 and made notes; they were pretending they met with someone. They sat for at least 10 minutes; I set off when they did, they drove to 29 Fell View and PRETENDED to take someone with them: I had a vantage point and took photos also seeing that the usual thug in a self drive hire van for removals had been hiding parked up, another British Gas van had been doing the same (they heavily involved out of scope of this) and as the K60 left 29 with someone in their rear seat, all others drove away from being parked up in hiding which is how I saw them. They in K60 drove off as did the sleazy out of Roman Crescent, he went to Lancaster via the back roads so I guarantee to either DeVitre House or Pathfinders Drive; they took the rural road which I suggest went to Carnforth. They have done that before (all on photos) trying to link me to Carnforth to cover for serious frauds found out. Their cars ahead of me on photos suggest I was not in their cars. Meanwhile, K MILLS thief and fraudster from 20 Fell View drives to 20, they with the squalid caravan dumped on the front of their council house in June 2014 where they then claimed I rented the caravan as her aunt. The mail going to the caravan went to her in the house of course. The postman knew the caravan was unfit to live in and that no one lived there. K MILLS drives a large Ford vehicle PJ63 HCL as does Jarvis in 41 GN07 AHO and BOTH pretend they have me in their council houses living with them (as well as 29 etc). Thus the pretence is that someone moves out not of 29 but of 28 and that someone is the murdered Mrs Greenbank and that I just move in after being found living in Lancaster University library. In that of course MILLS and JARVIS claim I was dropped off at BOTH their houses as well so their found out frauds can continue. All that was to be behind my back; I was not to know and not suspect and the “professionals” continue to aid and abet fraudsters continue to claim in fraud that “someone” lives with them in their houses. That is how the unemployed ruffians can drive about in large vehicles and have their petrol paid for. Mills had a 2nd large vehicle S30 GKS which “disappeared” when plans to make me “lose my memory” failed; they were bought another to replace it.

Does someone claim DWP monies for Mrs Greenbank?  This is also about the murdered Mrs Margaret Porter of flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and the male in flat 3 prior to her.

I had to take some household rubbish to the tip near Morecambe so did that and will be on CCTV there in MY car. My document being drawn up as to why 28 Fell View was wanted for me which shows reasons and why the tenant then Mrs Greenbank was to be forced out any way they could show is illegally seen in the process of being completed, it shows how at least 3 elderly persons have been used about Fell View to pretend they are the dead persons still alive. That does not count the “professionals” driving round old persons to pretend nor the taxis sent to Caton to pretend they drop off and/or collect “disabled elderly”. Someone pays for all that time and petrol.                    

Walking along Morecambe prom at 11 55 am the Gestapo sent over a helicopter flying low to confirm something as usual: (I have many photos of the criminal use of such at tax-payers’ expense), what could they be ‘confirming’? I looked round to see a local ruffian sneaking up behind me, he had been running to catch up and PRETEND he was “with me”. Why? He was to be ALAN McTEAR murdering lowlife from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and aided by police on 23 Nov 2012 to claim he was my partner and needed extra DWP money as I was “disabled” (see McTEAR doc to be sent out and how names are changed along the way so that he ends up being one used in fraud in 14 Fell View LA2 9RP). The male was carrying “gift cards” which is an old trick: in my book Vol I record how some letters slipped past the interceptors (the police and Royal Mail) because I sent them in cards. Thus now they use such as McTEAR lookalikes to pretend that they with me buy “cards”. They will send something in my name. I took a photo of the low flying helicopter and then of the local: he in front as I stepped back to let him past: he was not with me. This is what they refer to as “back up plan” given all that effort earlier at public expense has failed. Who paid the removal van?