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Saturday, 28 May 2016




FAIR USE NOTICE: This item may contain copyrighted (© ) material. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed for analysis, commentary, educational and intellectual purposes. In some cases comedy and parody have been recognized as fair use. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. For more information please visit:

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Please see the latest update 26 May, below, from Ms. Carol Woods – ex-Child Protection Officer + Level 3 Social Worker, and whistleblower – directly below this are the important videos with Carol, which detail part of her testimony of what she discovered whilst employed by a certain town council. Also below, under the 20 May update is a report entitled “One day of stalking to harass”, received on 21 April 16 – particularly relavent seeing as these locals doing the gangstalking of Ms. Woods, presumably controlled by government officials in the area, are not doing anything for nothing – they are paid from taxpayers funds accumulated by our government, or given equivalent favour in goods or whatever, to commit illegal acts upon perfectly decent law abiding citizens, such is happening in this case to Carol Woods, daily, apparently – the attention and other serious crimes committed against her enacted because of her detailing the serious crime she came upon whilst employed by the council she was employed by, before her leaving that council. What followed her leaving this council, leading right up to today, is particularly unspeakable as her reports show, as detailed in the videos below, for instance – as bad as not one government employee or official doing anything about any of the crimes committed in the past by the alleged council employees, or being committed against Ms. Woods now. Government officials and QCs and other legal representatives have been informed by numerous conscientious supporters over and over on numerous occasions, but these officials do precisely nothing. It is time these appalling crimes stopped and all responsible brought to justice, whether the crimes be current or otherwise. Please share this information in an effort to get justice where its deserved – after all, it could be one of us next whose life is made hell by these morons, if it hasn’t been made hell already. Thank you.


“Dear Sirs, Farrell Heyworth 


 In 2008 you were instructed to do a drive by valuation of MY  HOUSE, seized, wrecked and looted Oct/Nov 08. I had called  into your office at that time and every single other agent’s in Lancaster. All confirmed that the junk I had was NOT  COURT DOCUMENTATION but I was to believe it was. YOU had seen nothing prior to acting and acted on a phone call. That might have been Mickey Mouse, how would you have known? I heard nothing else.
In Feb 2014 I found a seedy old parasite trying to pose as MY dead mother as if I was my dead mother “alive but disabled” and she in that had 2 old doxies call on her to sell MY house (stolen, wrecked and looted in 08). The police leading all this as you know, and aid and abet as I know, instruct all. 2 old women fraudsters, one using car T19 MAP and one using SX03 SUE both well photographed by me took part in that FRAUD and continue in that but using others to be my dead mother. Apparently my mother is not dead; she is me and too disabled to live in MY house thus wants to sell it. But surely it was seized, wrecked and looted in 08 was it not? Yes of course, this is the usual Masonic lunacy of attempting to rewrite history.
 I had photos of those 2 old doxes and wrote out a brief summary of the matters taking photos to every single estate agent in the area asking if anyone knew the old fraudsters. I heard nothing. I then find that J D GALLAGHER pretended by
 stalking me that he had met with me 22 Dec 2014 and I agreed to sell MY house. I took photos; the police were obviously on hand to say they saw me with that sleazy; they did not, he was stalking me and keeping as close as possible to seem as if he was “with me”. The story now is that I rented out my house and that monies are paid into bank accounts, that I am “too disabled” to shop for myself and thus have others shop for me. They are many and they are all me – apparently. I list SOME here I live apparently with all this lowlife, found out bullies, thieves and fraudsters which you may know.
MILLS in 20 Fell View Caton claims to be my niece,
HUNTER in 22 claims I am his mother then found out they claim I am her mother, JARVIS in 41 claims to be me, claims to be my daughter claims she
 cares for me as if I am my dead mother,
LAMB in 32 claims she is my dead mother driven about by me,
Mr and Mrs Williams in 30 Fell View who claim to be Mr and Mrs Carol Woods.                                                                                                                             
DALTON in 45 claims to be me, unnamed in 43 is also me doubling as bogus police officer TRACEY KENNEDY who is in MY house but as if she is me.          
 I could go on.
The point is YOU do not act for me: you do not rent out my house for me as I have heard AGAIN, YOU were parties to FRAUD without seeing one single court document.
The police parkiing outside your Lancaster office today did not confirm I was seen making a new tenancy agreement. This is public interest; there is no such person as Mr Carol Woods whatever the police tell you and I’m sure you all know what fraud is anyway; and can see it conducted. You knew and did nothing but join in; you’re a disgrace. Kind Regards. Carol Woods Ms and my house was not and is not for sale either. I won’t need to give the house address as you obvioualy know it well. I have no phone in use so shouting into a phone byanyone does not make me think I make phone calls.”




2] Please listen to this vital radio show interview with Ms. Woods from the 12 March 2016


3] CAROL WOODS WHISTLEBLOWER ON RADIO lancashire police corruption county council 06 Febuary 2016



Received from Carol Woods 20 May 2016: 

1]  Illegal use tax payers monies Lancs to harass

I would like to state this for the record: this is ONE example of organised, collective harassment were many are drawn in to aid and abet in lunatic events intended to try and act out REAL events from the past. I do not take as many photos as I did but here are the bare bones of 9 am to 10 28 am today. NHS call to 30 Fell View the pair of old thieves and worse WILLIAMS who were responsible for bullying to death the former tenant of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP so I could have it. Why it was wanted for me will be sent out in parts as the data is too much for 1 email. It is part of SHIPMAN POLICY of Lancashire found out by me Nov 2013. I of course am Carol Woods Ms. later I will send that data from my email address
woodsresearch2002@yahoo.co.uk because the police of Lancashire like to say it is MR CAROL WOODS who owns that and they use it to send emails from as if I am Mr Carol Woods. I do not use it much but keep it open to save the old data. I have had that email address from 2002.
Today being the 20 May 2016 the deranged in “power” try to make this 2008 and 20 May 2010 as well. 20 May 2008 the resident lunatic IAN YOUNG of LCC and Lancashire police legal rep did record in a document issued by what was then said to be a dead person “She is her daughter” he decided that I could be my own daughter. which one he did not say. In that he down loaded a High Court document from the Internet on another case of an IAN TAYLOR FORREST one I had never heard of, he involved with 2 others in a land argument and property matter. YOUNG amazingly added a “court seal” and had “a solicitor” acting for a dead person send it to me as a INJUNCTION not to be in MY HOUSE! (That they tried to rewrite recently in the wrongful arrest and false imprisonment of me where PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM, who caused a death by dangerous driving so he’s not much of an ad for police is he, claimed I had sent a letter to a person who had a court injunction against me not to write and as I had then it was an arrestable offence. There was no such injunction and the troll they were to use to claim in perjury she had the injunction couldn’t even say when she had a letter from me and, a solicitor checking, a real solicitor acting for me and not a dead person found there was no such injunction thus we have perjury as well. (Who is the dead person? One I was told was appointed by the Sec of State to sell MY house!)

All that was to be part of the attempt to befuddle me with dangerous drugs and turn me into an overweight zombie from Nov 2015 to Feb 2016 incl which failed. I was to forget the REAL document issued to me and one of my daughters and sent to me via email and think the memory was the drivel as written by liar and perjurer MASSINGHAM.

20 May 2010 and I rented 52 Adderley Rd Harrow Weald where the landlord asked me to stay indoors waiting for BT to call. I was to go to the High Court and take my document which I knew had been downloaded from the Internet with the names changed to make it refer to me IN FRAUD, but was happy to help him out. But, I also knew by then that the solicitor supposedly involved had known nothing whatsoever of me and my case and did not act anyone alive or dead in relation to it. The motive was to keep me away from the High Court because IAN TAYLOR FORREST I found out had been in the court on 20/5/2010 on his matter and I was not to see the same case and paperwork by chance. The landlord was a liar, bribed to act against me so he would not be charged with bank fraud. I stayed indoors for nothing.That is how the Gestapo work: favours for them and one is freed from prosecutions. I went to the High Court on 24 May 2010 which we all know resulted in a furious judge instructing me to go home, forcibly remove anyone in my house, use them and prosecute them. He ordered an inquiry into the false document issue to me and that was why the MET. thugs then were told to kidnap me and hide me away under a different name in a mental hospital which they did but to no avail. Oddly no one seems to have records of any of that except me.

Today then NHS at 30, pair of bullying liars, thieves and fraudsters, they apparently were living in MY house with me and the NHS call to PRETEND that they rent the upper floor of MY house and that they are “too disabled” to live there and thus need rehousing and can sell MY HOUSE!

(They tried to sell it 20/4/14 and have tried at least 3 times since poising as me.)
Among that I slowly going to my car to see what other thugs and such like were about, 2 doors slammed, a pair of thugs in scruffy blue van pretended by hiding that they had moved me to where they hid, behind the hedging of 39 Fell View. The fraudster and thief in 20 MILLS rushed to pretend to load up her car boot as she has claimed I am her aunt living at 20 Fell View as well. (She claimed and was paid rent for that all knowing she was a thief and yet there they are cutting benefits of REAL claimants), thus she acted out the “She is her daughter” pretending to be leaving MY HOUSE. Mills pretended for months that she was daughter to Williams in 30 all part of the ID theft frauds. BUT HUNTER in 22 went out to pretend she drove me as well as she has claimed that I live in 22 as her husband’s mother and that she drives me about. The use of the name HUNTER is highly significant in this but out of scope of this emailed data.

Meanwhile the  blue van and 2 thugs also drive off, another is sent to 2 Copy Lane off Fell View where at least 3 persons there claim they have driven me about in FRAUDS as recorded and filmed, reported yet ignored and there they act out in lunacy a pretence of a MR CAROL WOODS moving out with a daughter. I took some photos and drove round to see who else was there in harassment and fraud. I found a version of the now famous dark grey 2 seater sneaking to hide behind 28 Fell View area as those types of vehicles have been used much to pretend the drivers meet with me but in that have sneaked into 30 Fell View and pretended to be in 28 with me. MAZ 7675, SX03 SUE most regularly used with old doxy drivers posing as who? The dead person’s “secretary”. They seeing my car all suddenly wanted to drive off, all together, that is not coincidence. They assumed they would be acting with lowlife in 30 behind my back but were not. I returned a 3rd time: it was as it should be, the NHS still at 30 pretending whatever their lunacy demanded. Others were used along my route which obviously is known via the illegal device on my car and one was to WAIT READY PARKED at Lancaster Uni just in case I headed there. I did, she alights when she sees me head to pay for my parking ticket; she clearly having no business at Uni but to PRETEND she drove me, but why her? Because she has a black car and the old thief out NOW in PF08 WDK a black Mitsubishi Colt MARY LAMB is out poising as my dead mother. She from 32 Fell View and she pretends to be mother of Williams from time to time in 30 when there is only about 10 years age difference. The poor old lone lady in 28 didn’t stand a chance did she against such lowlife? The car used at UNi is BLACK Toyota Yaris GP57 YDG which is to be my Toyota Yaris mixed with the fraudster in 32 Fell View and other black cars used of late as their FRAUDS are found out (cars bought in the DWP disabled scheme all fraudsters, HUNTER has a black VW at 22 and Mills have at least 3 at 20, all unemployed so one can only wonder,) and GP57 is ALMOST the same as one taxi that stalked me for MONTHS when I lived in Heysham and the driver would sit in flat 14 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and PRETEND he was driving me about when I rented flat 3.
Who paid for all this today? The troll in the black Toyota (on camera) for example, who paid her for her petrol to drive, then sit and wait IN CASE I DROVE UP TO CAMPUS? England 21st C nothing but totalitarian.

2]  Serious corruption Lancs. W’blower

Why 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP was wanted for me, Carol Woods whistle-blower Lancashire County Council from 2001 to move into. It was thought I’d accept it in exchange for my memory and my house, stolen wrecked and looted in Oct and Nov 08. I was to “forget” and think what was now was then. 28 has a small front garden and overlooks a playing area; my house had large gardens and a playing area at the rear. Fell View Caton LA2 9RP about 5 miles east of Lancaster has 59 houses, most council houses, a few bought in the right to buy scheme. There are off shoots Roman Crescent, Milestone place, Leslie Ave, Landgdale, Greenways, Hall Drive and Copy Lane. All roads have been used in frauds since I moved to 28. I will add that since I moved to Fell View, all the locals have “come into money” with their deliveries, new cars, large garden items, fencing, and the few bought up have all had new windows, extensions and much work done: all since I moved to 28. I find out that I am right about deliveries/orders in my name but that the permutations of my name are used along with MY address of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP AND AT MY HOUSE CHERRY TREES SUNNYSIDE LANE LANCASTER LA1 5ED. The firms involved say they could only act if police involve themselves. The Gestapo thought that they could PROVE that I use 2 addresses to cover for the found out frauds at 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ. In usual Masonic lunacy they “reverse” FACT to make FICTION and call it “inversion”. A jury will call it FRAUD, MURDER and more.
The name of the occupant MRS OLIVE GREENBANK was a major part in the decision to rewrite history. OLIVE was from Director of Social Services Lancashire Pauline Oliver in 2001 when I blew the whistle; she who was thus forced to take early retirement.  Greenbank St (Preston) was my office address where some of the illegal acts I was asked to do by my employer took place.

The fact that there is a picnic site only 2 minutes away out of view which was seen to be “useful” for cars to be hidden and then alerted when I drove off so those lunatics could follow me and pretend whatever their delusions allowed such as, for example, 9/5/16 when I left for a few days to visit an associate, 2 cars with 1 pick-up van waited to be sent a text (white van hiding on back roads as filmed by me) to then set off and follow me to be an old couple WILLIAMS in one car, a single old female in a 2nd car, their “daughter” and the pick- up “moving someone”. The thieves and worse in 30 Fell View with the horrendous variety of old trolls they claim is their “daughter” (they only have 1 daughter who does not see them) were to be me “moving”. Mrs Greenbank didn’t stand a chance with such neighbours.

28 was to be used as part of the address I had in 2012 to 2013, 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe. The moving date of 24 March 2014 from flat 3 to Fell View was changed from the 17th so that March 2014 could be March 2009 when police officer TRACEY KENNEDY and her partner ANNA JUDITH PERELES claim they just bought my house thus I was being moved because of that. The FACT that Kennedy and Pereles acquired a dog is relevant. See below.
Langdale council houses is used by harassers because on photos looted from MY house the Gestapo found some from the 1960’s with a Langdale then but not Caton. I was not to be me with my memories thus did not know about my photos and the 1960’s.

Greenways has been used; they are private small houses and any car of Williams in 30 Fell View has often been hidden on Greenways when they wanted me to think they were not indoors at 30 when they were hiding.  Various yobs drive any car they have with what motive? Williams pretend to be out and use their mobile phones yet claim to be out thus the phone use in this immediate area must be in 28, me. Greenways is the name of the house of my decent neighbours at my house. I was to forget that and think of this street.

Roman Crescent is 10 council houses and one large family is called WOODS; they have been used along with others, always with red cars to be said to be proof I live on there. See events of 7 April 2016 when one sleazy “professional” was allowed to hide in his car parked on a driveway on Roman Crescent as it is out of sight of me in 28: he was with other sleazy (4 involved at least, G4S thug, police helicopter, a removal van, British Gas, a wagon loaded with calor gas bottles and more, all using tax payers’ monies). Unfortunately for him he was not out of sight of me as I had not driven off and was watching the events taking place being finalised at 29 Fell View.

Leslie Ave is used for a number of reasons. The name is one of a former long standing friend bribed in 2010 to steal a document from me in exchange for a passport for her younger son who was “on the run” from Dubai, staying in Singapore trying to return to UK to avoid prosecution for a sham marriage. She did not get my document. I was to forget her and think of the name as this street. 10 council houses with a pair added on the end which seem to be linked to what looks like it was a corner shop in the past. In no. 10 HUDDLESTON live with a disabled young woman who they have tried to claim is me “disabled” and the name from 2005 of a clerk in Manchester County Court posing as a judge. This is not the only use of this name; see Copy Lane.

No 7 Leslie Ave was Ms K MILLS sister of Ms K Mills of 20 Fell View serious fraudsters in this. See 20 Fell View. Here I just add that this K name Kirsty was one name I was held in, in Styal, 2010. The intention was yet another to make me “disappear” under fictitious names. The partner of K Mills was Wilson and they both had large expensive vehicles used to stalk me to harass and pretend. Their vehicles were NL04 JXG and YD06 VVN. I found both Mills woman parked outside me in 28 hiding in the rear of YD06 using their phones as me ordering goods for their friends especially on Milestone Place. The name Wilson was the name of a false friend sent from 2001 so I was to “forget” him. They “disappeared” in early 2016. I have found expensive items being delivered to Mills on Leslie Ave pretending I moved in with them.  I have found persons pretending they called to me and then needed to call to No. 7 Leslie Ave as part of the fraudulent link to me.

Copy Lane, no 2 used often, 3 persons all unemployed used also at 31 Fell View pretend they drive me about while they drive about AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View all pretending she is me. See 31 Fell View for cars and persons using at both addresses. A “No. 2” is used often (see Hall Drive) because flat 2 Penhale Gardens, when I rented flat 3, was tenanted by a malicious old woman aided by the police, another to pose as my dead mother, taking over from the landlady at 298 Oxcliffe Rd who posed as my dead mother when I rented caravan 1A. I rented caravan 1A prior to moving to flat 3 and found that an unemployed, old drunk KENNETH NICHOL in caravan 2 was pretending he was my partner and in that was actually bought a good car as if I paid for it. That was managed because of the Santander bank accounts being run in my name as found out. See 24 Fell View also and 31 with links to 26.
39 Copy Lane used by one I found was a Mr Huddleston I was sure was the usual retired Gestapo which persons are always used. He spent a deal of time at 45 Fell View but also I took a photo of him stalking me: I had no idea who he was. I then discover he was pretending that she in 45 MARGARET DALTON was me. See 45. Huddleston also took out Dalton “shopping” to pretend it was me “too disabled” to go myself and in obvious FRAUD. He also took out MARY LAMB from 32 Fell View in exactly the same fraud AND sometimes he would then park outside 39 Fell View which gable end is right facing me so I have to see. That he pretends is proof he is in 28. He had also taken out Jackson from 26. Whenever I took a photo he was alerted and moved away. Others began to use 39 with their cars and they too pretended whatever they wanted to. Mostly they would be at 39 then drive to 45 to continue his early frauds and pretences. He had sent one in KX54 YBD a dark red saloon with an auburn haired female driver who would follow me about and for example, when I collected my car from near Lancaster train station, would be told to go and pretend she had dropped me off and I was travelling somewhere by train thus not me in my car; her auburn hair was the reason she was chosen and the car provided for her, KS53 VLF was found to be used at 24 Fell View just after she ceased to be used. X341 YBV a dark green VW was used often and continued to be used right to present by going to 39 Copy Lane then to 45 Fell View. After Huddleston was moved, X341 YBV was used only at 45. Huddleston was to place in his bungalow landscape window in Sept 2015 a large sign to cause distress to me as if it was one sign from MY house in 2008. Those at 298 did the same making sure I would see the signs and hope I “forgot” those at MY house. The name was from 2005 and as above on Leslie Ave and he, retired police, had a letter from me in Oct 2015 about his stalking and harassment and allowing use of 39 Copy Lane for nefarious activity and trying to make Dalton into me. The house was not a council house. Huddleston had a dog but never took it out.

Many along Copy Lane are used to step out, others use it as a hiding place so they can be alerted when I set off so they can drive to harass. Most are unemployed. One is used as she is a type similar to Williams in 30 Fell View without the thin dyed hair but the supposed “lookalike” walks her dog. On 11/7/15 for example that lookalike with her dog was sent to stand about outside me in 28 and engage with Jackson outside 26: the lookalike was to wear a striped sweater as that is added proof the wearer is me. The lookalike is too young to be Williams from 30 Fell View. See 30 Fell View below.

2 Hall Drive is one minute from 39 Copy Lane and the same type of male lives there: he has had 3 cars as each one is identified as taking part in FRAUD and HARASSMENT. He I found is BLEASDALE senior, his son is the partner of the other K MILLS in 20 Fell View. The number 2 was useful as from caravan 2 from 298 as above with Hall also being “useful” to muddy waters of use of Joanne Hall who also claims to be me. See 20 Fell View. Hall Drive houses are privately owned and many have been used to drive out to stalk as I pass. The NHS has used houses on there to pretend somehow they are dealing with me. His cars were a red Audi WG03 DMW which car was filmed stalking me in Oct 2015 again; Bleasdale is another to take out Jackson from 26 Fell View so she can be seen in a red car thus “proof” she is me. He also takes out those from 45 AND has dealings with a car used by at least 6 trolls, PL02 THK which car has dealings with 2 Milestone Place they linked also to 20 Fell View and which car is filmed as being at 8 Low Lane Torrisholme Morecambe found out thief and fraudster driving T19 MAP and her dealings of EDITH CURWEN flat 15 Penhale Gardens on 4/2/14. See link to 20, 24 and 30 Fell View in that. T19 MAP was used again on 4/4/16 filmed taking part in another fraud where it was expected that Williams in 30 were to be said to be me in a meeting when I was. The sleazy NHS were all part of that see also 29 Fell View. Bleasdale would drive along the M6 from the south of Lancaster and pretend he drove me to rent the squalid caravan dumped on the front of 20 Fell View; see their fraud. Bleasdale has also tried to follow me to Kendal misjudging my setting off, Bleasdale had then a large silver saloon to replace the red Audi; the last car he was supplied with when Huddleston “disappeared” and when the caravan at 20 Fell View “disappeared” was a red Mercedes SV08 HVU. The no 2 of his house was also to be used to hope I “forgot” 2 Leaper’s View Over Kellet some miles from Caton. 2 Leaper’s View was a house owned by DIANA GARNER, she a friend of mine for over 10 years, which house was “buyer resistant”. The deal was that she would pretend that JANET WOODALL thief, false friend, forger, fraudster and worse of 11 SULLOM VIEW Garstang near Preston Lancs. (see link to 11 Fell View on 7/4/16) was me and to aid in that while the Gestapo would make sure 2 Leaper’s View was not a millstone round her neck and then assisted her to move to DORSET with her long term unemployed boyfriend. BUT Diana was also to pretend she was me selling my house and moving to Dorset. In 2010 she was, as a trusted friend, given much computer data of mine when she, with PATRICIA JACKSON 8 DeVitre St was dealing with the Gestapo for gain and to defraud me. See links to Jackson in Lancaster, Jackson in 26 Fell View and NHS fraudsters linked to DeVitre House Lancaster via 8 Low Lane Morecambe which was to be 8 DeVitre St. The “8” was to be my sister’s house 8 Chancery Lane Shaw OL2 8EX because Lancashire Gestapo did, in 2006, decide to tell agencies inquiring into my case that I was my sister in Shaw. 8 Hall Drive has been used by NHS sleazy to “hide” and pretend the ambulance was linked to me. I was not to know but saw and took photos. Hall Drive is used often in a lunacy of events taking place NEAR Fell View so, according to the Gestapo, taking place ON Fell view. The bullying trolls all know what they take part in and were all found to be “keen” to be recruits with Mrs Greenbank the “fly in the ointment”. A further link is with a DAVID JACKSON a type same as WILLIAMS in 30 and Barron in 47 Fell View and SUSAN his mentally ill wife of 28 Regent St Lancaster. He was used to stalk me from 2012 and pretend a bank account in LLoyds was proof he was linked to me. Mrs Greenbank unfortunately was in a no. 28 with a Jackson next door and a bloated old white haired fraudster in 30 so he was a nail in her coffin. That must have been planned for some time when I am sure the Gestapo fed all details to be used into a computer and “found” Mrs Greenbank in 28 Fell View Caton; she was a detail that would not prevent them using the address for all the reasons they needed. Bleasdale has 2 small dogs which he does take out. No. 2 is used also to be 2 Newlands Rd Lancaster where I found parked a silver Audi used in major fraud with RYCROFT flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and her partner in serious crime in flat 5. KY02 to be YK02 VPF the car looted from another murder victim Mrs Margaret Porter flat 3 Penhale Gardens when flat 3 was wanted for me.

Quernmore Rd is one I have to drive along to reach Fell View and nos. 28 and 32 have been used along there in car frauds from March 2014 repeated then from March 2016. Their links have been with Lamb in 32 Fell View and police officer TRACEY KENNEDY with R205 XRJ a red Toyota Starlet at MY house in those frauds. 28 and 32 are used to be 28 and 32 Fell View see why below.

3]  Part 3 of major fraud in Lancs. 

part 3 of why 28 fell View LA2 9RP was wanted for me lancs w’blower.  
That found out and ended, 29 and 31 continued to be used LENNON was a crucial name to be used; she was to be DIANE LENNON found out thief and fraudster another to claim she lived at 298 Oxcliffe Rd but had not. Diane Lennon, I found out, was claiming to be me seeking work as “disabled” in 2012. She called to 298 for mail addressed to me. Her car was a blue Citroen Saxo X486 DDC and on 12 Aug 2012 she “disappeared” totally with MY mail. On 9 Aug 2012 she had been sent to walk the same route I had walked on the 8th in Lancaster with the Gestapo filming her on CCTV to suggest she was me walking the same route I had taken the day before. For that she was bought a new brown rucksack as I had then bought my new brown leather rucksack. Lennon was nothing like me but she was like PATRICIA ALLEN found out perjurer from my case Manchester Employment Tribunals 2406569/01 who, I then found out, the Gestapo were trying to pretend was me thus I was the perjurer. Patricia Allen worked for Lancashire Social Services as Child Care manager with a false CV and claims to qualifications that did not exist. She was to be covered for by making me into her and thus having Diane Lennon, who looked similar to Pat Allen, be “me” making me apparently Pat Allen. Lennon in 29 Fell View looks nothing like LENNON from 2012 and less like Pat Allen BUT Lennon in 29 Fell View is a council employee. (None looks like me.)Thus Lennon in 29 has claimed that she drives me about to be vaguely a link to 298 and 2012 and that I live there as well as being everyone else and living in just about all other houses. She in 29 has a dark blue Ford AF07 XLL and was part of the FRAUD filmed taking place on 4/4/16. I have other photos of her pretending to drive me about. She is one who is sent to park on the edge of Caton and pretend, as I drive in from being out, that she driving into Caton with me has been driving me about all day. Lennon has taken part in many frauds all linked to pretending she has someone (me) living in her house. The lunacy in using 29 Fell View on 7 April 2016 with sleazy NHS hiding along Roman Crescent about 500 yards away and outside 11 Fell View was matched only by the usual G4S thug thinking he was racing to Lancaster Uni to pretend something then 2 Gestapo about 3 30pm doing same again AFTER police helicopter at 11 55am had been used to claim I was seen with murdering lowlife Alan McTear in Morecambe.  PG03 WGU was also used hiding behind 29/31 on 7/4/16 they from Copy Lane. On 7/4/16 in the FRAUD planned by sleazy NHS as entrapment of me which went wrong for the “professionals”, the lunatics did early, to start that fraud which they expected not to be photographed and not seen, do as they have done on at least 4 earlier occasions of the SAME FRAUD where a pair of gormless “professionals” arrive in Caton with the dog of one of them and pretend they have removed it from 29 as if someone is to be taken away and cannot have their dog with them; the truly gormless, sleazy pretend they take the dog into  care! In brief, they are paid at public expense to drive their dog about and then walk it up and down outside me in 28. See 14, 20, 26, 30, 39, 41 and 45 Fell View. The lunacy is to make me think I “lost” a dog that way.
31 is used as routine. After the “hospital” fraud was exposed other cars were used at 31, ML53 TWJ included but BK53 EWE appeared which was a bronze type like a Zsara thus like the one used at 5 Fell View and the one used in the fridge fraud of Aug 2013 at flat 4 Penhale Gardens. The Rosa Klebb driving BK53 EWE often drove out Agnes Jackson from 26 Fell View for DWP frauds and to post fraudulent items of mail for false claims; she was found to be stalking me often to make it seem “likely” that Jackson driven around was possibly me while I was in my car.  The cars used at 31 were often just driven to 2 Copy Lane with the drivers hiding in 2 Copy Lane and pretending to be out where I was in my car. As 2015 progressed, another agency obviously started to ask questions as 3 cars “disappeared” and became 2, blue R945 KEC and small red Y191 SFL. Y191 was used often to drive Jackson about so she could be “seen in a small red car” thus likely to be me. See 26 Fell View. Both cars are used daily; when the Gestapo knew I was making a very early start in March 2016 they had the unemployed yob with R945 KEC waiting parked to set off when I did. How long had that yob sat waiting? He did not follow me: I took a longer route out of the area I was not expected to take. The unemployed with Y191 SFL drives off when I do to pretend they drive me in a “small red car”. On 7/4/16 a small, bald old man was using Y191 SLF not the usual yob so he’ll be Mr Carol Woods to be the same type driving R205 XRJ which belonged to officer Tracey Kennedy when she was me. The Rosa Klebb type was also used on 7/4/16 in a black Audi following me to a garden centre where she was to drive behind me, round the car park then off and as I then entered the garden centre, she was to claim it was “proof” she had met me. But see how PG03 was used to reverse an unemployed yob in a blue R reg for an unemployed female troll in a blue newer small car when that seen to have failed and see also 26 Fell View.  On 4/5/16 they did not use that yob but had another in PJ07 EMV to set off when I had (it was known via illegal accessing of data etc that I was to set off early but had not after loft noises told me deliveries would be made behind my back. I waited, caught the yob intending to set off to be me and the filmed deliveries).
33 Fell View was used for 1.5 years before I declared I had found out the fraud there. I knew from my moving in to 28 it was used: DK51 HVL a driver was pretending to drive about the occupant of 33 as if it was me needing a driver. I found the occupant had been a MRS MARGARET PECK but she wasn’t there: they just pretended she was. See the name Margaret used again. Mrs MP to be Mrs MARGARET PORTER (MP) flat 3 the murdered lady Penhale Gardens. I found and took photos of the troll of DK51 HVL parking with a blue badge for disabled when she never had a passenger at all, ever. I reported that as FRAUD and she ceased to call to 33 for a while early 2016 but used as back-up when necessary e.g. 6/5/16 driving off after sitting parked for over 2 hours pointlessly.) The driver is also filmed taking part in bank fraud using cash points. I also found that behind 33 is a caravan which I believe is being used to claim “someone” lives there as well. I have taken photos of many lunatics acting out farces outside 33 and also sleazy NHS all racing to 33 pretending that she in there (no one) had rang a “crisis team”, that has happened a few times as has NHS ambulances parking to pretend. 33 thus was to be used as if it was flat 3 TWICE OVER, the use of 3 and 3 in sheer lunacy. The driver of DK51 HVL did call to 33 when I first moved to Fell View and pretended for some weeks that she collected a dog from there and took it out. Naturally, that troll was pretending it was my dog she took out. Then they thought of the FRAUD in a blue badge scheme. I should record here that the name Margaret is used because both my former mothers-in-law were called Margaret as was the landlady at 298 Oxcliffe RD Morecambe who claimed to be me my dead mother as me and that was why flat 3 was wanted for me: Mrs Porter was the only Margaret on site of Penhale Gardens and the flat being 3 was also necessary after events using caravan 3 at 298. Like Mrs Greenbank, Mrs Porter didn’t stand a chance.
No. 35 is not used much; an old couple live there and are used only infrequently usually when a blue car is needed. Theirs is blue as was the car of a similar old couple in flat 1 Penhale Gardens and they in flat 1 allowed sleazy “professionals” to sit in flat 1 and pretend they were with me in flat 3 (adjoining flat 1) and they also allowed RYCROFTs from flat 4 above me to hide in flat 1 when they wanted to pretend they were out as me.  They in 35 were in great demand the week leading to 7 April 2016 because of the fraud planned using blue cars. They do same using 30 Fell View see that entry.
No. 37 was used in the original fraud and was another reason 28 was wanted for me. The troll there was ethnic minority; I never knew her name but she had a son about 10. There was just the 2 of them BUT she had a “boyfriend” in 36 Fell View, a Jackson no relation to Jackson in 26 but he pretended to be her son for DWP frauds, see 26 and 36 Fell View. She from 37 drove about in a silver Peugeot PN54 XJD and seemed to have a high standard of living given she was a single parent and unemployed. I found out by March 2015 that she was ANOTHER to claim I lived in 37 as her mother being cared for and driven about by her. She was used and a nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin because I have a mixed race grandson who is not aged 10 and not that ethnic mix but the Gestapo thought those details were unimportant so used 37. In March 2015 amid others found out she was helped to move literally overnight with the “boyfriend” disappearing after a couple more frauds with Jackson in 26. In March and April 2016 she was seen and filmed by me driving round Caton after hiding to drive off behind me and pretend she just moved me as her mother. She gained a great deal in deliveries she didn’t pay for. On one occasion a troll who owns a shop (Lady butterfly) in Bare area Morecambe was to shout into her phone when stood in her doorway as I was seen walking among the shops: she to insist the delivery by Parcel Force was the following morning and coincidentally, as I expected, she in 37 received a delivery. That woman “Gail” did that a 2nd time when she saw I was in the immediate area. Her partner is a Freemason. She is not to be confused with the Gail Capstick thief of Lancaster. Another who claims to be me and has done from Dec 2010 is JANET GREENWOOD of 37 Norfolk Ave Morecambe and she had my maiden name because when our brother divorced her, she kept our family name. Janet has a dog. That is why 37 was seen to be doubly “useful”. Notice that Mrs Greenbank’s name is not dissimilar to my maiden name which fact was another nail in her coffin. It was to be said (behind my back) that I was Mrs Greenbank’s daughter and inherited the bungalow after her death. It is a council bungalow which cannot be inherited.
No. 39 is O’Conner and they, a couple are used because opposite to others they claim only 1 woman lives in 39 when 2 do. They must be sisters; one is much older than the other. The male there drives a large red vehicle DG04 UXR. They were used to have 39 Copy Lane driver pretend he was with me when he was there; they are used because of my having a sister and having stayed with her end 2011. But after my photos of officer Kennedy with car R205 XRJ red Toyota Starlet went out via email they had an old woman in R208 MKN a dark green Toyota 4 wheel drive park often and pretend she was me as Kennedy as I have my RED Toyota car. She with R208 provided dogs to walk and the car was then loaned to others with dogs being the link. I would park up and they would exit from 39 and walk dogs and pretend they had just left 28 and were walking dogs: she in council house 39 pretended she had a business to be Kennedy and Pereles pretending they had a business run from MY HOUSE. She in 39 is also linked to a small cluster of holiday lets which they are to be “mistaken” for 298 Oxcliffe Rd. The use of dogs is because many who claim to be me have dogs.  In March 2016, O’Conner did, at a house miles away where I had found R208 parked months ago (that car ceased calling to 39 mid 2015), pretend “someone” was moving in and there was the usual expensive delivery from BROWN’s a Masonic firm used in such frauds as previously used at 7 Leslie Ave. The INTENT is to claim I make the orders and thus receive the goods or send to persons linked to me as if I live with them. Other cars are used at 39 and being easily seen from 28 must have harassed Mrs Greenbank.  The younger O’Conner troll aged about 60 has left 39 when she is told my car is parked, she then walks across to walk round my car and back to 39 and pretends she has parked it. O’Conner has the bleached hair look which was the look of ELIZABETH MASON of Santander bank Morecambe branch who set up 5 accounts all linked to me to aid and abet fraudsters such as McTear etc at 298 Oxcliffe Rd but the Gestapo had Mason in her car PK07 EDX a red Kia Picanto park at 298 and pretend to be me with her car seen as “proof” she was me. She claimed for short time to be niece of landlady Mrs Middleton when I started asking questions: her other claims were also ludicrous. Mrs Middleton had no sister so she had no niece but that in part is why the lowlife in 20 and 30 Fell View thought of posing as “aunts” “sister” “nieces” related to me.  Mason would take out Mrs Middleton’s dog also to be seen as if me out with the dog.

4]  Next part serious org crime Lancs. [other parts are below]

 Fell View is directly opposite me and council house of SUZANNE and ANDREW JARVIS and their 3 young children. These 2 are serious fraudsters yet church goers when she told me she couldn’t even tell a white lie being a “Christian”. I was unpacking my car moving in when these 2 started their fraud; I knew within an hour she was a liar and within 24 hours that he was also used. She was sent to tell me about photos LOOTED from MY house as if they were hers. For example she told me her son was in the cubs and she was just going to collect him: I was sure there were no cub scouts in the area because of local press reports years earlier: I was still unloading my car when she “returned” to 41, no son and no cub scout uniform. There had been no cubs for over 20 years in this whole area. Day after day I noticed they seemed to always move their car GN07 AHO when I arrived back at 28; I noticed how the car was often hidden by 29 and 31 and returned to 41 when I had parked up. I had seen her at the University parked waiting for me to drive onto campus, she then left, she was pretending she drove me. Various sleazy “professionals” would call, red Citroen Xsara PE08 ZRX usually but also PE56 NXB, they “professionals” to validate Jarvis’s claim they cared for me in 41 and drove me about. I had asked Jarvis as I’d asked others about Mrs Greenbank (given my experiences in flat 3 and Mrs Porter), like all others they clammed up and pretended not to know anything of her yet she had lived here longer than anyone else had. In March 2015 I had found much out and Jarvis told me that the Lord Jesus was going to help them out of any DWP fraud case.
They then continued and started all over again: they had an old woman with dyed orange hair drive to 41 to pretend she was me living there, then various yobs all Mr Carol Woods and various bogus “friends” to try and fill in a few gaps. Suzanne was the name wanted because SUZANNE HARGREAVES of 58 Knowles Rd Heysham former friend of years did take taxis in my name when I rented flat 3 as Knowles Rd was not far from the flats. Why Suzanne would act against me I do not know but it was to show I was not me in flat 3 with my car. She was “found” after my photos looted from MY house with some of Suzanne where the Gestapo asked my ex-husband who she was and where the photos were taken. Suzanne had always had dogs which dogs were on photos which is another reason I am to have a dog that I haven’t got. He being ANDREW and with a small white van was to be ANDREW HALLIDAY Gestapo thug with a white van who claims he bought my house in May 08 and evicted me in Oct 08 for rent arrears. Mrs Jarvis did have sleazy NHS driver her about in early 2015 to pretend she was mentally ill and she needed a carer and driver. Drivers called and took her out “shopping” then “professional” in PE56 NXB drove her out in GN07 AHO and she posed as Mrs Jarvis while Jarvis posed as me and from then to recent times the Jarvis pair are Mr and Mrs Woods, yet more Mr and Mrs Carol Woods. In that, given they only have 3 children and I have 4 they provided Jarvis with a troll about 20 years older than their eldest, she was their daughter, their 4th, that was proof they were me.  In June 2015 Mr Jarvis took to standing about with a brown fur hat with ear muffs on; he was trying to be my ex-husband from photos of the 70’s where my ex had his good head of dark brown hair as proof they were me and my family on my photos. In Aug 2014 they had had a washing machine delivered in that name in FRAUD almost on the anniversary of the fridge fraud flat 4 Penhale Gardens. On 27 Oct 2014 amid a fraud planned with Jackson in 26 and thug in MD02 HGO, Jarvis were to receive computer equipment as if I had ordered it and asked for it to be delivered to 41. Jackson in 26 had done much to try to lure me out of 28 on 27/10/14 but I didn’t go out: I expected a fraud after the thug used 26 on 26/10/14. I was right and took photos. Jarvis are so rotten that really the Gestapo didn’t need to recruit many others, they would have done almost enough just as a pair. Week leading to 7 April 2016 I found Mrs Jarvis had been found unskilled work at the University to be me as when I type data I refer to Uni so that was to be proof she was me typing my data. In early 2014 I found she in 41 was conspiring with a troll in 43 and was right; see 43 Fell View. (See 7/5/16 also at 30 Fell View.) In that time they borrowed another 4th child, the other 4th had “disappeared” and the replacement was a younger male; that was after I found yet another older male living in hiding in 41 claiming to be Mr Carol Woods. Jarvis has taken much mail in the false name and she has made phone calls as if she is me. She harasses me by pushing through religious tracts as if I think she is a role model I need to take my lead from as a “Christian”. I feel they are insane and wonder what Mrs Greenbank had to deal with from those 2. Jarvis are more to use their children to harass by sending them to stand about by my gate and shout and hope I take photos so they can claim I take photos of children. In the lunacy of trying to make “me” have a dog the Gestapo did send to 41 a VW W688 HSO 3 times the male driver to sit about and let his dogs bark for about an hour. He always parked outside me in 28; he was obviously a stranger to Jarvis, one of those bogus “friends” or “relatives”, and never called again. Jarvis has also colluded with Williams in 30 to claim that Williams were likely to be me as well. Jarvis stands about, well away from 41 when others want to commit fraudulent acts, such as Jackson from 26, where Jarvis will be the witness to whatever the deranged from 26 wants her to witness. They ganged up on Mrs Greenbank: I am sure of that more and more.  From 5 April 2016 Mrs Jarvis was to pretend she was a single person – “me” at the same time old Mr Williams was to hide in 30 she with the curtains and blinds wide open with her lights on to show persons she is single thus me. Mrs Greenbank never stood a chance.
43 Fell View PAUL HICKS and a woman who I was sure lived in hiding and my photos of 5 April 2016 show I was right. I knew that house with its silver Megane YP06 UGH outside was to be Mrs Porter’s YK02 VPF silver Clio. The woman I caught out with Jarvis and she in 43 was told to go out and clean her car as I had typed in my data that I had cleaned my car (to make a point about a matter) thus she was to be me cleaning my car typing my data. The only time I saw that car moved was each Friday, week after week in Sainsbury Lancaster store car park but no sign of her. How could she park for hours free yet not be seen shopping? Parking is time limited there. He, I thought was Gestapo or prison service; they had deliveries in fraud from ARGOS and I knew they were fraud because as soon as I recorded them persons would pretend to call and pretend to deliver other items to make me “forget” the real deliveries. One YODEL delivery they left on their doorstep when I knew they were indoors; it was to hope someone (me) would pop across and steal the parcel. I found out who he was and realised I had been right PAUL HICKS to be PAUL HITCHMAN from 7 North Way Lewes 2011 and his car AD53 MLE. (See how many licence plates use “53” and MLE or permutations of.) Paul Hitchman pretended to be a prison officer with a part uniform loaned from someone. I knew it was part of a uniform and what he said did not add up: I found out he pretended to be linked to me. Thus PAUL HICKS was another nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin to rewrite Paul Hitchman.  I knew that my loft was full of illegal devices fitted by the Gestapo and that persons used the Internet as if they were me; I was certain that she in 43 was one to do that hiding in 43 and noticed that the loft noises at all hours throughout the night, any time, there were always lights on in 43: they I was sure were linked to 45 and using phones and the Internet Facebook etc as if I used it. His car was a silver 2 seater, they have no children, MV03 CYX but in March 2015 when I exposed so much from so many he changed his car to a black Honda PL06 ZWH. She was not seen for months. End March 2016 I parked on Sainsbury’s Lancaster and by then found my new laptop would pick up Internet via store WiFi. I saw a troll lookalike of the troll in 43 and with a car very similar to YP06. Sainsbury’s is used often as it is known I usually call there Friday late afternoon. On Friday 1 April 2016 for example they had a brown nose in T9 MLP blue car as they PLANNED to use T19 MAP blue Audi again in 4 April 2016. I went straight to the cafe and found the troll there using her phone: she was not shopping at all. The fraudster from 43 had been doing that for months pretending I in Sainsbury’s shopping was her on the Internet. He then did the shopping twice. He had done that on 6 Nov 2015 waiting for the trap of me on the 7th.  He reversed his actions of that evening in March. He seemed to be pretending she was me, or I was her. On 5/4/16 finding she had gone out quickly in the day I noticed that there was no interference on my laptop: she had been stealing my data and pretending she was me. I had been right: Mrs Greenbank didn’t stand a chance; the Gestapo were sure they wanted me among this lowlife. That had been done in caravan 3 at 298 Oxcliffe Rd and was one reason flat 3 was wanted for me. She in 43 was using 3 in 43 to be me in flat 3; she is deranged. Officer Tracey Kennedy lived in hiding for years: she was also me thus having this one in 43 live in hiding linking all the “detail” it was to be “proof” she was me. I had also lived in a house no. 43 years ago: but I had 4 children when we lived there: she’s never had any children and I’ve never had a council house; I have always worked: what does she live on?
45 Fell View MARGARET DALTON with various yobs, one who does live there, none works. She was seen to be another nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin because she was called MARGARET as above and DALTON which was the surname of a manager of mine from 2002 – 2004 incl JOYCE DALTON perjurer claim 2402412/04 and she changing her statement while under oath. She in 45 has thin, grey hair which she dyes a “red” colour; the house is a self made slum; the shaved headed yob used mostly with various unemployed all with cars which they use daily to stalk to harass, to race round when for example I have been out and they pretend to drop someone off at 49 in the caravan on the front of that house. Bleasdale from 2 Hall Drive has close links to 45 and the drivers of PL04 THK also pretend they drop off persons there who are me after driving behind me and thus who they drop off are me. They all dye their scruffy hair “red”.  Cars have been hired for yobs to drive about and set off when I set off and they pretend they drive me: At any one time 4 cars can be waiting at 45 as they also use the internet and pretend one is me using it: caught red handed early Oct 2015 was another reason I had to be “seen off”. The yobs are used to drive about whatever car Williams in 30 has and what Lamb in 32 has, (see below) and hide them locally but with the cars not parked, Williams and Lamb pretend to be out when they are not. Williams do that at least 4 times every week or more, the motive is to use MY electricity linked to 30 Fell View in criminal intent and claim they did not use it as they were not indoors when they were – hiding. See 30 Fell View – main players in bullying Mrs Greenbank out. Mrs Dalton has been taken shopping in FRAUD by Huddleston 39 Copy Lane pretending she was me by dropping her off at 45 and then parking outside me to pretend: MK57 WAJ a black 4 wheel drive pretends to move M. Dalton into 45 on a regular basis; at least once every 2 months so she can make new claims in fraud. Those drivers have had links to PE08 ZRX when at 41 Fell View in the frauds there. Dalton is also used by WOODRUFF see 2 Fell View. In summer 2015 amid the lunacy of having the VW at 41 with his 3 dogs, Dalton were told to take in a dog: they leave it to bark in their rear yard; it is never taken out.
47 Fell View is DAVID BARRON, an old fool is used because he is a “type” of others used in frauds including BANK FRAUDS. His car a light aqua VW X368 MEC has been used to stalk me, he also parks it near Over Kellet driven by another (see thief Garner from Over Kellet) and along from 39 Copy Lane to pretend it is seen at 2 addresses thus it is “proof” he lives at 2 addresses which is STILL an issue from 2012 – 2013 and the use of 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ buy organised DWP fraudsters. Barron was seen to be similar to David Jackson, K. Williams and another with nothing else to do except be “willing” and “on call” for Gestapo to harass and stalk. He has gone out with Mrs Williams from 30 leaving Mr Williams in 30 during summer 2015 while he in 30 pretended he was with me because they in 30 pretended that they each had an identical twin and the “twins” were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods.
49 Fell View is a couple REID and they were easily recruited as apparatchiks and have risked the lives of their toddler and one aged about 4 at least 3 times in entrapments of me. If this pair was prepared to go so far, they’d have thought nothing of helping to get Mrs Greenbank out. On 2 occasions they left their toddler at the front of their house on a dog leg bend in Fell View which the yobs racing round do not slow down for:  the toddler with no footwear even and I was to see and either take a photo of child neglect/recklessly endangering life or, go and guide the toddler back to the door. Had I done that they’d have screamed I was “kidnapping” (given the McCann Freemason case and 2007 the Gestapo lunatic fringe have tried for YEARS to claim that events of Nov 07 at MY house were linked to the McCann case.)  In 2012 while I rented at 298 the Gestapo spent weeks with bogus headlines locally claim that someone in a camper van drove round Morecambe luring children with sweets. The Gestapo would sit parked at SUNNYSIDE CARAVAN PARK along Oxcliffe Rd and PRETEND they sought me inventing as fact that I had a camper van and that MY house on Sunnyside Lane was really the caravan site. But I don’t buy sweets, how could they claim I did? I used a shop on Yorkshire St Morecambe for sending faxes, the extended into a sweet shop so persons would stalk me when the Gestapo knew I headed there and the persons would spend quite considerable amounts of money on varieties of sweets as I sent my faxes thus to be proof I bought lots of sweets thus used them to lure children.) The taking of photos was to be a criminal offence and indeed they had the unemployed Mills of 20 Fell View liar at best claim FORMALLY in Nov. 2015 that I took photos of her and her children; see 20 Fell View and how Gestapo aid and abet their frauds. On one occasion they had sleazy postman watching to be a “witness”. On a 3rd occasion REID had their child about 4 playing by the kerb edge with the toddler as a desperate attempt to trap me. Failing that the Gestapo and their lowlife trolls just made it up that I took photos of children. In March 2016 they in 49 pretended briefly that I rented the caravan they have on their front and that their small white car PF12 RVW was used to drive me about. Mr seems to work occasionally but will sit in their car for lengths of time waiting for me to drive off in mine when he then sets off and pretends he drives “me” from 49. If all the people in Caton involved were put in a room their collective IQ would not make that of a cretin. The events at 49 being recorded in data and illegally seen the Gestapo set up a youth to walk out in front of my car, he from number 40 I think with his football (which always represents the murdered GARY SPEED) and hope to claim I raced round and had run into him. The child abuser from 23 was to be “witness” by being driven round in their small black car but they all got their timing wrong.
The rest of persons in odd numbered houses have been used in staging silly tableaux which I ignore and do not include them.
The even numbered houses sit along the opposite side of the playing area so face odd numbers but not evenly which is why gable end of 39 is right opposite me with 41 virtually opposite as from 41 and 30 Fell View are atop the section of road that snakes off away from the playing area.  The even numbers only go to 44.

Part 5  LA2 9RP serious org crime [other parts are below]

The women Curwen shared a pair of borrowed crutches: they were me “too disabled” to live in their house. On 8 and 9 May 2014 they swapped them about and claimed DWP monies with astonishingly the older Curwen after her fraud escorted back to Fell View using 2 Gestapo squad vehicles and the yellow Mini RX52 RYK to be the ambulance. They gathered at my gate for my return to pretend as I entered 28 it was proof one was me. I left them all standing at the gate and drove off again: they went to 24. Part of that was to invent an RTA to claim they were me and had my industrial injuries monies awarded to me in 2007, stolen from me, handed to Jackie Hunter (see 22 above) who spent it all posing as me renovating her self -made slum, found out as she had not worked for at least 30 years so we wondered how she could have industrial injuries. The CURWEN’s were to be me from MY house no. 23 of YEARS earlier (see 23 Fell View) with my injury then which was not RTA and I have never had an RTA, and the industrial injuries which is how they managed to renovate their self-made slum. The police have staged many RTA’s which are bogus and intended for me to see and think I did have one. I have photos of the embezzlement of public monies to use NHS and police time in FRAUD. 24 was left unoccupied so Curwen’s must be being paid to live elsewhere while Mr Curwen works on 24. He has spent almost 2 years so far. After the exposure of much DWP fraud in March 2015, and the thugs using 26 in thefts and fraud, the added exposure of the car looted from a murder victim YK02 VPF, 24 was used by others one being a driver found as he was an idiot and would remove his licence plate when told to do so to rewrite MD02 HGO thug of 26 Oct 2014 at 26 Fell View (see 41 also). His car being red and KS53 VLF was no coincidence; he had some auburn hair and he was chosen to pose as my son out with Jackson in 26 when she went out as me. Vehicles used at 24 have often been parked to be “farm” vehicles to make me think Fell View was Oxcliffe Rd see use of 20 Fell View. The women Curwen set traps for me using Jackson in 26 where they would, despite being “disabled”, run back and forth hoping their traps had been sprung. All included the idea I would steal something so they clearly judge me by their own standards. Twice the old troll was driving round to and from Caton in P108 OSF to be seen as me. They drove while being disabled. I have photos of them managing to do such a lot at 24 even though disabled.

Another car started to appear PF03 GYV which was used by at least 6 and among them, at least 2 pretended to be the older Curwen woman. 24 was thus seen to be “perfect” for what was planned for me and all linked to the old fraudster Curwen in flat 15 Penhale Gardens. Cars are not in short supply at 24; the latest is a red Honda SK05 LWN used from 7 April 2016 “coincidentally” among those plans to “see me off” from 29 Fell View. Mr Curwen did not work on 24 for long over that weekend: he drove off; I was still in residence at 28. That had not been part of the plan. Like Williams in 30, persons who claim to be me always get a new red car when I am to be seen off so that theirs becomes the one ‘small red’ on Fell View while it is expected that mine will “disappear”. On 4/9/15 I caught at 9 50pm a dark grey Rover parked on the yard of 24, going to see given the loft noises in my bungalow I found a yob lying across his front seats using the Internet on his phone. I took a photo which he saw and drove off fast: an hour later the Gestapo had dragged old Mr Curwen out of bed to drive to 24 in the Rover and PRETEND he had been there earlier when he had not. Mr Curwen was then to use that car for a few weeks to continue in the pretence that it had always been his car. Another vehicle is a small white van with a red bonnet MW55 ZTT which is an old game of trying to make white seem to be red and so on. 24 thus because of the name CURWEN and how far they were prepared to go in FRAUD and worse was a nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin. Intensive efforts to provoke me were made Bank Holiday early May 2016 to be 2014 again “rewritten”. I ignored them.

26 Fell View is AGNES JACKSON the surname to be DAVID JACKSON stalker, harasser and fraudster from 2012 and PATRICIA JACKSON from 2010. None is related: Jackson in a common surname locally. Jackson in 26 has an unemployed thug for a son who was to “replace” in my memory KENNETH NICHOL of 298 Oxcliffe Rd and, being unemployed was always available like Nichol was. Jackson has used other thugs to drive her about she posing as me and they posing in that as MY son. The use of ginger haired or auburn haired males such as driver of KS53 VLF was part of that fraud to try and make her seem to be me. Photos show the massive police in-put into covering for that old thief and worse. She was prepared to go to any lengths to pose as me including spending 3 days in a mental hospital as if she was me; how funny all involved thought that was. Kenneth Jackson has had 5 cars bought for him; at least have different drivers, one was bought extra to the 5 and that was a light sea green Rover, YR51 WRE to be Y96 OBU used by RYCROFT in flat 4 Penhale Gardens which car was driven about by 2 council staff to keep Rycroft seen to be me as she was “me” then and did not drive. The cars at 24 have been, extra to the Rover, YM55 TGK a black Audi on photos of who she claims was her older son who never called again after end April 2014 filmed running off with a TV they had installed to MY bungalow to have me charged with viewing without a licence. That car was replaced by a small black Mercedes, PK63 SFE. The cars used by K Jackson were a black Ford Y807 FHJ, a black Ka NK06 KXX, a black VW Y313 YEC, a red Ford R881 OEO, a silver Vauxhall PE03 DXS. A silver VW BORA was used by a thug posing as her son, MD02 HGO. Jackson has also used Jackson from 36 Fell View who has also posed as her son BUT he does not drive, see 36. But the ability to use 26 and 36 to muddy waters of investigation was “useful”. A red Vauxhall YH13 MXN was used on 27/8/14 when the Gestapo were found out having linked all kinds in 26 to me in 28: I had switched off my mains supply and found it cut off those in 26. K Jackson called for days at 12 30 night and 4 30 am to dismantle illegal equipment installed and why 28 was wanted for me. The Gestapo have used helicopters to aid and abet the old thief in 26, at least 6 squad vehicles and a red taxi were used on 31/12/14 for example to help her claim to be me posting mail. Red cars have been provided to drive her about so she could be me seen in a red car (cars extra to those at 31 and locally) see also 30 Fell View. Jackson suddenly acquired at least 8 new jackets when I moved to 28 as all who then claim to be me suddenly acquire many new items. Rycroft had acquired the same as had the landlady at 298 as had the looter of the dead on flat 5 Penhale Gardens.  One jacket Jackson had to acquire was a grey hoodie to be driven about in Y191 SLF with the hood up to seem to be me as the looter of the dead had done the same. Their grey hair suggests they are not me. See also 31 Fell View and 2 Copy Lane. Jackson was aided on 30/9/2015 and 2/10/15 by Gestapo to pretend she was 2 people and that she had in identical twin who was Carol Woods. Mrs Greenbank was to be forced out of 28 Fell View because a deluded old thief was prepared to do anything to ingratiate herself with the Gestapo and council. She is also a mail thief being heard by me taking recorded delivery items as if she was me with the aid of sleazy postman.  Jackson was also prepared to have local lowlife call to pretend to be “friends” which bogus friends called once for 5 minutes and never again. She has tried to dress to sound to be me and walk round Caton with a rucksack in her lunacy of thinking it was proof she was me. On 3 May 2016 for example, as she was not where I was in Lancaster, the Gestapo arranged for 2 old trolls of similar sounding description to be Jackson where I was thus proof she was me; one was to follow me into Lancaster library and use the copier as the Gestapo assumed I’d gone to do that when I had not, she was to screech at a young woman for no reason (this has been done before to make those screeching seem to be me in whatever guise they are presented for the occasion) then leave. At a call box I had used earlier they had one even more grotesque sitting, waiting for me to walk towards the box as I was passing at that point, she walked off and that apparently was proof Jackson had been at the cal box earlier as me as I had made a call from there. I have many examples of such embezzlement of public monies to find such trolls and pay them to act like demented old fools where I am where they are “lookalikes” of Jackson. Jackson of course is not the only thief and fraudsters “replicated”. Jarvis in 41 is when I she is to be “me” in her delusions, O’Conner in 39, Dalton in 45, Mills in 20, Hunter in 22 and so on not for getting JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View. Jackson is one to leave 26 slamming and banging doors and the gate to make it seem as if she out when she then sneaks in round by the rear with Williams out banging bins etc to make cover noise for her to then hide in 26. The motive is so that 26 and 30 at least can send texts and pretend one user is me in 28; see my Loft Noises doc. Jackson seen to be deranged was a certain nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin.

30 Fell View JUNE and KINGSLEY WILLIAMS aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods; they main bullies of Mrs Greenbank with 26, 32, and 41 especially. These 2 are insane. She with her thin dyed short grey hair dyed yellow tries to be me. In summer 2015 as photos of me with a sun hat were seen, she was told to dye just the front bit of her hair orange to be my fringe seen from under my hat. He is a bloated old fool who harassed trying to make it seem as if he was linked to me. The 2 of them recently (May 2016) with sleazy NHS pretend something else now. THE USE OF THOSE 2 IS BECAUSE THEY HAD A DAUGHTER CALLED CAROL, just the one child.  They have had various old trolls almost as old as they are (70’s) calling pretending to me (by shouting so I hear) that the caller is their daughter such as 20/4/14 MAZ 7675 and 6/5/16 white Audi PK14 NPA when those old thieves INTEND to claim that Williams are me and are selling MY house as they being “too disabled” to live in it. In May 2016 that was the role of sleazy NHS calling to 30 and claiming they were “disabled” so what? They’ve lived in 30 Fell View for almost 2 decades. They want that lowlife in 30 to be me with me as the daughter as if I am my daughter (one of them) as on 20/5/08 the lunatic police legal rep wrote about me, “She is her daughter”; I had become one of my daughters, which one he did not say but Williams were “chosen” as they are malicious, greedy, stupid, evil and have only 1 daughter so there would be no confusion. The fact that the old pair of thieves has a distant Manchester connection ensured Mrs Greenbank had another nail for her coffin.


JUNE WILLIAMS (see old fraudster in 17 Fell View JUNE CARRADICE used with 20 at least) flatters herself she could be me to the extent that she was prepared to go into HMYOI Lancaster Farms and pose as me to be a volunteer teacher. That found out quickly, she “resigned” on 18/5/14. She in that was another nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin. Imagine what sort would agree to do all that. Mrs Greenbank didn’t stand a chance being surrounded by such. MA15 ZXS silver Kia arrived for example prior to 10 30 am on 7/5/16 SATURDAY not a day for REAL “professionals” and the driver sneaked into 30 via the rear: that was after the attempts to use an old woman in the Audi on 6th May and after 20 May 2014 as above; the fraudsters in 30 pretend to be me having to sell MY house as “too disabled” to live in it; they have used many to do that including local unemployed yobs who pose as someone “official” and  mostly it is done by screeching. Apparently if I hear what is said it is related to me and “proof” it involved me. Williams I knew were to be the Caton version of RYCROFT from flat 4 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA; the same types of deluded old parasites who wanted to be “me” and in that using other even older parasitical thieves to aid and abet thus RYCROFT used CURWEN in flat 15 and Westwell in flat 2, Williams in 30 uses Lamb in 32 Fell View AND Carradice in 17 Fell View, but also Mills in 20 and Mills on 7 Leslie Ave. See why they were nails in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin. Mr Williams is a type such as DAVID BARRON 47 Fell View and WILLIAM BLEASDALE 2 Hall Drive off Fell View (see above) and as such Mrs Williams has gone out with Barron leaving Mr in 30 so he can prete3nd he is linked to me as if I am her. In that the pair in 30 pretended they each had an identical twin which twins were married to each other and that all 4 lived in 30 Fell View. For 7 April 2016 a ROBERT SANGSTER NHS tried to make an appointment to see me in 28 Fell View where he was to pretend he was in 30. The date was to “revise” 7/11/15 and events then unfolding which is what they all try collectively now to replicate as something else such as having the old fraudsters in 30 “rehoused” in “sheltered accommodation” which they may actually do on 1/7/16 to be my move to Penhale Gardens on 1/7/13 under duress. Williams will fit in well but someone will have to be bullied to death in the flats to get one vacant for Williams. To get flat 3 vacated for me (it had to be flat 3 which document is also drawn up as to why) such as RYCROFT, WESTWELL and others in flats bullied to death Mrs Margaret Porter and then looted her assets which is what happened to Mrs Greenbank and her “estate”. Williams will have spent monies which were not their own (they have had deliveries in MY name when he denies any deliveries which are seen on photos where he was then told to screech at me, “She me, show me” which I declined to do.) Rycroft spent Mrs Porter’s monies as if she was me aided by council providing Rycroft with a car and 2 drivers Y96 OBU a light aqua colour which is why Jackson in 26 and Williams in 30 both have to wear “aqua” garments from time to time when a “plan” in underway. I was said to be Mrs Porter’s daughter inheriting the flat while RYCROFT posed as me as if that was FACT. The council flats could not be inherited. I was then to be Mrs Greenbank’s daughter inheriting the bungalow 28 Fell View which also cannot be inherited. Then Williams posed with MARY LAMB (the Westwell of flat 2 using 32 Fell View) claiming they are mother and daughter when they are about 5 years difference in age apart. But see 20 Mills posing as daughter to Williams yet oddly, despite this serious “illness” and huge NHS “attention” the “daughter” from only a few doors down hasn’t called to 30. The cars bought for Williams as “me”: PK62 NXJ a dark grey Peugeot which car was registered in my name which she used to park at HMYOI when she posed as me. 
They bought that in fraud under the DWP scheme of “disabled” when that pair of old parasites and fraudsters are not disabled. They often had local yobs hide that car and others they then “acquired” to make me think they in 30 were out when they were not. They would use that time to make phone calls as if I made them. That car “disappeared” at Xmas 2014 in another plan where that pair of old thieves went away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods in a fraud planned with JARVIS in 41, she in 43 and PE08 ZRX driver, the car bought then for Williams was a silver Peugeot PX14 LRJ which licence plates have been rewritten using others to call at 41 and at 30 to try to confuse car details so fraudsters cannot be identified. The car was bought to cover for a murderous thief and more KENNETH NICHOL of caravan 2 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ with his silver Peugeot bought FOR him in Sept 2013 and a FRAUD, NL03 WKM. PK62 was returned when that “plan” failed (which was EXACTLY same as planned for 7/5/16) then Sept 2015 it “disappeared” again with a red Ford Fiesta being parked, PE64 OUG hired by Williams as if they were me. The car disappeared after I called to the garage and informed them what went on. PK62 was returned. By Nov 2015 amid more plans (from 7/11/15 which they try to re-enact 7/5/16 in lunacy) PK62 disappeared again and a red Peugeot PX15 KHW appeared. The “plan” failing, they then had their latest grey Peugeot bought for them, PJ65 WLL almost a personalised plate mingled with mine X165 YUB. The car found out in yet more FRAUD was not used until after another “plan” for 4/5 may 2016 had failed. The use of others; see their car plates and how they are found in great wasted police time to be those all mingled to confuse any investigation. On 7 April 2016 the “plan” with sleazy NHS failing in that I told them they would NOT call to me in 28, they acted out their fraud using 29 Fell View which I filmed. Now they try it on 7/5/16 and will be in 30 as if they are Mr and Mrs Carol Woods.

Williams are malicious and greedy, and she so grossly stupid she wants to ingratiate herself with Gestapo they did have a SKY system installed in Aug 2014 in my name which they pay for my direct debit in my name. They in that tiny one bed-roomed bungalow pretended that one pair lived in the bedroom and one pair lived in the sitting room thus 2 SKY installation were necessary. The council, after seeing Mrs Greenbank out of 28 did wire up my electrical power to 26 and 30 and pretended that 28 did not exist. Mr Williams I hear such as evening 6/5/16 testing the wall sockets as I often have my power off most of the day; they test the sockets to see if there is power and thus they can use the TV in the sitting room (party wall to me in 28); when it is not on they have to sit in their bedroom. The postal service 100% corrupt did deliver mail in MY name to that lowlife in 30 and such as my Duke’s Playhouse circulars as I have been a member for so long at the Duke’s they have me on their mailing list as Mrs. I cannot make a fuss about changing my title to Ms because that would take some explaining to do. Thus the Gestapo found lowlife in 30 to agree to take on that role so Mrs Greenbank, “in the way” had to go. 30 of course was seen to be “ideal” to muddy waters with flat 3 which was to muddy waters of investigation into a thug living in hiding in caravan 3 @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd who I found was also apparently provided by Gestapo as “Mr Carol Woods”. 

 One of the first things they in 30 did was to “water” my plants just then really taking shape end April 2014. By 1 May 2014 they were all dead; it had been weed killer poured on them as they in 30 are insanely jealous of anything I do. The council of course aid and abet by then writing to me saying that my plant pot in my garden was dangerous and 2 city councillors had been to look at it to see how dangerous it was: obviously those 2 were never identified. The Gestapo calling 4/5/14 to tell me not to take photos of the coming week where DWP frauds were planned using 24 and26 at least with same Gestapo used on 12 Aug 2014 when they from 30 and she with thug son from 26 were in MY rear garden, Gestapo at front trying to provoke by screeching, racing round wailing like Banshees as the 12th of Aug is a date they wish to “revise” as they try to “revise” 7/11/15 into 7/4/16 then 7/5/16.  On the 22nd of anything he from 30 would try to provoke by kicking my planted pots and standing at my rear door, then cutting my plants in my rear garden so that the 22nd of anything could lead to what is wanted to be “revised” on any 23rd after 23/10/08. They in 30 have had a key to my bungalow and did enter a number of times when I was out to pretend they lived in 28 as me. That I stopped so they would just sneak about and peer in through windows. All that of course was then used by the Gestapo and council thugs to claim I looked into their open doors of sheds and bungalows; how could I? I wasn’t here! The Gestapo have aided Williams in 30 at least twice by providing helicopters overhead to claim for example that they leaving open their shed door  and I had looked in which is a SERIOUS crime in Lancashire. They aided and abetted that old bullying lowlife on voting day May 2015 by using helicopter to pretend they saw her going to vote when she hid in 30 and I walked to vote; the MOTIVE was to claim it was PROOF she was me. There are hundreds more examples, most on camera and the use of those in 30, how they could be used and what repulsive people they are were the first nails for Mrs Greenbank’s coffin and this latest sleazy attempt to claim they are “victims” by pretending one at least is “ill” using more public monies from NHS and council sleazy (who have used 41 mostly see above) speaks volumes. Williams were also to use a dog in April 2016, they had used a tape of a dog barking in April 2014 to harass me as had Jackson in 26. The tape used a few times after that they then get a dog. The dog, just a stage prop, “disappeared” early May 2016.

32 Fell View a vacant old troll MARY LAMB who has a car in FRAUD a black Mitsubishi Colt, PF08 WDJ and she claimed I drove her about as she pretended to be my dead mother as WESTWELL had and as MARGARET MIDDLETON from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ had done. Lamb colludes and conspires with 41, 30, and 39 Copy Lane. Recently she involved 45 by pretending she shopped for DALTON as if DALTON was me. Lamb has allowed 32 to be used to hide sleazy “professionals” especially PE56 NXB and OEO8 AHK a dark grey Audi. She has no family but is yet another to have bogus “son” found for her. Poor Mrs Greenbank surrounded by such didn’t stand a chance.

34 Fell View has changed hands which happened when 39 Copy Lane was suddenly “vacated” and 33 still vacant but used in pretence to defraud, (as 37 had done in March 2015), a black Volvo is now at 34 which is used previously by an old male ‘Mr Carol Woods’ now a pair of younger persons and the obligatory dog as they want to be somehow HUNTER in 22 and 34 to be 34 Buckley St Shaw OL2 5DX house of thief and fraudster JACKIE HUNTER (see 22 Fell View). They in 34 are instructed as deluded fools by being told what to shout as if in “conversation” with each other but only when stood at the bottom of their garden which borders the bottom of my garden. For example the banalities were to try and rewrite events using the LOOTED greenhouse on Penhale Gardens, looted by RYCROFT and they being aided and abetted by PCSO DENNIS NELSON end 2013. They seem to be more unemployed.
36 Fell View was used a great deal and they with many gains which they have not paid for. The yob who was “boyfriend” of thief who was aided to run away from 37 Fell View was a JACKSON but not related. She in 26 did, with him posing as her son, claim to be me and he thus to be my son. He dark haired was to stand outside me in 28 using his phone to text (obviously voices would not be mine) and then shave his head as it was obvious I would not have a dark haired son. Jackson the deluded old thief pretends that her grey hair is mine gone grey. He “disappeared” after summer 2015; the troll from 37 was still used to drive to Caton in PN54 XJD a silver Peugeot and pretend she drove me until recent to typing this section on 7/5/16. One overweight troll in 36 was to stand in their rear garden which I can easily see from mine days after I moved into 28 and she with a bright T shirt was to stand and shout into a mobile phone with police helicopter overhead to confirm the “signal” was from me then in my rear garden working. That on photos shows what was where and who was doing what.

38 Fell View has been used a lot as the male is the brother to trolls MILLS. His forename is the same as our brother so another nail in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin in making the Mills trolls “me and my sister” with a “brother” in 38 not me in 28. They thought they were so clever arranging all that; poor Mrs Greenbank didn’t stand a chance. (See 20, 30, 17, 32 Fell View, 7 Leslie Ave because if Mills are me and my sister with he in 38 our brother and Williams is me as my sister and Lamb is our mother then they are all related to each other.)

40 – 44 not used much but 44 is GARNER so to be Peter Gardner of ORBIS house wrecker 08 (my house) and DIANE GARNER former friend bribed with a house move to DORSET to then pretend to be me then.  Garner a long standing friend of thief PATRICIA JACKSON of 8 DeVITRE St Lancaster which was why Jackson in 26 Fell View was to “replace” as well as David Jackson 28 Regent St Lancaster and then Jackson yob 36 Fell View to make 36 be 26 as 28 was to be 38. Poor Mrs Greenbank – she never stood a chance.

Items bought for those fraudsters involved: fencing using hire equipment 21,23,36,38, Agnes Jackson in 26 gained plants and to the extent that she couldn’t get in her front door the porch entry was so full. Planters, bench, top of the range gas barbeque, garden ornaments to the value of £20 EACH, at least 8 jackets, various other items of clothes all to try and sound to be dressed as she’d seen me. The cars for her unemployed son as above; various shopping trips as above. Undisclosed items from YODEL and plants throughout 2014 and 2015.                                                                                                                                   

Deliveries to 41 as routine, garden items, and grocery items,                                                                             
43 YODEL and ARGOS                                                                                                                                                         Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda to 22, 5, 12, 45, Fell View 2 Hall Drive 2 Milestone Place at least, YODEL and ARGOS to that last address also.                                                                                                                                   

Browns carpets and good furniture store to MILLS 7 Leslie Ave and others plus BIRDS same type firm,                       TV to 45 and 30. SKY at 30 and 12.  Garden bench at 30 and 32. Extension at 24, extension at 49, 44, “work done” at 29, 31, 18, 16, 14, 33, (even though empty), Deliveries RINGTON’s to 29, 31, 17 at least. 17 with many garden supplies and 15. Williams in 30 many plants which they don’t know the names of and call them all “flowers” trying to be me as qualified gardener. Garden ornaments at least £90.  

                                                                   Ironing boards, TV’s plural, cars, vans, white goods, and I guess that the dogs suddenly in many houses were not paid for by those short term “owners”, obviously all the vans used S R BROWN, DIAL A DOG WASH, ROGERSON and dozens of local firms used – someone paid them. The council or charity vehicles: International Aid Trust, Bulky Matters, those types of vehicles, on the road MUST have been paid for. The “professionals” such as PE08 ZRX and PE56 NXB and scores of others must have claimed travel expenses.

From the 21 April 16, newly uploaded today 20 May 16,
“One day of stalking to harass.
I, Ms Carol Woods, am going to start this document from approx. 6 30pm on 18/4/16 to show 24 hours of harassment. I have done this previously but not since 2011. In 2011 I stayed with my sister and we went out shopping. I said nothing to her about stalkers who harass. After a few days she said, “I’m sure we’re being followed”. I said “We are, ignore it”. After another couple of times going out she said she could not come out with me again, “It’s not directed against me but I can’t stand it” (as the harassment increased) she had said and did not come out with me again. I have photos of that time. On 18/4/16 after a day of entrapment and police stalking to harass and they using others to make it seem as if I committed a “crime” with much involving bogus phone calls where in that, via illegally installed devices in my loft, OTHERS use phones as if they are me, set the frauds and thus the traps. Whatever illegal equipment is installed it seems that signals from phones/Internet used are somehow gathered as if they emanate from my bungalow to be “proof” I use the phones/Internet. On 18th one usual horrendous old thief and worse JUNE WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View had been heard by me making a phone call from her bathroom. She is one deluded thief who thinks she can be me. Why does she call from her bathroom? Because that is party to my bathroom and how long does anyone spend in their bathroom as routine? Not long; thus she assumes that I am not in my bathroom so won’t hear and she believes that she can be me on her phone close to me in 28. I have asked the police to obtain her phone records and the records of those of others who do the same from their council properties. I asked again via email mid afternoon on 18/4/16. They ignore me. I have relied on public call boxes for YEARS. 
On 18th at 6pm I had parked at Lancaster University avoiding all earlier malicious entrapments and having photos of police wasting time hoping to manufacture “crime”. In the library I worked on my computer but did not use the scanner as intended; it grew late. They, as usual, sent in a half-brain, middle aged, they usually send them by taxi when it is seen where I am heading. Who pays for the taxis? He was to sit as close to me as possible passing many more comfortable sitting areas than where he chose, and pretended to read. I can smell these people; I ignored him. Earlier in the day, the police ILLEGALLY seeing what I wanted to print off for banks re FRAUD as filmed at 45 Fell View (associates of those in 26 and 30 gaining in FRAUD) on 17/4/16, sent in a troll behind me to the only place I can print from my USB, an Internet “cafe” so she was to print off and they were to claim that what she printed off was what I printed off; that is such an old trick I know it well so I printed nothing sending my document by email.  The stalker in the university library grew tired and swapped shifts with the opposite of him; a female, younger than he. She was to be the ‘Joanne Hall’ of Oldham who apparently is also “me”, a type used often. Like Hall, the female was not a student; she was the usual type used; vacant. She of course was in the library and I apparently was not. How can they think they will be able to say that? A “plan” to “see me off” waited for me back at Fell View.                   
I drive off about 8 35pm and arrive at 28 Fell View after police car and 2 NHS ambulances stalk to harass and actually commit a moving traffic offence to do that. At least one car arranged wasted time as I stopped for petrol; I was obviously not being driven by anyone anywhere. At Fell View I expected the usual harassment arranged with the bullying lowlife all taking part. There are always at least 5 houses and occupants involved when I leave to go out and then when I return. It seemed quiet as I drove towards Fell View and then saw the traps. A car used on 20/4/14, a dark grey Mazda MAZ 7675 was driven by an old doxy type and she went to 30 Fell View while I worked in my garden at 28. There was shouting of “Dad” etc making me believe she was their daughter when she was almost as old as they are; they are in their 70’s.  She was there with what I heard pretending they were me and she negotiated to sell MY HOUSE. Williams had been given ID in MY name (by police and council) and claimed they could sell MY HOUSE as being “too disabled” to live there. I took photos so that old thief can be identified. THIS IS THE DAWN MORROS FRAUDSTER WHO NOW CLAIMS WITH A JAMES RICHARD DUCKWORTH THAT THEY WERE APPOINTED AS TRUSTEES IN A BANKRUPTCY OF ME. DAWN MORRIS IS AT LEAST 8 OLD TROLLS WHILE DUCKWORTH NUMBERS AT LEAST 4. When I queried in 2013 with WREA GREEN Land Registry re the theft of my house in 08, if there was ONE “trustee” how were there so many others posing as him, I was told by CHERYL KAYE that Duckworth was dead but dead persons could be appointed by the Secretary of State and others could just then legally pose as him. We had a “Dawn Morris” and variations of her as well. Only a few days prior to 18/4/16 the Mazda car was used again for the first time from 20/4/14; then there were 2 old doxies but in 45 Fell View as DALTON, tenant of 45 also claims to be me able to sell MY house. I took photos. On 18th the car was parked by the dark grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL bought for WILLIAMS but as if they were me; that is the 5th car they have had in FRAUD and ID THEFT. Williams left open their curtains despite it being almost dark and they with all lights on: I was to be provoked and take a photo or at least go and take one of the car again. They then scream “harassment” of them by me! The police then race to Caton (already waiting) with sleazy NHS to pretend it was proof I was mentally ill so they could act out 7/8 Nov 2015 again which events went so wrong for them all.    Why did they think I would take a photo through their window? In my police document almost ready for HMIC I record 9/9/08 when thugs from Manchester swarmed to my house again with Lancaster police and tried to force their way in but failing so they took photos of the interior of my house through what windows they could access.  They are so deranged they think they can rewrite history and photos and reverse it. Thus I was to be accused of taking photos through a window.  Lancashire police pretend I also live in Manchester as well and on 7/11/15 I saw on their PNC my sister’s Manchester area address. They were also pretending again that I was my sister. They did not call to my sister’s house at any time or prior getting me out of bed on 7/11/15 to arrest me which was odd if they believed I was my sister and lived over 60 miles away from Caton. (I was arrested for lots of crime such as following someone to a local airport which someone they could not identify, the someone could not show proof I followed them, they could not name a date and the someone could not show they had business at an airport at all).  
The old fraudster MARY LAMB in 32 Fell View (these are not salt of the earth types – they bullied out the former tenant of 28 just because they could yet I guarantee that all would try to claim they were OAP’s, vulnerable and victims) has posed as being MY DEAD MOTHER (that is how “vulnerable” they are), one might ask how she, a total stranger, knows anything whatsoever about my mother or anything of my family? In that fraud, Lamb claimed that I drove her about in car bought for her in fraud, PF08 WDJ when she drives herself. Lamb and Williams have been out together posing as if me with my DEAD mother always in gain. Reported; it remains ignored. I suggest that the “son” on his push bike that Lamb was allocated only recently is a ‘bent copper’ so that I “forget” PCSO DENNIS NELSON on 5/9/13 with his push bike at flat 5 when I rented flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA pretending he met with her in flat 5, looter of the dead BUT as if she was me just having moved in. She had lived there many years but was then given a provisional driving licence IN MY NAME as the police do not want me to be me with my licence of YEARS. (Looter of the dead is in the Shipman policy I have uncovered in Lancashire with related “charities” laundering the “rewards”.)    
To make Lamb seem to be my dead mother they have just found the male to pose as her son who is too young to be her son which “mistake” the police make every single time: they are clueless about such details. I have a brother so our mother had a son: Lamb has no one. Why did they find her a “son” just to be at 32 Fell View at 8 45pm while the old driver of MAZ 7675 was at 30 when they have had no visitors except those sent in whatever fraud is in place? They expected me to take a photo so he could be the “independent witness”; it is a serious crime in Lancashire to take a photo of a car. The icing on their cake would be that their provocation of about 9 25pm led me to take a photo when I had ignored it all from parking up my car. They always try to provoke after all else fails so that I take a photo because I am not allowed to be provoked. The provocation involves many and almost always involves banging about at MY rear garden so that I go and see what damage they are causing this time. (They poured weed killer on my plants in 2014 weeks after I moved in, reported and I was told, “Your plants just haven’t settled in”.) Meanwhile, another troll had been driving behind me to then drive straight to the thieves in 29 Fell View as I also live there as well. I did take a photo of that car going to 29. 29 Fell View is nowhere near 28 given the lay-out of Fell View and 29 is a malicious harasser LENNON who has gained a great deal in theft and fraud by pretending she drives me about and has me living in her council house as a total stranger. Among all that I hear what I refer to as “loft noises” which are the illegal devices installed in my loft and they always indicate that someone not far away uses a phone or accesses Internet as if it is me. I have no Internet of my own: I can pick it up if I am in a WiFi cafe or register at Uni when I use their library. The “loft noises” often go on to about 1 am. As 99% are un- employed they keep late hours and stay in bed to early afternoon.   
YJ63 ZPN a small white van pretended he had moved me to 33 Fell View, an empty council house needed desperately to be covered now in found out fraud and all on camera from March 2014. Why small white van? Because after 2006 when EXTORTION was seen (something else Mike Todd GMP saw and another nail in his coffin) and it was known by the racketeers (Lancashire police and council) that I knew I was not bankrupt and had more than enough to show DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, FRAUD, FORGERY, EXTORTION, WITNESS INTIMIDATION etc the same racketeers sent thugs in small white vans to MY house to take my computer and files claiming them as “assets” in bankruptcy; they did not want anything else; they got nothing. The house theft and wrecking of and then looting was to try and “persuade” me to swap for my files. I chose to keep my files. BUT since then small white vans are used to harass and on at least one occasion in 2015 a police helicopter was used to hover over Fell View and confirm a thug in a small white van unloaded me and belongings to 29 Fell View council house of found out thief, stalker and harasser a Mrs LENNON. The police use themselves to “confirm” much. Small white van used on 9 April 2015 with 3 other vehicles all full of thugs, 7 30pm and I went into my front garden to work where they, all 4 vehicles had been hiding and converged on me with their phones taking photos, shouting abuse, threats to smash my windows and so on. That apparently for Lancs police is not worth noting. The constant threat of thugs and trolls to smash my windows is to make me “forget” the windows at MY house which a dead trustee, not appointed by a secretary of state in a non-existent bankruptcy aided by a bogus bailiff and various others duped ripped out the whole expensive double glazed windows at my house on 27 Oct 08 as part of the wrecking of my house. I thought that was odd if a trustee seized it on behalf of someone in a bankruptcy. Thus one van again at 33 to pretend some more.    
A larger white van was used from May 08 because police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY claimed by simply parking at MY gates at MY house that he owned my house. He had a white van, BV09 which is why vehicles are used with anything like that; MV04 was used to stalk on 18/4/16 for example. I am to see and forget originating events.               

At flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where I moved in on 1/7/13 the looter of the dead with the car YK02 VPF looted from one murdered lady, Mrs Margaret Porter flat 3 prior to me, did then take driving lessons as if she was me learning to drive. She had a sudden large disposable income having anything up to 4 lessons a week all with different driving schools. And all caught on camera. At 9 45am on 19/4/16, a driving school car parked outside me in 28, they have started that again as if I have just moved in to 28 Fell View again but they can’t decide whether it is 29, 33 or 28 or various others. That car drove off as I ignored it but it returned 15 minutes later. It is used often but never before in Caton. The driving school is RED. In recent days, much of the harassment has been by thugs in blue cars to make me think I was the looter of the dead in ROAD CRAFT TUITION blue “L” driver car he who knew the looter of the dead was not me, all their harassment is about “seeing is believing” as if I am an idiot. Thus the looter of the dead is now me again. BUT she has her doppelganger in 26 Fell View, AGNES JACKSON who has claimed a great deal IN MY NAME then with police assistance (plain clothes and PC liar ANDREW Massingham) claimed to be me as if I was her identical twin (30/9/15 and 2/10/15 e.g.). Jackson is one to admit herself in MY name to a local mental hospital on 4/5/6 July 2014 where they all found it clever and highly amusing. The attempt to rewrite that was in Massingham accusing me of following someone to a LOCAL airport when we haven’t one. I wondered why they insisted on using the word “local”. That was an arrestable offence; I know because I was arrested for “committing the offence”. We all now know about 7 Nov 2015 to late Feb 2016. Jackson’s identical twin is Ms Carol Woods incidentally; I am invented as Mrs Carole Woods who does not exist. Jackson has no twin. Why use “RED” L driving school?  So that it is my red car with sleazy NHS expected to tell me (in their collective efforts after 7/11/15) “No luvvie, you were learning to drive, you never had a red car”. BUT this; RED is/was a firm of solicitors who confirmed to me in writing that my case 2406569/01 in Manchester Employment Tribunals against Lancashire County Council Social Services had never been entered into the public register and was never legally heard. That is what LCC claim they bankrupted me on; the costs awarded when I won the case which was also seen by MIKE TODD. I had had then already driven to the public register and found that out: years later it still had not been entered. The PROOF of that is with me and safe: it was more nails in Mike Todd’s coffin.  
Approx. 10 40am and what is usual, a large white car drives up, hides out of sight in the favourite hiding place behind 31 Fell View, they pretend they have something to do with me then drive off. Often they park outside me, lie across their front seats to “hide”, make the car look empty and thus as outside me in 28 they pretend they are indoors with me. There are lots of good photos to show that. While that car is busy pretending, I have PE08 WNV arrive to park at 33 and pretend some more. That car (they must all be unemployed to be so available and for the MONTHS into YEARS the same trolls are used), a small red is be “carer and driver” of me to “confuse it” with my small red TOYOTA and the sleazy “professional” in PE08 ZRX who aided and abetted Jarvis in 41 to claim I lived in 41 for a year and that Jarvis drove me about, she in PE08 ZRX validating all that so Jarvis could be paid and run at least one bank account in FRAUD which “professional” then tried to do the same with Lamb to muddy waters of investigation. I have some fine photos of the fraudsters in 41 and PE08 ZRX and their “nice little earner” of “shopping” for “me” and keeping it for themselves. Thus PE08 WNV is used at 33 Fell View but sometimes at 31 depending on where they claim “I” live. At the same time a usual type of troll is sent to walk up and down aimlessly. They are often driven in to Caton, dropped off; they walk up and down and leave again. Mostly they have red jackets because the unbelievable truth is that they think wearing a red jacket is the same as being in a red car.      
Those dropped off vary; an old man in a wheelchair was dropped off at least 3 times to sit in his wheelchair outside me in 28 he with his red baseball cap to be “red hair” thus me as the Mr Carol Woods “they” are so desperate to invent (ref Mike Todd again) and the wheelchair to be “me” as “too disabled to live in my house”. All that “proven” because the police drive in, drop off and have sit outside 28 the disabled old man with his red baseball cap. I am reliably informed that many DWP claimants are used being told they will have their benefits cut if they do not comply. In and among all that I hear the loft noises; some “professionals” arrive and park elsewhere pretending that they receive a call from me “in distress” which they know it is not me so park and pretend such as Oct 2013, Jan 2014, 26/12/14, and many dates all with good photos including the latest of 15/4/16. Someone makes calls as if it is I.      
By noon the loft noises had continued, deliveries had been made to 45 again (they DALTON are also apparently me with the “proof” being that an associate of theirs WOODRUFF “Woodie” from 2 Fell View parks his red car DG51 WRL at 45 when they need him to) and DPD to 20. DPD are known fraudsters and know the deliveries made are theft. It was no coincidence, on 18/4/16, that police and YODEL with a small red car and 3 trolls waited to see me park in a spare slot which I realised was outside 28 DUMBARTON RD Lancaster miles from Caton and where I have never even thought I’d want to live; it is near the Catholic church which is involved in peripheral matters. I did not park outside 28 Dumbarton Rd but moved my car elsewhere. The “plan” to manufacture a “delivery crime” failed. (The routine is that those making the calls claim to be me but say I will be out so to deliver to other addresses. That is how they and their associates get the deliveries. I have photos of Yodel and DPD hiding parked behind 29 and 31 Fell View for example which are both well out of sight of me in 28, they see my car drive off, having been told to watch for it, then they creep from hiding and deliver. I have watched them hiding for anything up to 2 hours to do that. It is assumed I am blind as well as stupid. The trap at 28 Dumbarton Rd was to pretend I also lived there and placed orders from there with then my car supposedly parked outside as “proof” and of course the police just happening to drive by to confirm that, 3 “independent witnesses” and YODEL delivery van.)    
July 2015 and the lunatics with their “professionals” and the usual small white van but then it was one which had been used a few times by different drivers, KW02 UUM pretended I had moved to 28 Slyne Road which is miles away from anywhere but the lady there has a small red car which was “proof” she was me and she “disabled” at a “28” so irrefutable proof she, MARY RIGBY, was me to mesh me with Mary Lamb in 32 Fell View. The loft noises continued: why do they repeat their frauds day after day when they know they are on camera and found out? Because they all think they’re untouchable but they are only untouchable if no one will testify and I will. That then brings me to the rest of the harassment to manufacture “proof” I am not me and am someone who commits crime which is how, for example in 2010 the police could hide me in Styal prison (no judge or jury, no paperwork, no identifiable crime, no witnesses, no hearing, no solicitor etc) under at least 5 different names with 2 names used KIRSTY and KARLEY and they being trolls in 20 Fell View and, where was the delivery by DPD AGAIN? 20 Fell View. K and K are MILLS, sisters, high spending with large vehicles to accommodate their large selves yet not a day’s work in sight. Aside from all else, they all smoke like chimneys. I don’t smoke but the relevance is in an arrest of me where the police handed back to me, on release, my hand bag contents, they listed a “lighter”. I pointed out it was a large USB and the arrest? I was arrested for burgling my own house which anyone can see is lunacy so they decided that IF I had a lighter then I wasn’t me and changed the paperwork to show I was Mrs Carole Woods who seems to smoke. Thus those in 20, 26 and 30 Fell View who are “me” all smoke.  BUT they weren’t arrested for burgling MY house as if it was theirs.     
Going out 19th about 1 40pm there were at least 6 cars racing round taking what I refer to as “the long cut”. That means they drive away from the main roads to race along Fell View and then back to the main road: Fell View goes nowhere. At least 2 carried the brown noses types “professionals”. I noticed MILLS in 20 (who have had the caravan towed away which they had dumped on the front of 20 Fell View and claimed from June 2014 that I was their aunt and rented the caravan from them. They aided and abetted by council who PAID THEM RENT DIRECT for a squalid caravan with no windows. The police had also called to aid and abet using the car unmarked which they have used from 2012 to stalk me. PO60 JUW a Vauxhall on many photos.) a red Ka, R68 TLM and has been used with HUNTER in 22 from 2014 to pretend she drives me about in that as it is a “small red car” – the owner and usual driver is like the fraudster GARY FOXCROFT he of “Stepping Stones Nigeria – charity” fame. That was to be the “small red” along Fell View. PE08 had been alerted to drive away as soon as it was seen I had recorded her presence at 33. (Don’t ask me how it is known but it is to do with the illegal devices in my loft.) Racing to Caton just as I drove out was the Gestapo, sirens, lights and so forth. Along the main road to Lancaster I had a pair of brown noses thinking they were following me and a log delivery (not in progress – bogus) at a row of houses used often in having the persons there being driven about to be me and Mr Carol Woods being driven to other houses round Fell View to PRETEND they, as me, lived in other houses, no. 5 being one. The persons in 49 are being covered for with log deliveries as they claim I rent the caravan dumped on their front yard REID (as well) and MARSDEN of Devon with the promise of a passport for her criminal son TONY HALLIWELL on the run from Dubai authorities if his mother LESLEY MARSDEN managed to steal a certain document from me; she did not manage that theft.  What was all that to be part of?    
 The lunatics had shaken the kaleidoscope: they ILLEGALLY seeing what I scanned to save to USB on 18/4/16 which was THEIR attempt to resurrect the lady “conveniently dying” in 28 Fell View so it would be vacant for me in March 2014, when in May 2015 they re-added her name to the electoral register and removed my details which I proved. That is out of scope of this but that with my document as to how GMP are involved in my case they meshed that and assumed I was going to my sister’s in Shaw where they PLANNED to say I had burgled 28 Fell View and ran off leaving the lady of 2013 only now murdered! That of course is also within my whistle-blowing of 2001; a lady murdered in a burglary which I warned would happen. Why did they think I was going to take the M6 to the Manchester area? Why were the pair brown noses clearly “thrown” when I did not? I had said aloud for the benefit of the illegal listening device in my bungalow that I would go to my sister’s; it was a trap I set and they fell in. The persons used I say would, if collected in a room would not make one half cretin; I had them all in the room on 19th
Parking up, by then about 1 45pm, I had the usual driving about to pretend they had dropped me off, I had BLACK BOX computer van harassing because a decade earlier, I bought a computer from them and now we have to believe it is 2006 NOT 2016. I had an Argos delivery made to fresh air which was so silly even for them I took a photo. I ignored most and walked into Lancaster to make a phone call. In that I had the usual seedy solicitor walk up and down outside me in the call box with his file which is taken from a photo of mine in Kendal in Oct 2015 – an old trick where the sleazy pretend they have met with me.  Yobs were sent to bang on the call box casing and various said to be “me” such as thief PATRICIA JACKSON of 8 DeVITRE ST Lancaster to also walk up and down as I made my call to pretend she was me. They just walk up and down like idiots because they are told to. I am supposed to react where they can scream they are “harassed”. There were other events all linked to events of the last few days which I chose to ignore. A woman I was friendly with years ago, Cath or Kath, she bankrupt has posed as me a few times over years because she did owe money. The lunatics try to make this 2006 and claim she is me and she is bankrupted. I had not seen her for years: she was jealous of me to the point of insanity so I ceased being friends with her: I was her only friend. Getting to know her, I found out why she had no other friends.  Her hair is almost white now and she has put on a great deal of weight so the Mills women will look like her when they are older. Cath/Kath (also to be Cath. Smith on the scanned documents referred to as copied to USB) had been shopping. Notice how she was used later.    
The usual lowlife from earlier photos who I ignore now were used; the police had guaranteed I’d be away to see my sister and they could pretend it was 2006 not 2016 (I saw the film High Rise last week, that was not even thought of in 2006, not a film to recommend by the way) so had arranged for an old woman who has “problems” and walks about as if she is homeless BUT FROM KENDAL they had bused her into Lancaster and sent her to use the library as a visitor. From 2012 I used Kendal library to send emails, am not a ‘visitor’ in the library but a registered member. They have sent her in every time to harass and distract me; other users in Kendal library complain about her. I ignore her. The police send what I refer to as hermaphrodites, those who could be men or women and use such to rewrite photos of  them posting mail as if they are me (found stalking me in their cars, parking when I do and sneaking up behind me to post as I pass with me seen to be  “proof” I posted). Their use is because officer Tracey Kennedy, who poses as me, is a lesbian and, in the desperate attempt to make me possibly mistaken for a “Mr Carol Woods”. Kendal is an issue.  But I wasn’t miles away in the Manchester area so heard the exchange and saw it.                     

I went to develop a few photos and noticed an older woman who had been standing about then seemed to be following:
 I was not surprised to find she walked into Max Speilman “with me” and wanted photos: her name she shouted, REID. The name of those in 49 Fell View who claim they also drive me about. The motive was to suggest I was out with a REID thus PROOF they did drive me about. She in the shop was nothing like REID from 49 Fell View; but on paper, the lunatics would use it as “evidence” of anything they wanted. Old men with red baseball caps were flooding the town as per my comments about the old man left at my gate above, and back at my car, the usual taxi drove from hiding; he was driving me back to Caton and the usual yob in blue car T546 NEC but not the Mr Carol Woods in his bought for him blue car, yob from 31 Fell View with R945 KEC. The taxi was the WV09 ref HALLIDAY above and BV09 and car of 18th sent to harass. I, though, was just dropping off some shopping; who paid those 2 to harass? Walking back towards the town there was a behind my back FRAUD again: the CATH/KATH was walking to where she thought I’d have driven away in my car so “seen” and really thought she could be mistaken for me. She has never driven and never had a proper job; she has no children, has never been married so not really like me but more like those round Fell View.  A pair of half wits who pose as mother and daughter I ignored; they have been used on and off for about 2 years now so I have enough photos of those 2: they are to sit on the ground in all weathers and pretend to be me and a daughter. Then they walk to an NHS storage building and pretend some more. Going to use WiFI looking round I see no one who claims to be me so I must be me typing this. BUT the thief who lives in hiding in 43 Fell View claiming to be me and using the Internet as if she is me (caught red handed with photo recently) had a doppelganger waiting in case I went to use the WiFi link which I did. She did the usual of watching, sending the text and leaving whereby another who has been used to be me enters. This is another who bears a grudge because she tried to be a volunteer tutor at a place of work of mine 2001 – 2004 but was rejected. It was nothing to do with me as a lecturer but she holds any qualified staff member from that time as responsible. She was easily found and easily recruited: another deluded, bitter person who now thinks she’s important enough for “work” with status; MI5 she thinks. She is used from time to time and enjoys her stalking “role”.            
By 8pm I was back at my car but again, someone was sneaking up behind me using a phone to text. When I say “sneaking” I mean just that, they hide in doorways and round corners and creep as close behind me as they can so on-lookers would think they were with me. I’d had enough, “Can I help you?” I asked. She just melted away. Cars which had then appeared by my car were coincidentally almost the same as cars which have played significant parts from 2012. One I noted: Y69, it was not coincidence. See later. I did not head straight to Caton as expected but drove round the one-way system and saw a huge removal van WHITES which is mostly red, why was that parked out of sight at that time of night? Rear view mirror, I looked and saw he had driven in a circle and was right behind me: right ahead of me the police pulled out to be in front. An ASDA delivery van waited and he too joined the cavalcade. I was a car sandwich. It was not difficult to lose the police and Asda because of traffic lights but the huge wagon changed lanes when I did and followed me to an area of narrow residential streets which he must have found difficult to negotiate. Who moves at 8 15pm? Why Asda? Because every time the police pretend I have just moved again (I often move 3 or 4 times a week) the persons in houses who claim I have moved in with them always get an ASDA delivery presumably to cater for me the extra person. Thus those in 20, 22, 5, 23, and others who all claim I live there and move in regularly (without ever moving out) receive the Asda deliveries. I have been to Asda and spoken to management who know there is such a FRAUD but it continues. The intention had been to drive with me to Caton and claim I had just moved from my sister’s area. Why? It was the 19th. On 19 Oct 2012 my sister’s youngest daughter Joanne Hall did claim in Rochdale DWP to be me just moving to Oldham. Joanne was re-housed in that previously arranged FRAUD to make it look as if she was new the area. 19 Nov 2008 and ATLAS REMOVALS looted my house. Atlas was not used 19 April 2016 because I apparently was not moving to my sister’s area but from it. And all those who were out and about as “me” were to be “me” while I was someone else just moving. Had I gone to my sister’s, I would have been arrested as having driven to Caton to burgle 28 Fell View with the long deceased previous tenant said to be only then being deceased.  (In 2015 I had to get the Electoral Commission to intervene for me as I was again deprived of my right to vote being said by Lancashire police, not to exist.) Note the “burglary” is still what they want to rewrite after arresting me for burgling my own house. Joanne Hall burgled many properties years ago to fund her then class A drug habit.         
Thus I ended with just a huge removal van following me in an attempt to manufacture something from the day: taking side streets I avoided him, did what I wanted to do and then went to Sainsbury’s. I would hardly need to shop if I had had an Asda delivery. Half way back from Lancaster to Caton I pulled in and waited. Sure enough, many of the usual bullying harassers flew about in cars to pretend something. But I was parked up. Waiting at Fell View was the usual welcome committee so I drove to the next village and bought fish and chips. Finally by 9pm those in 45 had moved their base of operations to 2 Fell View and pretended I had just moved in there. The Y69 car? I had been right about that. It was parked later to hide and pretend it drove me. Why? 2013 into 2014 and Penhale Gardens flats LA3 2QA and flat 4 SHIRLEY RYCROFT was a “me” but did not drive. How could she be where I was then? Like Patricia Jackson and Agnes Jackson (not related) both “me” they are driven about and are for example; I go to a garden centre and they are then driven to visit the same one to claim that they being there are me. They are driven obviously after I had been, always within 24 hours. The car used to drive about RYCROFT in those frauds was Y96 OBU a car driven by 2 council staff taking part in FRAUD, ID THEFT and more so Y69 was to be seen where I was an said to be driving me about. Which is what the drive was trying to do; how much time was wasted in finding that car to be “mistaken” for Y96? Did the driver pay for her own petrol? This is more than a 24 hour slot. The Mr Carol Woods with his various vehicles usually KS53 VLF using the empty house 24 Fell View was sent for and arrived about 10pm. The loft noises started and I could still hear after 11pm.         
On 20th (20/4/14 and Williams in 30 Fell View posed as me to meet with old woman in MAZ 7675 trying to sell MY house) I was allowed mail. It was old, why did I get old mail? My mail is saved up to deliver to me when there is mail for me the police do not want me to have so they have to pretend I was delivered of it. How can they do that? They save up mail they will allow me to have then deliver that when other mail I am not have is to be delivered to others who claim to be me. The postman claims he delivered all to me and any passer-by would say they saw the postman at my address but of course they do not see what he delivers. To the end of 2015 they relied on delivering junk mail just to me when MY mail was going to 20, 26, 30, 41 at least. I added a note on my door NO JUNK MAIL. I had watched and saw only I ever got the junk when junk mail they are paid to deliver to all addresses 1p per address. Some junk mail being old I tracked down the supposed firm to be told it was old, they did not have their leaflets sent out as junk mail; the postmen were collecting store leaflets to save and deliver to me under guise of delivering me my mail. I have 3 fine pieces of evidence which the HQ Royal Mail seeing said they could do nothing because the related sorting office staff refused to cooperate. TREASON alive and well and sanctioned.                 
I also found that a YUB car was parked where the MAZ 7675 had been 2 years earlier: Mrs Williams had gone into 26 hiding with Mr banging and crashing bins so she could sneak off amid the noise (that is an old trick and has been done often by fraudsters who need to sneak about to hide an action). The yob who drives the YUB (X341 YUB) is used (unemployed so available) to drive about Williams’ car PJ65 WLL or whichever they 5 have had. He parks his, drives theirs to hide it somewhere so they seem to be out when they hide in 30 or 32 or 26 and use phones to be “me” (the loft noises) and claim their car not parked is PROOF they are out so cannot be using phones in the immediate area. There are various yobs who park their cars and hide Williams’ from 30 and Lamb’s from 32 to make it seem as if they are out when they are not.”

16 May 2016:

Harassment of Lancs W’blower continues:

“From Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.
“Dear Sirs I wish to inform all that yet again I use Max Speilman in Lancaster and find the usual shaved headed yob sent in to have a photo produced for a passport. That is not unusual you may think BUT given the data I intend to send out (this computer in Lancaster library blocks me from opening my USB although the USB is shown as being within its remit, this is why I cancelled my registration in 2012 as staff could not understand what was happening. It is police who spoil as much as they can for me, I reregistered only recently); the passport issue. I have sent out data about former friends from Nrth DEVON, LESLEY and DAVID MARSDEN promised a passport in Aug 2010 if they served me a serious detriment. It was wanted for Lesley’s younger son stuck in Singapore on the run from Dubai authorities. I know white haired old women are also aided in such a way in order to resurrect DEAD elderly murdered in the Lancashire Shipman policy. They ALL travel as if they are me as my dead mother. My mother dead well over 20 years was “resutrrected” late 2011 when I found all her death records at the crematorium where she was cremated had “disappeared” to the amazement of staff, her local main office also had no records of her death. They could not undertsand it as I have all the funeral arrrangements and bills etc. I rather think my sister and I and our brother would not invent our mother’s funeral. The yob with his passport photo rushing in after me (he had been seen stalking me round Lancaster as it was expected I would develop some photos as I often do) was the “type” used by police in serious organised crime such as in 45 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP DALTON and his associates all the same types all unemployed and all with good cars to race about. There is a thug used via 26 Fell View where his mother AGNES JACKSON lives (I rent 28 under duress) and he shaves his head as and when asked. There is at least one in 36 Fell view also called Jackson but no relation to Jackson in 26 but used to pose as her son when necessary in DWP fraud especially, there is one in 20 BLEASDALE also used in serious fraud and on-line shopping theft, and his father WIILIAM BLEASDALE of 2 Hall Drive Caton just off Fell View has with Agnes Jackson today, CLARKE from 23 another member of the organised criminals gone out to pretend that Jackson is me and they drive “me” out. This is gang stalking, gaslighhting and various shaved headed yobs were used yesterday to pretend they in 29 and 31 Fell View were linked to me in 28. 29 and 31 are used by various yobs who are all shaved headed, all unemployed, all with cars and all with lots of cash to pay for petrol to stalk me. They in fact are apparently “me” as MR CAROL WOODS one the police are desperate to invent. Thus, arranging a passport for a yob who pretends he is “with me” is no “big deal” (excuse the colloquialism). Why do they shave their heads? It is a “must”. Because I have strawberry blonde hair so it is unlikely that I would have a son with dark hair of any description. That is true, my son was not in any way dark as most of these are. And he has never been unemployed. How do I know all this? That is for the jury. meanwhile I have again alerted authorities and categorically state I have less than no intention of going anywhere for a passport to be used and there is no such person as Mr Carol Woods.
 Please note: “Mr Carol Woods” is invented for crucial documents to be “explained” which are MY documents, to aid that FRAUD on 7 Nov 2015 the police did arrest me, hide me in a cell for 15 hours but interviewed a yob as if he was me as Mr Carol Woods. I can prove that from formal records and I intend to send out that formal record but when I can access somewhere that allows my USB to open. The NHS are involved in that sleaze and corruption and INTENT TO HARM ME ultimately. That will also follow when I can access the ready typed data on my USB. Please bear with me: hampered by lack of resources and public facilities easily tampered with to spoil that for me. I also add that given the serious car issues (mine X165 YUB) and the use of taxis (data to be sent out) as if I order taxis and am driven about and do not have my car (many attempts to steal it from me) the tracking device again confirmed as being fixed to the ignition system as in my earlier car white POLO VW, K71 CEC, the police want me to be someone who does not drive to make the driver of my car a male. Thus today they had the usual taxi thug following (data on USB to send out later) and he knowing where I was with his passenger a local roughneck, she to alight as I parked my car and they to pretend she as me had used the taxi as if ordered by me. I took a photo of him hiding in a lane which lane is for walkers, AE05 WLJ so ask, who paid him for his “fare”? What phone was used to “pre-book”? CW

 Yours etc

Carol Woods Ms.”

1] “Police Lancs alter custody records Ms Carol Woods:

“I am Carol Woods Ms currently of 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP where I “live” under duress.  On 7 Nov 2015 I was “arrested” in a complete farce by PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM in 28 Fell View after he had knocked me up. The catalogue of “crimes” I apparently “committed” seems to have “disappeared” from the custody record which they certainly took their time in allowing me: almost 6 months in fact. My files are complete.    This document is the analysis of CUSTODY RECORD from Lancashire police which is the ONLY custody record I have ever had despite always asking; this only came to me AFTER a solicitor intervened and AFTER I had sent 2 faxes requesting it. These are highlights from that document.  (NB one ref no. from IPCC who intend to do nothing as usual 2016/064093 John Howarth)   (I have had at least 14 wrongful arrests and false imprisonments since Jan 2010. Why? To silence me as a whistle-blower, Lancashire social services and police in serious child abuse )and more.  
“Arrested at 9 40 on 7/11/2015” It was 8 35 am on 7/11/15. PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM 2675. They have altered the time as he had not arrested me legally.                         “Arrest for Harassment without violence. Detention is authorised and necessary to SECURE AND PRESERVE EVIDENCE. Arrest was lawful but there is insufficient evidence to charge at this stage”.

MASSINGHAM CLAIMS IN WRITING THAT I HARASSED AN 83 YEAR OLD LADY BUT REFUSED TO SAY WHO, HE CLAIMS I TOOK PHOTOS OF CHILDREN SO WHERE IS THE RECORD? HE CLAIMS THIEVES AND FRAUDSTERS IN 20 FELL VIEW REPORTED ME FOR TAKING PHOTOS OF THEM AND THEIR FAMILY, WHERE IS THE RECORD? My guess is that the 83 year old was ONE of the missing elderly vulnerable lone ladies I had reported as being bullied to death with no courts appointed to oversee their “estate” and their assets looted.  Massingham also records that one neighbour had an injunction against me not to write to her so as I had left a note I had broken an injunction. Where is that recorded? It isn’t. There was no such injunction but as ALL are included in FORMAL DOCUMENTS related we can see what liars we deal with. That is the typical Masonic reversal or “inversion” making fiction from fact. Massingham alters his statement later and drops these serious charges.  He also claimed that I was charged with “following someone to a local airport” when we have no local airport, he never identifies a “victim” – they are all vaguely “someone” when I name anyone I can. He could offer no proof that “someone” had business at any airport, local or otherwise, or that I was on CCTV as would be in any airport. He could not offer any proof that “someone” was on any airport CCTV BUT I could offer proof that BLEASDALE from 2 Hall Drive Caton stalked me along the motorway to pretend he drove me while AGNES JACKSON from 26 Fell View was busy posing as me “disabled” and needing a driver in a DWP medical. I obviously could prove I was flying out somewhere and needed an airport for that purpose. Massingham records that I followed “someone to Kendal” yet no one could show even a parking ticket to prove they were in Kendal when I was last there. All that I record, which Massingham claimed, is on formal documents. But he changes his statement after one for a tribunal was drawn up, where he INTENDED to produce all his “evidence” for a later event and actually arrived with his “file” which matter was cancelled “in the interests of justice” and then I was hurriedly “discharged” despite the “diagnoses” after almost 4 months of sleazy trying to find something wrong with me without success, that I had a brain tumor. I had been in Cygnet, Harrogate then Lancaster.
Massingham claims that it was a “planned effort” with mental health services so where is that recorded? It isn’t.  Massingham claims he sought me for 2 days but they could not find me. But I was in 28 Fell View all 5/11/15 and much of 6th. It took 10 hours to get an “emergency duty team” to the police station so where was the planning? They seem unable to “plan” anything at all.

Harassment legally “following a course of conduct” so, what was my “crime”? I sent a letter to a few of many harassers, DWP fraudsters, thieves, bullies who murdered their former victim, stalkers and informed them that I was informing DWP HMRC etc that they were nothing to do with me despite at least 6 SIX claiming they drove me about and at least 4 FOUR claiming I lived in their council houses with them and they “cared” for me. I did not get out all the letters I wanted to. The reader can see some “vctims” said to be “distressed” at receiving my notes. David Jackson 28 Regent St Lancaster, mid 70’s, stalker, forger of my signature for Lloyds bank fraud, old thief. Claims I put a note on his car windscreen: I did not: I posted it through his letter box. The Gestapo are trying to make me forget the notes they have had put on my car windscreen because they are an inconvenient fact as the Gestapo on 7 Nov 2015 had a plan to hope I could not drive again so that thieves and worse in 30 and 32 Fell View Caton WILLIAMS and LAMB respectively who both have cars bought in fraud via DWP schemes pose as me and MY DEAD MOTHER.  Clearly, the notes put on my car windscreen from YEARS ago to recent suggest I have been driving for years and were in places that thieves such as Williams and Lamb were not. Also, why would I need to be driven about by such as DAVID JACKSON when I have my own car?  Reported to police formally as stalker, harasser and with photographic proof but ignored. How does ONE note constitute harassment? Where is the “course of conduct”? Jackson only 1 from many who claim to drive me about as can be seen.   
                                                                                                                                                              William Bleasdale 2 Hall Drive Caton another stalker, almost as old as Jackson, who uses his car (he got a new car when this plan failed in the hope waters of investigation were muddied) to stalk and pretend he drives me about: on-line shop frauds SAINSBURY’s involved. How does one note constitute harassment? Reported formally to police for serious aiding and abetting of such as 20 Fell View MILLS and his son as partners who with police help did have a squalid, tiny caravan dumped on the front yard of that council house and claimed that I rented it as aunt to K MILLS partner of Bleasdale jnr with Bleasdale Jnr also driving me about in S30 GKS van which was replaced when Bleasdale snr’s car was replaced and for the same reasons. Hall Drive is near Fell View. Bleasdale did drive up and down motorways pretending he collected me from miles away to drop me off at 20 Fell View to rent that squalid caravan. All aided by police and council in FRAUD. They in 20 and their associates/relatives all involved in the same fraud and on-line shopping frauds did not get a letter. All reports ignored. Reported for stalking me down motorway pretending he drove me to LIVERPPOL airport Oct 2015, then trying to stalk me to Kendal: last used on 9/5/16. I posted my note through his letterbox. I would say he’s retired cop and Mason.                                                                                                                             

Huddleston 39 Copy Lane off Fell View retired cop; stalker and shop fraudster pretends to take me out shopping when he takes out others such as MARY LAMB 32 Fell View, MARGARET DALTON 45 Fell View, AGNES JACKSON 26 Fell View (no relation to David Jackson), to “shop” and use his vehicle. The plan failing he was moved out of 39 Copy Lane altogether. House still empty to date 14/5/16. Reported for stalking with good photos; ignored. How does one note constitute harassment? Mason I would bet.

29 Fell View  Ms LENNON unemployed who had from my moving into 28 Fell View in March 2014 pretended she drove me about, that I lived in 29, that it was a “hospital” attached to 31, stalked me to pretend she drove me and was generally a fraudster making false and fraudulent claims: reported – ignored. How does one note posted through letterbox constitute harassment? She is STILL used and by NHS who PRETEND I “live” there, have been “moved in” there and have been “removed” from there esp. 7/4/16. This thief used right to date. She also allows her yard to be used by other thugs to pretend by hiding in their cars and using their phones to place orders for goods on-line as MR CAROL WOODS which orders then are delivered to 29 and others such as 20, 22, 12, 17 etc. Reported but ignored.                                                                                        

31 Fell View house used by various unemployed yobs and lowlife with 3 in March 2014 – March 2015 pretending it with 29 was a “hospital” and dressing up in hairdresser overalls to pose as “staff”. Cars used by unemployed lowlife change often and ALL stalk, pose as MR CAROL WOODS and drive out for example AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View when they want to present her somewhere as me. Apparently A Jackson has an “identical twin” who is “me”. I left a note on one car I know to be used as I could not find the letter box. How does that constitute harassment? This house occupants often double up with those from 2 Copy Lane who also are used in 30 Fell View.                                                         

33 Fell View empty house BUT the pretence is that it is not empty and that I live there as MARGARET PECK who I have reported as having “disappeared”. This house is still empty but there have been attempts to pretend it was being moved into and out of. Car drivers (unemployed) arrive and park to pretend with BLUE BADGE HOLDERS pretending that they drive about the invisible occupant and stalk me pretending thus it is I they drive about. Reported a number of times and to Blue Badge Fraud Line; all ignored. One note in letter box; how does that constitute harassment? The time it took the “victims” to report their “distress” was weeks incidentally.                                                                                                     

41 Fell View SUZANNE and ANDREW JARVIS. One letter in letter box which they claimed they received days before it was written. And while they were on holiday so like at least one other recipient; they are clairvoyant or psychic. These 2 serious fraudsters with social services who claimed from my moving into 28 that I moved in with them and that they “cared for” me and drove me about with back up from sleazy “social workers” validating all the paperwork with MY signature forged stating that I agreed to have Jarvis as my carer and driver. At least 2 banks involved in fraud, theft and forgery. Prior to my letter the 2 deranged, deluded church goers claimed they were me as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods and BORROWED a younger troll to pose as their daughter to try and sound as if their family was mine. They have 3 young children, I have 4 adult children: they have used their children to harass me by sending them to shout at my gate and on my return parking my car etc to hope I am provoked to verbally chastise them so they can scream I am the “villain”. Mr Jarvis is one of 1% who seems to work although he has been paid to stay at home for MONTHS so she can be free to follow me in her car and pretend she drives me about. All reported, all ignored.

Those were the main ones. Others I intended to record as having nothing to do with me whatever their delusions, corruption, malice etc led them to want; I did not deal with all. The FORMAL RECORD “following (them), leaving notes on vehicles over period of time”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I asked to be questioned and to see a solicitor: I was told Massingham had gone out to collect “evidence”. Massingham is a murderer incidentally, causing death by dangerous driving.                                                                                                                                                                                   

I was not allowed to see a solicitor. I was not questioned yet the record shows I was well able to be questioned. Massingham was to whisper to me, “We gave you Tracey Kennedy’s rank and badge number didn’t we?” No, they had not: I have asked for YEARS without being told. Why? Because she only poses as police with their help.                                                                                                                                                                                   

10 20 am “The details (Carol Woods) checked on PNC” liars: I had seen PNC and it gave MY SISTER’s address miles away. I asked why they had her address and was told that she must have been arrested at that address. I asked if they thought our parents were so unimaginative that they called us both by the same Christian name then we both went on to marry men with the surname “Woods”. They were most unhappy; that is not recorded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

10 27: Detention authorised, “the detainee made no comment to the detention decision” was I given chance? Was it discussed with me? No.        

10 31 “Contact the solicitor call centre” why when they told me a solicitor waited to see me?                                                                                                                

10 34. “A new version of the detainee’s Risk Assessment has been created by Sgt 1867 PARR, The risk assessment is incomplete”. I thus wonder where the “old version” was/is.                                                                                                                                                                                                  10 34: “The detainee complied with the completion of a risk assessment”. Did I?                                                                                                                               

10 35: shows how efficient they are; in less time than 1 minute the Risk Assessment is completed.                                                                                          

10 36: Contact the solicitor call centre: I still was refused the chance to speak to one.                                                                                                                          

10 40: “PACE codes of practice out in cell”: I had asked for a copy and for pencil and paper to make notes.                                                                               

10 54: Apparently I “required an examination by a Health Care Professional”. “General advice”. Query MH issues. (See time passing.)                                                              1

2 54: “…….. drink in medical room” (that was a bribe to get me there), 2 bogus phone calls for Helme which she played along with.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

13 18: returned to cell.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

13 25: KAREN HELME advises she will be contacting MH Team for full MH Assessment. But I thought this was all “planned” so why was it not in readiness? Because it was not planned, it was Massingham as the liar he is.                                                                                                                                        

7 MINUTES which EXACTLY what I record in my original statement as to events: Helme asked me to say what jobs I had had since I blew the whistle so I told her generally what they had been: she said I only said I’d had the jobs I’d said I’d had thus was totally deluded and mentally ill needing a full assessment. And there we have it on police records.                                                                                                                                                   

15 44: Detainee reviewed by Inspector Tagg LIARS no one reviewed anything as per BROWNSMITH see later. “… not reminded of my rights” I had not been read my rights and had had to tell Massingham the dullard to arrest me properly and read me my rights. He thought it was all a joke as had Brownsmith.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

17 29: (see how the hours pass and this is “planned” and I am “ill” apparently) I am said to be frustrated, angry and aggressive in tone using abusive language and tone. Yes I asked why no one bothered from Nov 2004 and the first anonymous letter of threat I got with the promise of investigation at inspector and got nothing, and scores of such like since had brought nothing; I asked if I was the victim of hostile discrimination. They wanted me to pretend I was at a garden party!                                                                                                                                               

18 08: “warm meal and hot drink given”: meal? I think not. And I’d been arrested in 28 Fell View at 8 30 am so 10 hours without anything to eat? I asked why they had not been to my sister’s address if that was on their PNC which it was. I later asked my sister if anyone had been there asking for me; she told me no they had not. Thus we have Massingham and his “seeking me for 2 days” seen again to be lies.                            

19 24: Detainee claiming serious misconduct (the only way I could get them to allow me a solicitor which still failed as they just ignored me) Solicitor states she will speak to me AFTER MHT have deemed me fit. So, where were they? Notice how long it has been since Helme made her decision on a “chat” about jobs I had had – 6 HOURS.    

                                                                                                                                                                     20 18: Detainee complains not inspected after 6 hours: they claim TAGG did: I claim he is a liar if he/she claims they did as BROWNSMITH stated, he could not explain why the 6 hour review had not happened: we have liars and liars and all dropping each other in the mire.                        

22 14: (see passing of HOURS) Helme “the detainee is fit to interview”, “the detainee is fit to charge” so what changed her mind because HOURS earlier she deemed me as needing full MHA because I was “deluded” about jobs I said I had had. Helme then goes on to suggest she spoke to me AGAIN when she did not (all this is on CCTV footage of police station which I have already asked should be retained indefinitely) In fact in FORMAL documents for a tribunal LES MARSHALL is recorded as having spoken to me reinforced by Cygnet Harogate staff formal record 22 14: “New task contact appropriate adult”. But all this was planned as Massingham FORMALLY records which is meant to be seen by others in formal settings such as a tribunal: is he a perjurer?  Does it not seem contradictory see same minute and only seconds earlier?                                   

23 51 Detainee to Drs room with 3 persons; UNNAMED, who were they? Why were they not the local “emergency duty team”, not much of an emergency was it, see how the hours pass and the EDT is literally 5 minutes away from the police station. I made my enquiries about the EDT that night: they could have attended and arrived within 5 minutes so why did it take 10 HOURS to decided I needed an EDT and why did they comprise of lowlife IMPOSTORS from FLEETWOOD, LEYLAND and ACCRINGTON? How much did that cost the electorate on NHS budget?

Helme incidentally was written out of the script and her 7 minutes produced almost an A4 page of drivel seen by me and CYGNET HARROGATE staff then removed from the file and destroyed.  It referred solely to “delusions” about jobs I had said I had had. There was no other topic. 

                                                                                                                                                                                In fact in the time I was in the cell LES MARSHALL was interviewing a male as MR CAROL WOODS all on CCTV footage. They were transferring that male’s interviews to ME thus he did not have my jobs thus he was to be me “delusional” about having jobs I had had.
BUT see this “RETURNED TO CELL AT 23 45” 6 minutes before I even saw them: here we have falsification of police custody records in black and white and proven. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 00 08: Inspector Brownsmith review; reminded of my rights, completely insane record here: Explanation for detention grounds, INTERVIEW REQUIRED.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     01 21: Dp (me) has been Sectioned under Sec 2 MHA (by whom? There were no 2 doctors in Lancaster police station that night, there was one Banshee who knew nothing about how EDT’s worked, and the 2 posing as “doctors” were not who they claimed to be and I have all that in writing so, they can talk their way out of that.  See how the HOURS kept passing and I am “ill” and it was all “planned”.

And on 9 May 2016 posted 11 May 2016 to reach me 13 May 2016 amid plans to have thieves, bullies, fraudsters and worse in 30 Fell View Mr and Mrs K WILLIAMS out to pose as me going to Lancaster County Court (as they pose as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods aided by police and NHS) I receive a letter from OBE HEATHER TIERNEY-MOORE CE of Lancashire Health Trust saying that LES MARSHALL did not work for them and had not after 2013 so apparently I only THINK I see his name all over an apparent interview with me in Lancaster police station on 7/11/15. Thus we have another liar which we all knew she was anyway, committing herself to yet more lies.

The INTENTION of all events involving Moore’s libel and leading to 14th and 15th May 2016 is in a separate document but was ultimately to lead to a re-enactment of 15 May 2013 when the Gestapo called to 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ and pretended to look for a STEVE WILLIAMS who they further pretended was being hidden in my caravan which I then rented. Oddly while they called to others AFTER mine, walking right past mine which was the first on entry to the small site, they did not attempt to call on me. I took photos of that as well. STEVE WILLIAMS was a yob partner of a local thief the Gestapo claimed was my daughter because she had auburn hair as one of my daughters has. The use of WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View (see my document as to why the elderly lone tenant in 28 was bullied to death to get 28 available for me as all events using those in 30 Fell View were planned to establish a link to the name. They do not have a son incidentally.) Thus all the yobs sent to harass me (at least 6 on 14/5/16) and at least one in Lancaster Police station on 7 Nov 2015 being interviewed BY LES MARSHALL making him “Mr Carol Woods” to continue to invent such, explains why Cygnet of Harrogate refer to me in a report throughout as “he” and “his”.

The “explanation” given to me by yet more liars in Cygnet was that it was a standard form thus it was nothing untoward referring to me as HIS and HE. The report was a personal report and typed from beginning to end as a separate document. It also explained why staff in CYGNET JADE KAVANAGH did not record anything of a conversation she had, as I stood next to her, with my sister. Obviously, if I was not “me” then I would not have my sister. Lancashire Care Trust does not have my name on formal documents: they invented me as Mrs Carole Woods and ran 2 sets of records and yes, I can prove that as well. ONE motive to send NHS R. Sangster to speak to me was to hope I gave him my evidence so they could worm their way out of their FRAUD and attempt to murder me after kidnap. That is ALWAYS practice with corrupt agencies: any overseeing body insists the agency involved has had its internal investigation first where that takes all evidence from the complainant. They then manufacture, falsify records and lie to fob off the complainant and their accounts are ALWAYS held to be the FACTS. Not in my case they aren’t. I attach with this the final letter I took to Sangster taking a photo of the troll hiding in her dark blue car (such is significant as apparently I am driven about in AF07 XLL AND GN07 AHO cars from 29 Fell View and 41 Fell View which bullying liars, thieves and fraudsters LENNON and JARVIS resp. claim they drive me about and are paid in that. Persons of that calibre are another reason 28 Fell View was wanted for me) to then race away and pretend she had dropped me off. How had she hidden in her car? They all do the same: they lie across the front seats to make the car seem “empty”. How did they know to expect me? They waited for my response to Sangster and the illegal device on my car told the police where I was driving who then alerted their associates in NHS EAST BARN Lancaster. The illegal device was found on my car on 9 May 2016 exactly as I had seen it added Jan 2012. Meanwhile MORE PHOTOS all in that time frame of minutes show the fraudsters in T19 MAP hiding in NHS property near to EAST BARN ASHTON Rd Lancaster, where they pretended AGAIN I had met them there. Those fraudsters and that car heavily involved from 4/2/14 when they met with an old fraudster and all pretended she was me and was selling my house as “too disabled/ill” to live there. A jury will think it was rather too “convenient” for those fraudsters to be filmed by me hiding again on NHS property just when they knew I was expected to hand in my letter on 4/4/16 (see 4/2/14 transposed to be 4/4/16.)

To: LANCASHIRE CARE NHS Trust.                                                                                                                                                                                                Lancaster CMHT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        East Barn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Pathfinders Drive                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lancaster LA1 4JJ
2 April 2016.
From: Ms Carol Woods                                                                                                                                                                                                                        28 Fell View                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Caton LA2 9RP

Dear Mr Sangster,

I am in receipt of your letter 10 March 2016 which enclosed a self addressed envelope which, I confess, I have misplaced so cannot use it.
In regard to meeting me in 28 Fell View (or another place of my suggestion) I have to say I decline the invitation.
The reason to meet is said to “discuss my concerns” and “fully investigate” the complaints I have raised about the Trust and its employees. I see nothing to discuss and have submitted my comments which matters are with Care Quality Commission; your responses should be directed to CQC which responses you can make because you have my documents recording the serious complaints.
Within my complaints was, for example, exposing HILDE OLIVER to be a blatant liar and having the audacity to attend a meeting where I was a captive audience even after she knew I had formally complained about her. I see nothing to discuss; she is a liar.
I exposed JASON BLEZARD for worse: he rushing from Lancaster to Harrogate with a 2 page manufactured document to pretend Dr LINDA ASHWORTH had called to see me in October 2014 with another found out liar JO ATKINSON when Dr Buhagiar confirmed that Ms Ashworth had never called to see me. Despite that deception using an old woman to pose as Ms Ashworth, 2 council housing managers also attended to present that old woman to me as being a psychiatrist when they knew she was not. There is nothing to discuss about that harassment of me at 28 Fell View and Blezard with his intent to harm me by the production of such. His wasting time at public expense is a matter for the auditor, not me.
In regard to LES MARSHALL who seems to have been promoted and his perjury with MELANIE FORREST (2 in a conspiracy to harm me) I fail to see what there is to “discuss”. I intend pressing charges so my statement is not to be tainted with “discussion”. MARSHALL claiming he spoke to me in Lancaster police station on 7 Nov 2015 into 8 Nov 2015 when I have never met, seen, spoken to or had heard of him. No discussion is going to alter that fact. The implication from the documents used against me was that he spoke to me at great length, anywhere up to 2 hours in fact.
Melanie Forrest and her continued perjury within that is not a subject for “discussion” more especially as I now discover the direct links to wider issues of FRAUD and worse.
In regard to KAREN HELME she is clearly unfit for her post claiming that I was mentally ill and probably needed to be “sectioned” because I claimed to have jobs I had had which she claimed were “delusional”. I noticed that in my Section 7 Subject Access Request papers sent to me, her report has “disappeared”. There is nothing to “discuss” in relation to that wrongdoing of hers. I spoke to her for no longer than minutes.
In regard to LIZ BAINES of The Orchard claiming I declined to accept a copy report from her when I had no idea one existed and that the adding of a mobile phone number was to suggest I used a phone when I did not even have one. Someone provided that number and that seemed to be continued within your first letter to me which records how you tried to ring me. Your second letter did not address that.
The rest with CQC please deal with them direct: I have said all I have to say. I do not want to be harassed at my address: so cease and desist writing to me. I have no need or wish to meet anyone from NHS Trust.

Yours sincerely                                                                                                       

Carol Woods Ms cc CQC

Part 2 Cars used police led crime Lancs.:

“22 Fell View HUNTER’s. Blue Hyundai YD54 VYR then black VW  KW54 XDO. Also in times of fraud to pretend someone is dropped off there to “move in” FE11 OBN a dark blue Hyundai is used. R68 TLM a red Ka was used by Mrs Hunter to pretend she drove me about, that the driver drove her about, that the driver was linked to old fraudster in 17 Fell View being left parked outside to make on-lookers think it was linked to 17; it was not. At 12 57 on 30/4/16 when the pretence was that I had just moved to 22 again as HIS mother (then HERS) via a thief Mrs JACKIE HUNTER of Shaw OL2 5EX who does not even know them, TESCO made a delivery which they as thieves always receive when it is pretended I have just moved in. That accounts for some loft noises and was why 26 and 41 antics of early 30/4/16 were to make me feel I should go out so that theft and fraud could take place behind my back without me discovering.  3/11/15 amid much else PK12 VWV large white to be 3/11/11 again in Lewes but this driver MAY have been in 20. Mills in 20 and Hunter in 22 often work “together”.  LN51 a dark grey VW had been used at 22 to pretend they drove me as his mother about.  See 33 Fell view and how DK51 was used in same fraud. At this time Hunters were to stand in their rear yard, wait for me to go into my rear garden then shout “Neil Jasper” which was an event from 2007 and which, in the lunacy of plans then, I was to “forget” about and confuse it with such as HUNTERs in 22 shouting the name. May 2016 when others got their “new” cars as routine when found out, (see 23 and 31 for example) a new light blue small car appeared off Fell View YD54 YRM to rewrite the history of fraudsters and thieves Hunter from April 2014. THE TESCO LINK OF COURSE IS THE FRAUDSTER BLAIR AND HIS INVOLVEMENT IN MY OVERALL CASE. There is no Tesco local to the whole area of Lancaster and Morecambe. That illegally seen found more fraudsters sent to wait at 22 and pretend something had I gone out but I didn’t; they drove off at 5 32pm.
23 Fell View CLARKE SF62 LHJ a van type vehicle used mostly. A small black saloon MF55 MGE BUT Clarke in his child abuse was provided with a large white which was adapted to accommodate a wheelchair: GK15 UMV. Clarke was used for months to, for example, follow me if I walked to the local shop where he would pretend he drove me to and fro. There were many antics at his house which matched those of Jarvis in 41 and all at the same time. A “new” Peugeot seemed to be being used by Clarke on 7/5/16 SF64 HRU not dissimilar to BK53 EWE, PN06 XPY.
24 Fell View: P108 OSF red to confuse with P801 CRN of 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ, YJ03 UNV dark sea green estate to confuse with Y202 DNN of David Middleton of 298 LA3 3EJ and KU03 BYZ same type car again used by sleazy council staff who pretended by being parked outside me in flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA that they were IN my flat with me.  PF03 GYV dark blue, KS53 VLF dark red estate,  SN55 DGO Rover dark grey, driver caught by me lying across front seats using his phone to make it seem as I used a phone. Mr Curwen then got out of bed after 10 pm to drive it to 24 and pretend it was his car when it was not. MW55 ZTT small white van with red bonnet, latest car a dark reddy brown Honda SK05 LWN. A black small car used from time to time in odd circumstances I was sure was a recruited fraudster and found I was right: he was another from the mould of him in 30, 47 and Bleasdale, sent to pretend such a one was linked to 24 thus 24 was me as a Curwen: PJ54 OGV.  On 29/4/16 Mr Curwen of the “suddenly come into money” was dropped off at 24 by KS53 VLF driver to then be seen at 24 “working” but only my car in view thus somehow that apparently makes that fraudster linked to me. The driver of KS53 VLF has at least 3 times had person in the same car almost but black BD51 SXZ park at 24 and leave in KS53 VLF to be red changing to black in Masonic lunacy. See white van and red bonnet for same “theory”. The small red Honda SA55 XHD with “caller” never previously at 24 in usual Masonic “new friend” frauds was to be the small red Honda Curwen appeared in mid April SK05 LWN. Y243 MAE, 4 wheel drive was used a few times with the driver leaving it outside me in 28 but going to 24, 22, 20 and then I found it near Mills 7 Leslie Ave but it “disappeared” summer 2014. N225 PBC dark sea green Peugeot used to muddy waters with use of other dark sea green. DX53 KTO large Skoda, dark sea green he uses 24, 22 and 20 as and when necessary. On 15/7/15 (lots of 15th as another date to be “revised”) almost 11pm a large vehicle like the covered Mitsubishi used by fraudsters in 20 Fell View and 7 Leslie Ave MILLS arrived SC05 WMX.
25 and 27 Fell View ignored.
26 Fell View Agnes Jackson (AJ) and various thugs as “sons” when she has 2 sons both who look like her: one is late 40’s the other early 50’s: the younger one an unemployed fraudster. Their cars; black Audi YM55 TGK swapped end April 2014 for PK63 SFE small black Mercedes via older son. He was never seen again after being filmed running away with a TV set they had installed via 26 linked to me to have me charged with viewing without a licence. The younger son had a small black Ford Y807 FHJ which then “disappeared” to be seen by serious roughnecks, one to be “me” she with her dyed auburn hair. Those weeks of later spring 2014 were KENNETH JACKSON, (KJ) her younger son, trying to steal my car to be Mr Carol Woods. At Xmas 2014 he appeared in a black Ka NK06 KXX but it was not his: it belonged to a woman he seemed to associate with. She pretended then to be carer and driver of Agnes Jackson. They all pretended that AJ was one of 2 identical twins. NK06 KXX was driven by at least 3 drivers then disappeared. K J then appeared with a black VW, Y313 YEC which then disappeared and R881 OEO a red Ford appeared. That disappeared to have a light aqua Rover YR51 WRE driven by the woman linked to KJ where she would on Brookhouse Rd nowhere near Fell View unload shopping when told to which was when the Gestapo saw me at 28 unloading my shopping which was all meant to seem as if she had taken me shopping as if AJ was me. K J then appeared with a silver Vauxhall PE03 DXS. Bogus “sons”: one drove MD02 HGO a silver Bora which car I had seen stalking me even before I moved to Fell View; he, posing as son of AJ, was pretending she was me to make him my son. Both he and KJ pretended to live in 26 from time to time in various frauds. KS53 VLF same type of thug found but he to doss in empty 24 Fell View yet take out AJ as if she was me as if he was my son and he even borrowed 2 younger persons with auburn hair to take AJ shopping to have her seen out with a son and 2 younger persons to make him my son and MY 2 grand children with AJ posing as me. That driver uses 24 from time to time and pretends now not to know AJ. He using 24 poses as Mr Carol Woods. Jackson has been driven round in different red cars, total strangers, to show her “seen in a red car” thus me. On one occasion the Gestapo sent a helicopter to hover to see her alighting from a red MINI which they claimed was my daughter in law’s thus PROOF Jackson was me. My son and his family arrived unexpectedly not 5 minutes later: my daughter in law had not taken out AJ. The red Mini from Copy Lane was then replaced with a small black car of the “65” plate to be my X165 (YUB). Red Mini’s to recent are used by old doxies to drive behind me and pretend they drive me. OE55 UVO black was used at 26 on 2/4/14 just after I moved in to 28. Another pretending to be with me.
29 Fell View is used because the occupier is a Ms LENNON and was expected to be used as thief and worse from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ DIANE LENNON who with her blue Citroen Saxo X486 DDC did pose as me “disabled”, found out did on 12 Aug 2012 “run away” from 298 where she had never lived but called to steal mail addressed to me. She alerted by landlady would call, stay around for a couple of hours then leave. The Saxo was to be proof she lived there when it was left parked up and rarely moved which is how I found out about that LENNON. The LENNON in 29 Fell View is a singularly unattractive older type with a dark blue Ford AF07 XLL which she has used numerous times to pretend she drove me about (as well as all the others in this). For example she would be told to wait parked entry to Caton if I had been out for a day and drive into Caton behind me on my return and pretend she had been driving me and had collected me from that other place to live in her scruffy council house with her. Many delivery vans in known theft and frauds and cars have used 29 Fell View to hide in her yard area as I cannot see from my bungalow; they hide and pretend. CW55 AYM car of at least 3 drivers pretends the driver usually is a MR CAROL WOODS (see personalised number plates of 12 and 30), K60 MDY a dark red small saloon was used at 29 on 7 April 2016 to be 7 Nov 2015 with sleazy NHS hiding elsewhere, making notes to pretend they were at mine 28 (a trap that had failed so they used 29 instead), then they called to 29 and pretended they had been there, “assessed” someone (me) and removed them. I was behind them taking photos for that waste of public funds in lunacy. 29 is used as officer Tracey Kennedy lived in hiding in 29 Blades St Lancaster for years to 2008 to avoid debts and courts seeking her. The convenient facts of 29 Fell View and how that address and occupant could be used was seen by police who wished to get me into 28 and arranged for the previous tenant, an elderly lone lady to be bullied to death to make sure 28 was available for me.
30 Fell View Mr and Mrs K WILLIAMS aka Mr and Mrs Carol Woods in such lunacy as they pretended that they each had an identical twin and all 4 lived in the tiny one-bedroomed bungalow, no. 30. On 30/4/16 for example she pretended to be me at the rear of 30 with him and the old thief from 32 posing as his wife to be 30 and 32 BUT as if they were 28 and 30. That was to rewrite Mrs Williams posing as me to obtain voluntary work in HMYOI Lancaster Farms 2014 and found out. She tried to act that out again and hoped I’d take another photo so she could scream that I harassed them. I ignored them all. (See also 20/4/14 and 20/4/16 above intro.)The first car they were bought as if they were me was a dark grey Peugeot PK62 NXJ. I knew it was fraud as soon as I moved to 28 Fell View and informed the council that it had better not be anything to do with me. The fuss that that created I knew I was right. At Xmas 2014 they were bought a replacement; a silver Peugeot PX14 LRJ to be one murderous thief KENNETH NICHOL bought a silver Peugeot at 298 Oxcliffe Rd (see that entry) linked to me so they in 30 had to have one the same to claim to be me “seen in a silver Peugeot”. PK62 NXJ was returned after that FRAUD not paid for by them was exposed with photos taken. They then had a red Ford Fiesta PE64 OUG in Sept 2015 again in MY name which “disappeared” after I went to the garage involved with photos. Meanwhile the Masonic element had sent to 30 a couple with a large red car to take out Williams she with a new red coat to be seen in a red car thus proof they were me. The driver was sent back a 2nd time but his lady friend did not accompany him: he looked unhappy at having to be with Williams; he dropped them off after only 20 minutes driving them about. His car has clear licence plate. In among that they had an old doxy in a dark grey Mazda MAZ 7675 they claimed was their “daughter” almost as old as they are and she dealt with them as if they could sell MY house as me. PK62 NXJ was returned again to 30 but later was replaced by 3/11/15 with PX15 KHW a red Peugeot. BUT plans then to “see me off” failing they were mid Nov bought a silver grey Peugeot PJ65 WLL to be MY car X165 and almost personalised like ELY in 12 Fell View. That car as usual was moved by yobs using 45 Fell View and hidden to make me think Williams were out when they hid in 30 and used phones as if me claiming that as they were out then it had to be in 28. That found out AGAIN PJ65 WLL has not moved for weeks to date 2/5/16. Currently I have reason to believe that sleazy NHS will try to claim one in 30 is disabled and to hope I “disappear” again so that they can replace PJ65 WLL with yet another car but one in their name with supposedly bona fide “disabled” status to hide their FRAUD.
31 Fell View Is the same as 29, used by thugs and old doxies to hide cars and pretend BUT it is also used by unemployed locals who with the 2 houses together did pretend it was a hospital from March 2014 to found out a year later with much NHS in put to pretend 2 scruffy council houses were really one NHS hospital. “Staff” were lowlife using hairdresser overalls to pose as “nursing staff”. There are photos. Apparently, I lived there in hiding as it was a secure hospital. 3 cars were used at first; they usually drove about AGNES JACKSON from 26 when they wanted her to be me and would assist her posting mail as if she was me as well. CATHERINE ROWBOTTOM with links to 2 Copy Lane (see how “2” crops up again) with ML53 TWJ then in March 2015 when all found out that becomes a small blue car, S77 VAT. BK53 EWE a large bronze Citroen (?) which was used because of the frauds using the same type of vehicle PJ11 PPX which was a Renault. (See also 5 Fell View.) The main troll in 31 is a HEATHER with a foreign surname, double barrelled to make me “forget” Heather Tierney Moore corrupt NHS Chief Executive and HEATHER (Wing) corrupt chairman GSCC relevant years incl. 2005. Various yobs use 31 a large red Vauxhall VN53 APY was used for over a year then he “disappeared” to be replaced by yob in cobalt blue R945 KEC  after one lout used a small red R629 MUY both at 31 and at 45 Fell View. He did not stay too long. A bald headed old man now also uses Y191 SLF a small red Nissan when a local troll used it to drive about Jackson from 26 where Jackson, in her 70’s was to wear a grey hoodie with the hood up and hopefully be mistaken as me “seen” in the SMALL RED car. That car only appeared summer 2015. The object of all that was to be R205 XRJ red Toyota Starlet bought for officer Tracey Kennedy when it was seen I had my X165 YUB car red Toyota Yaris; Kennedy was bought the Starlet to park outside my house and pretend it was proof she was me inside. Kennedy did not drive. That car was passed to a seedy old man who I found driving round behind me he told by police where to find me in traffic and he was to be MR CAROL WOODS. Last seen 29/4/16. CW55 AYM also uses 31 as well as 29. This house has been used with 29 for the parking of a silver Honda, LT59 FGN the car of a pair of truly gormless “professionals” sent to hide their car and then to walk about, one with a dog and one waving a bit of paper outside me in 28 pretending that they have just had to remove a dog from its owner as its owner needs to be taken away. Given they have done that at least 4 times with the same dog, we have to wonder how many “cared for with dogs” are hidden away in 29 and/or 31 Fell View. In fact they rare being paid to drive all this way, claim their travel and time and walk their own dog. That is all on photos. The last time they were photographed doing just that again was 3/11/15 with the “plan” of lunacy under way for 7/11/15 with the 3rd of any month to be used after 3/11/11 plans went “wrong”. See also of this date 3/11/5 at 22 Fell View and those thieves and fraudsters. SD58 TWJ pretended to drop me off at 31 on 15/9/15. See similarities with ML53 TWJ. PL07 ZRR a small black appeared at 31 May 2016. The blue R945 KEC seemed to have “disappeared”.
32 Fell View  Mary Lamb, malicious old fraudster poising as my dead mother with a car provided black Mitsubishi Colt PF08 WDJ which she claimed she had for someone to driver her about when I found she drover herself after months of wondering and reporting the car as “suspicious”. She had links with stolen mail to 28 Quernmore Rd before I had moved in but only called to decorate. That link was reversed in March 2016 to be 32 Quernmore Rd and 28 Fell View – me. Lamb found out had not used the car for months and had, after those months moved it, I saw someone probably Williams had painted over the “2” in “32” its parking space to make it “3” the old fraudster was pretending she was from flat 3 Penhale Gardens. The car was moved to make me think she was out when she was not like Williams in 30. Yobs would arrive at 45 and drive both cars from 32 and 30 out to make it look as if they were out when they hid often in each others’ bungalows. I then saw O’Conner driving the car, Jarvis, Lamb herself and then Lamb pretended she went shopping for Dalton in 45. In that she was provided with a bogus “son” to help her be my dead mother who had a son, my brother. Lamb has had 32 used by sleazy hiding to pretend they were linked to me such as OEO8 AHF as filmed. See also 39 Fell View. Lamb and Williams have gone out as mother and daughter to be my mother out with my sister as if Williams was my sister.”

“Part 3 cars used Lancs police led crime:

“33 Fell View empty house BUT with the pretence from many that a MARGARET PECK lives there. There is a caravan in the rear garden which caravans are used to pretend persons live there and monies are claimed in FRAUD. DK51 HVL roughneck, she was one of a couple then from mid May 2014 used alone and driving with blue badge fraud found out and filmed; bank frauds conducted, filmed and all aided and abetted by police as all are round Fell View and other places. PE08 WMV small red Fiat uses 33 to pretend she is “carer” and “driver” of invisible person to be PE08 ZRX at 41 Fell View. BD56 VDL black 4 wheel drive used often pretends is meeting me, always tipped off after I take photo so drives away. NHS “crisis team” sleazy have raced to 33 as have ambulances to PRETEND when there was no one there. Photos. PJ62 FGE small red Vauxhall used also to replace PE08 from time to time. BF02 YKD silver with blue stripe, lowlife posing as G4S pretends drop me off; they used a number of times from autumn 2015 especially. HY55 GXZ a large black BMW is used often by a ‘park and hide’ thug to pretend something.
34 Fell View yet another to change over when they thought they’d “seen me off” now a black Volvo YH08 KDK.
35 Fell View PF05 KDX a pair of old fools who think MI5 have finally recruited them. They are used to drive about with a 3rd old fool and PRETEND the 3rd person is “me” moving to 33 Fell View the empty house used much in FRAUD. The old man who looks to be in his 80’s has waited sitting in the blue Honda so he can drive out of 35 when I drive off from 28 to “prove” some link to me. Cars used at 33 particularly have been used at 35 as 33 being empty the thugs need to pretend they are at a house inhabited. This pair of old fools are to rewrite same types in flat 1 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA in their blue Ford used in exactly same way. DE06 APF 9pm for example on 6/8/15 I take a photo and they are tipped off (in empty house) and rush off (after using computer as if me).
36 Fell View  I found the occupants were Jackson and the yob seemed to be “partner” of thief in 37. He was used, after he shaved his head of dark hair, with Jackson from 26 to go out as “mother and son” (me and my son which he had to shave his head for as it is obvious I’d never have a haired son). The MOTIVE was always fraud. He was to stand outside me in 28 and use his phone TEXTS only and pretend he contacted me to make arrangements for their next fraud planned. It seems sleazy NHS who added a mobile number to my records which I saw in late Jan 2016 were trying to establish as fact I had and used a mobile phone. It was deleted from my records, re-added, deleted, re-added and so on. The yob “disappeared” after 2 more occasions if harassment in Caton when others took over 36. His name Jackson was coincidentally same as 26 which was another reason Mrs Greenbank from 28 was to be rid off so I could have 28.
37 Fell View house of ethnic minority woman and son about 10, single parent no work but high standard of living with lots deliveries and able to run a car, buy petrol to use to stalk and March 2015 found to have been claiming to be my daughter and that I lived with and was driven about by her.  Police arranged for her mid-night move when found out. Late 2015 and spring 2016 at times of other “plans” to “see me off” that troll has been used to drive round Caton (at whose expense?) and pretend. Always on photos: silver Peugeot: PN54 XJD. Other cars took over when she “disappeared” in March 2015; SL54 EZE, X168 HLH white Toyota on 14/9/15. On 15/5/16 I added to this document a small black Fords ST04 FWK seen at 37 a number of times and given the lunacy of 15/5/16 (all in other documents) we appear to be using black cars now.
38 Fell View has been used often for shouting and for thugs to use where they would shout to pretend something. Cars change at rapid rates in those few houses. The tenant is brother to MILLS in 20 also called Stephen which is why they pretend he is linked to me as my brother.
39 Fell View O’Conner a woman with an older sister to be me and my sister (see also 30) both with bleached hair which seems to be a favourite with the police who are desperate to invent a “3 some” to cover for false court documents issued to me in 2008. See CURWEN in 24 Fell View also. Mr O’Conner has a large red DG04 URX but then a 4 wheel drive dark green Toyota started to appear with at least 3 drivers: R208 MKN to be R205 XRJ outside my house, the red Starlet. The added dogs with the original driver of R208 MKN was a bonus as many who claim to be me having gained much in fraud have had dogs: it was to be a “me” with a Toyota plus dogs. That driver I found lived miles from Caton along Halton Rd Lancaster and on a date after yet another “plan to see me off” had failed I found O’Conner 8/3/16 with DG04 at that house with yet another delivery from Masonic firm, furnishers BROWNs who have delivered to others who have pretended that it is I moving into somewhere or with someone such as MILLS 7 Leslie Ave Caton. (See 20 Fell View.) They have links to Dalton in 45. Then a Toyota V23 MAJ blue started to arrive which would be driven off when I took a photo with the driver lying across the front seats, it was end 2015 found parked behind shrubs in garden area of 39. V24 MAJ a silver Toyota was also used in and between to muddy waters of which car was which. They were the same models. L7 DGG sleazy NHS and Masonic contacts used Mrs O’Conner the younger of the 2 women to pretend they drove them from an NHS establishment. See also 41 Fell View. S412 KHG was used at 39 and at 45 from mid May 2015 onwards. Those at 45 were usually found at 39 Copy Lane as well. PF03 JZW 10/9/15, OEO8 AHF dark grey Audi was used at 39 and at 32, hider, “professional” pretends in fraud.
40 I ignore; not used much.
41 Fell View serious thieves and fraudsters SUZANNE and ANDREW JARVIS who claimed I lived in 41 with them and they drove me about for a year until I exposed them when  she pretended to be me and continued to do that until mid April still taking mail intended for me. They with 3 young children, to be me with 4 had a gormless troll planted in 41 who was to be their eldest, a daughter about 20 years older than their eldest child! They have had reprobates sneak into 41 to pretend to live there as Mr Carol Woods (as has 5 and 23 at least) and a number of old trolls with dyed yellow/ orange hair she wanted to say was me. Church goers, she told me she couldn’t even tell a white lie. They have also used their children to harass and try to provoke me so they could scream I was harassing them. Her vehicle GN07 AHO a large dark blue Ford; she does not work and seems not to have for a long time. In March 2016 I found she was found “work” at Lancaster University as unskilled in my name. His small white van is V004 NVZ and he has countless weeks off work when the police have another “plan” to see me off by entrapment which involves that pair of thieves and worse. Mr Jarvis is one of about 1% round the whole area of Fell View and off-shoots who does work, at least from time to time. How did they manage to claim monies in fraud for so long? PE08 ZRX red Citroen Zsara “professional” would call regularly and had set up false bank accounts to validate the FRAUD that Jarvis had a person (me) in their small council house as a total stranger. PE56 NXB blue Hyundai another sleazy “professional” did the same and both also at 32. But others filled the gaps, Y486 AAS was a dark blue VW with driver, a total stranger sent to pretend at 41 he with 3 dogs trying to be the “me with a dog link”.                                                                                                                                                   W688 HSO black BMW parks outside me but goes to 41 pretends he meets with me. PJ62 OGS a dark grey Mazda was another to use 41 but pretend she was with me. PJ07 OFG red Peugeot used in fraud, L7 DGG was used to drive about Jarvis and pretend Jan 2015 that she was me returning from a mental hospital which the driver went on to do with O’Conner and one I found hiding by lying across his front seats a few times. Mrs Jarvis and the driver caught out Jan 2015 she had to hide in hedging by 39 and pretend she was not there. MV57 CFE black Seat, rough looking troll sent always when a panic was on such as Oct 2014 when Jarvis went away for holiday and “forgot” to take their invisible “cared for” with them. This troll was sent after I pointed that out after they had been gone about 3 days: she was to pretend she called ONCE to see to the invisible person. This troll was used a few times in such “emergencies”. KH52 WZC was a red Ford used by what can best be described as lunatics. One was then used on loan to Jarvis to be the 4th “child” and after all that Mrs Jarvis claimed she had no idea to whom the car belonged. I had to remind her it belonged to one of hers.  NL11 USV arrived at 41, white saloon, a big mouth after events linked to fraud using Williams in 30: Jarvis and Williams with their big mouths often shouted nonsense to make me think something they said was true when I know they are a pair of bullying liars at best. Many “11” vehicles are used because of the found out fraud of Aug. 2013 at Penhale Gardens see nos 5, 22 and 31 Fell View.  LD53 TPY on 21 9 15 in the plan of that time and the van of the charity International Aid Trust called to 41 a few times as he’d been stalking me and it took me a while to work out that he was supposed to be Atlantic Children’s Trust part of the FRAUD in my whistle-blowing. They were trying to give Jarvis my experiences! PL03 WCZ or X was used in the plan of that time 17/5/15 as the 17th is a date of any month any year to be used in lunacy to be 17 Feb 2004 again. GL14 LRJ is a classic example of police aiding and abetting the fraudsters 21/10/15 (another date like 17th of anything) the car arrives at 41 with a big mouth troll shouting about nothing BUT ostensibly pretend to be linking to children. She had never previously been nor called again (to date 2/5/16 so it will be interesting to see if she is sent again as the yellow Mini used in May 2014 was sent to 24 again on 30/4/16 after I recorded its use in FRAUD), that was because I had recorded the fraudsters in 30 for use of car PX14 LRJ (see 30 Fell View) so I was to be “mistaken” which car was which.
43 Fell View PAUL HICKS who I guess is police or prison service with a woman who poses as me and has been caught out red-handed in serious computer misuse and shop frauds.  He of course is to be “Paul Hitchman” bogus prison officer from 2011 see above Lewes AND Andrew Chambers of 7 – 9 Swan St Longtown Sept 2009 to Nov 2009 possibly also police supposed “lodger” where I rented a room. The idea of linking 29 and 31 as ONE property came from the 7 – 9 Swan St where 2 private dwelling terraced houses had been knocked into one. MV03 CYX silver changed for PL06 ZWH Honda and YP06 UGH used by her. Shopping and delivery frauds in evidence.
44 Fell View GARNER seem not to get involved too much so I exclude them.
45 Fell View MARGARET DALTON and yob unemployed son with various unemployed thugs who all have good cars. She is one to dye her thin straggly horrible hair red to be me. She is used because of her name and links to MY work from 2001 – 2004 incl. A 4 wheel drive black drives her to 45 about once every month to claim she as me has just moved in there: MK57 WAJ. Y211 AAO from 39 Copy Lane was used for months in frauds and see 39 Copy Lane for how cars transfer from 39 Copy Lane to 45 Fell View one minute’s walk away.R48 GMA dark green, KS53 YBD red Peugeot, YU02 ETO black Audi DE61 DBO red Audi replaces YU02, X341 YBV dark green VW see also 30 and 2 Fell View. DG51 WRL red Peugeot, PL02 THK light blue Ford. KH52 WZC see also 41 Fell View.
47 DAVID BARRON, late 70’s, with a light aqua VW, X368 MEC who has placed a glove  on the ground next to my passenger door to be “proof” he has been out in my car with me. He who was sent to drive then park near PATRICIA JACKSON’s house on 8 DeVITRE ST Lancaster (she who is also me) and pretend he had driven me into Lancaster when I was behind him in my car. Photos show he was alone in his car. His car is often left at 47 Copy Lane and even miles out of Caton area to pretend he has driven me to and fro Kendal. Photos show him posting mail as if linked to me. Patricia Jackson, used often to be “me”, was, on 29/4/16, sent to be seen near the main post office in Lancaster as I had paid a utility bill; she seen near there was to be said to have been me paying my bill BUT HOURS AFTER I PAID MY BILL. Barron is used with WILLIAMS in 30 Fell View (see 30) as being exactly same types and Bleasdale from 2 Hall Drive to a lesser extent. MM54 GXF was used here also
49 Fell View REID these 2 brown noses at least 3 times risked the life of their toddler to try and trap me to either take a photo or retrieve the child and claim I was kidnapping it. They with a caravan appearing just as the one at 20 was “removed” 2016 and Reid suddenly coming into money for a house extension so a council house bought up. A few are bought under the right to buy scheme. He has been given time off work (another to work occasionally) to sit in the car and drive off when he sees me set off and pretend he drives me. The caravan disappeared quite quickly after I recorded that fraudulent intent. On one occasion of entrapment of me the seedy postman mail thief and worse was to linger and be the “witness”. Their usual car is small white Fiat (?) PN12 RVW. They have also done the usual shouting with callers in that lunacy. Note car BK51 URV and see DK51 at 33 and LN51 VW used by Hunter in 22 until they got their new VW.
51 – 59 odd numbers are not used much; I do not include them. The even numbers go only to 44. After 38 they are used infrequently so I do not bother with them.”

“Last part cars used Lancs police led crime:

“Individuals used:

 Janet Greenwood is the ex wife of my brother: she kept our family name and posed as me from Dec 2010 as did Anna Judith Pereles and Tracey Kennedy. Janet is bitter and twisted and can be extremely volatile. BUT apparently all her shortcomings do not indicate she has mental health problems. A blue saloon T193 JEO and white van SM15 FBU a new van I add despite her shop being closed for almost the whole time she was used to be me. She at 37 Norfolk Ave Morecambe was why 37 Fell View was used see above.                                                                                                                                 
David Jackson blue Toyota X339 FEN he a stalker and pest: mid 70’s 28 Regent St Lancaster and used to pretend that 28 was my 28 thus I was his mentally ill wife SUSAN.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fraudster used much SX03 SUE grey 2 seater, the usual type of old doxy bleached hair.                                                                                                                                    
MAZ 7675 2 seater dark grey used on 20/4/14 with 30 Fell View as if they were me selling my house. Same type as driver of SX03 but not used as much. Used at 45 Fell View in April 2016 and then again in 30, all trying to provoke me to take a photo.                                                                                                                    
R205 XRJ officer TRACEY KENNEDY “me” in MY house then seedy old man red Toyota Starlet.                                                                                               
Paul Hitchman 7 North Way Lewes March 2011 to 18 May 2011 “prison officer” AD53 MLE.                                                                                                     
X583 UEC was a dark blue Citroen used by one stalker I think to be “D Lennon of 298 seen with me”.                                                                                   

After I typed up the fridge fraud of Aug 2013 which was seen illegally on 27 and 28/1/14 I found a dark blue car PN11 XYJ parked outside me in flat 3 with the driver hiding and pretending he was in my flat. I had reason to think it was sleazy NHS. On 27thPK11 had been seen doing the same. PF11 DDK did same again. LS60 GTY black VW or Vauxhall also involved.                                                                                                                                                
PX08 VVK, a silver VW with a RYCROFT lookalike to follow me in my car and pretend I was RYCROFT.                                                                                                                                                                                  

PE09 RWK red VW was driven by 2 sleazy “professionals” using 10 Leslie Ave when the news headlines had Martin Smith husband of Melanie jailed in terrible case of injustice involving the deaths of their 2 children, Police perjury and she, Mrs Smith as a whistleblower had been “warned”. It took me years to find out what those bullying trolls were pretending; that I was MARTIN SMITH!                                                                                                                                                                            

MF55 VYX was a slate blue Audi my sister and I caught outside her house in Shaw in 2011 pretending she (the driver) met with us hiding in no. 10 next to my sister which tenants then told my sister they had just “gone along with it” not knowing her.                                                                                                             
After I bought my car and left my sister’s a troll in RY55 NFA was used to stalk me in Morecambe. See YM55 TGK at 26 Fell View later.                                                                                                                                          
With the troll hiding across her seats NHS in Lewes Y219 YRL a black 4 wheel drive accompanied her, 2/8/11 V852 FCD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
7 – 9 Swan St Tasman camper van stalker to harass and be “dead “trustee” from 2008 outside my house, V114 FVS. VU07 BHZ was another at that time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      G571 FFR was a white MINI used by perjurer and worse Patricia Allen Lancashire Social Services who was found hiding near MY house Dec 2002 to pretend she was me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   W417 VEC silver Peugeot found to be where thugs from LCC stored their camera equipment after parking outside my house early mornings and filming me opening the curtains etc. This is where the perjurer and bullying thug PC MASSINGHAM was to reverse this and claim I harassed known thieves and fraudsters by taking photos which no one could actually claim to have proof of in Nov 2015 to Feb 2016.
OCZ 4789 dark grey 2 seater troll type as SX03 SUE and MAZ 7675 used to pretend something found hiding in lane when it was known I was go out to use call box after hacked earlier call. 24/4/16.                                                                                                                                                                        
YH13 MXN red Vauxhall at 26 Fell View on 27/8/14 probably police.                                                                                                                                                   
PG04 MPY was one to stalk me after I had been to the cinema; I found her hiding on Broadacre, overlooking Fell View pretending she had driven me and then dropped me off. 5/8/15. The space below will be filled with hand written details of significant vehicles. (This event was rewritten at midnight on 5th May 2016 as I drove back from a conference but using an off-shoot of Copy Lane plus one red taxi.)                                       

PJ07 EMV a small black saloon was hiding behind 29 on 4 May 2016 and was to set off when he thought I had; he to replace the thug in R945 KEC, I had not set off when he in PJ07 assumed I had.                                                                                                                                                                                  
PK14 NPA white Audi with fraudsters and thieves in 30 Fell View on 6/5/16 pretending that they are me and will sell MY house as he in 30 is “unwell” when he was outside thinking I at my front was going out and wouldn’t see; I wasn’t going out. This old doxy PK14 NPA was to be PK14 LRJ silver Peugeot bought for Williams to use at Xmas 2014 to go away as Mr and Mrs Carol Woods to be NL03 WKM as above and then Gl14 LRJ used with yet another big mouth (they all have big mouths assuming if I hear it is actually me speaking). 6/5/16 and Williams with her loud, coarse mouth was to shout after opening her window as close to me as possible (there were others she could open) when they saw I had not gone out but worked on my front garden under my window with my plant pots: they tried to make it be 18/5/14 again Sunday when she had done the same screeching to “resign” from her “voluntary work” in HMYOI where she had been given the “work” as if she was me. Now the lunatics pretend that they are “ill” (hence NHS sleazy) and need to sell their house which they have never had being parasites long term as if they are me “too disabled” to live in MY HOUSE!  MA15 XZS white Kia did a repeat of that on 7/5/16 sneaking into rear of 30 at 10 28am.

 Carol Woods Ms.

The cars continued to be used as “replacements” thus Y96 OBU light aqua Rover from Penhale Gardens, council car pool car used by trolls to drive about murdering lowlife RYCROFT, rewritten by the sleazy troll who has not been to 26 for 7 months now after never being off the doorstep trying to be JANET WOODALL with me but transposed as AGNES JACKSON and whoever that troll using various cars was; YR51 WRE the light aqua Rover now on 13/5/16 we have a silver Y59 CUC so that is MY old car K71 CEC mixed with Y96 OBU to get not a Rover of VW but a Peugeot, PN64 OWR a white Clio was used by sleazy “NHS” at 30 earlier on 13/5/16 which was to be PJ60 SFK the white Kia at flat 4 Penhale Gardens when that troll pretended she in 4 was with me in 3.”

 09 May 2016: Dear all – sent this:

I have only moments before my battery needs charging, I am in a motorway café and found this out. My car passenger door has TWICE been unlocked overnight with the MOTIVE of forcing me to have new locks fitted. On 5 May 2016 a garage confirmed the illegal tracker on my car and said he could not remove it. A set of my keys was stolen in 2012 and despite my knowing who (Lancs Uni Student Union office staff) the police DID NOT INVESTIGATE. I found the garage in Jan 2012 fitting the device, (GMP thugs instruction) and from then many attempts to steal my car keys and then my car continuing to present. If I have new door locks the Gestapo will say I have just bought my car. I have not obviously. They tried to enter 28 Fell View again in my absence that 4 and 5 May last week but failed. They have arranged for local lowlife to steal my book of maps just to force me to have new locks: it isn’t going to happen. Jan 2012 WILL NOT BE REWRITTEN. I have my methods. carol Woods Ms X165 YU red Toyota Yaris”


“How’s this for corruption?” – 11 April 16 

Dear All, I just want you to know some of what I have to deal with EVERY single day in one fraud or another.
Today for example as the Gestapo with their illegal devices fitted to 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP which I rent under duress, assumed I was not going out (they knew I was indoors much later than  usual) and sent yet another fraudster to pretend they met me which they do often by parking their cars in the area as told to, they do not see me of course, I am not expected to se them but do. They pretend in that they have been to Caton to meet me to agree to sell MY HOUSE stolen wrecked and looted in Oct 08. Today it was one not used previously CAROL HILL CONVEYANCERS sent from Morecambe about 9 miles away: who paid her? The photos with this [below…ed.] show a day 19 Oct 2015 which is a date (19th) always used every month in one fraud or another to “revise” history of MY house. SUZANNE JARVIS thief and worse of 41 Fell View had been posing as me and went to a court as if she was me (trust me, I always know , she is not the first to do that, recruited by police) so I went to a garden centre a few miles away where I’d be on CCTV as I could not in 2 places at once. Watching from the café window I could see this corruption about to take place. This male drives in and parks. He alights, adds  a good coat and walks into the garden centre where I was, walks round, looks at nothing and leaves. He drives off, I get the photos  [below…ed.] and his car identifies him: he pretends he has met me in a garden centre café about my house! This happens often: I was in Morecambe Town Hall Oct 2010 and one staff member got dressed in his best jacket, removed his ID tag and  pretended I had been with a judge in chambers about my house! 

Lancashire police led FRAUDS a snapshot – 11 April 16

I am Carol Woods Ms and am currently “living” under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP.This document shows where the Gestapo took their ideas from in electricity theft and why they still use locals to travel round in taxis and stalk me with the lowlife supposedly JOANNE HALL when they are nothing like her and Hall is busy with her life in OLDHAM miles away. (That was done on 11 4 16 using 12 Fell View.)
Hall is my sister’s youngest daughter and is about 41 now; she has never had a job so I agree that she would fit in well with those used to be her but her mother, my sister, would have something to say about that. My sister has 3 daughters, 2 of whom were serial thieves and worse being class A drug users from an early age; Joanne was 1 of those 2. Those 2 were why lowlife round FELL VIEW were used and pretended I was their aunt: K MILLS in 20 Fell View and her sister K MILLS in 7 Leslie Ave off Fell View (she helped to run away recently as a found out thief and fraudster) both unemployed, unattractive, overweight malicious trolls did, in pretending JUNE WILLIAMS another thief and worse 30 Fell View, was their mother they all pretended that she was me, that I was June Williams’s sister thus aunt to the MILLS thieves. Both Mills thieves had pretended I lived with them and claimed in benefits as such and, for example, used electricity connected to a squalid caravan dumped on the front of council house 20 Fell View to pretend I rented it and watched TV from that windowless, health and safety issue. The mail in relation to “me” went to Mills in 20 with the postman knowing that no one lived in the health hazard “caravan” and treason, fraud, deception, forgery and more was aided and abetted by the Royal Mail. The point of that was the use of a TV and of power from 20 to charge up the TV in the caravan which no one watched.                        
Moving into 28 Fell View March 2014 where I found the former tenant, a lone elderly lady had been bullied to death to make it vacant for me by such as MILLS in 20 and WILLIAMS in 30 with others, I found that my mains lights had been connected to AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View another fraudster and more who also claimed to be me. All that is out of scope of this but has its documents and proof. The power surge to link me in 28 to her in 26 happened when I tried to use my lights after moving in March 2014. My lights were blown out which is usual for any power surge linking one supply to another. I have had no lights since as the Gestapo and council try to claim there is no bungalow of 28 and that it is a part of 26 when it suits or part of 30 when it suits. Meanwhile they try to show I rent a squalid caravan with thieves and worse in 20 Fell View. At the time I had not known that my sockets along the party wall between 26 and 28 were also linked to 26 and that I paid for her use. After some weeks I decided to switch off my mains supply altogether and plunged 26 into darkness with their TV and everything going “of”. Her unemployed thug son, late 40’s was there using his phone as if he was me committing their usual shopping frauds and they rushed about knowing they were found out. In Nov 2014 the council sent a firm to install breakers as the council had accessed MY bungalow in MY absences and installed equipment via MY loft to allow 30 and 26 to use my power. That was endangering life.                                 
I had no lights and used a lamp via my sockets but had my power supply to my sockets off 23 hours out of 24 most days. (I have little that uses electricity.) I then discover that Williams in 30 have SKY TV in their sitting room installed in Aug 2014 as if they are me, they have SKY in their bedroom so how the tiny bungalow can accommodate 2 TV’s is beyond me. They pay by direct debit as if they are me. All that is in other documents and only referenced here to show the events. Sometimes I would get up at 4 am and switch on my sockets power to charge my laptop battery and the Gestapo monitoring my power use would alert the Williams to leave on their washing machine for example so that when I switched on my power, their washing machine would wash at that time using my power. Williams have a socket link along the party wall and she would watch TV about 16 hours every day which has had to cease as she now has to pay her own bills. All that aside, how does that make me my sister’s youngest daughter and why?                           
In 2012 my sister and I would chat, she on her land line, me in a call box once a week and the hackers always used any detail to then arrange harassment of me and in their lunacy, act out with harassers events trying to manufacture evidence of a crime.                      
In March 2012 I had moved to rent caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe which caravan apparently did not exist on formal records. I had never had a meter and card before so did not know what to expect as to charges of power use but was surprised to find that I adding £15 on my first night had used up the £15 by the next morning; how? I hadn’t even then got a kettle and only 1 light on at once. The heating and cooking were gas. I added another £10 and amid much thuggery, lunacy, serious organised crime as found out, I found that my caravan was linked to the site security lights and I paid for that use. In that no fewer than 4 electric meters were blown out by the power surges linking my caravan to the site security lights. The fire service refused to call as Masonic thugs told not to so do as they are told. MY house and all utilities wrecked deliberately after an illegal raid of 5 Sept 2008 by state thugs, (no search warrant in force at all) the fire service refused to call then as well so I paid for my utilities to be repaired at my cost. In the caravan, after I contacted Fire HQ a pair of clowns did call and fitted me another fire alarm saying the one fixed was out of date. Despite letters and personal calls as the meter problems went on, they ignored me.                       
What gave the Gestapo that idea of linking me to the site security lights? In a call to my sister, just as I moved to 298 we talked of an aunt of ours GLADYS BELL now late 80’s. Gladys was married to NORMAN and he was chief electrician for Morecambe Corporation (now part of Lancaster City Council); he was also a freemason as many of my father’s side of the family were. My father was not. Gladys and Norman did in the 1950’s and 1960’s run a decent sized hotel on the promenade in Morecambe with an aunt MAY living and running her hotel only 2 doors down. May was married to senior mason BILL. Bill died over 40 years ago and aunty May died about 15 years ago. May and Gladys were sisters but not the only 2 from one family, there were other sisters as well and of course the brother, my father. My sister and I talked of those times when it was known that Norman Bell had linked up their hotel power supply to a street lamp on Heysham Rd Morecambe with just their private living quarters on a quarterly bill. We surmised that he had probably done the same for May and Bill only 2 doors down. In that chat my sister told me that Joanne Hall had had her boyfriend STEVE DEVAL of Oldham tamper with Joanne’s supply unit so she paid less than she should have done for what she used. That being heard Joanne was approached with a deal with STILL goes on and which FRAUD is planned to take place AGAIN: she was told she would not be prosecuted for theft of electricity if she claimed to be me (aside from the age difference she is at least 8” taller than I am) on 19 Oct 2012 in Rochdale DWP moving to Oldham; in that she was told to leave her flat where she had lived for over 10 years and be re-housed to start a new tenancy to make it seem as if she was in fact me moving. She did all that; my sister had no idea why Joanne had changed her flat. I did not tell her. Rochdale was used because she was too well known in Oldham obviously. And I had been to Rochdale twice shopping when I visited my sister so that apparently was good enough “proof” that their DWP office could be seen to be “useful in fraud”.                              
In Dec 2012 such as ROGERS and GATEBY pair of thieves who used 298 for DWP frauds did try to lure me to ask them to link up my caravan to the site mains to by -pass the meters: they thought I was as stupid as they were. I reported that as endangering all in caravans as ROGERS, unemployed layabout with no qualifications had been given by the landlady, Mrs Margaret Middleton aged mid 80’s the key to access the storage for the main junction boxes and he was gaily adding power to his caravan to show me, “Look, I can do this to yours as well”. I was without electricity all Xmas and New Year 2012 into 2013 as the site handy man was not in work; I had needed another new meter mid Jan on his return.  That continued in exactly the same way with KENNETH NICHOL in caravan 2 a repulsive, unemployed stalker, harasser, thief and worse being provided with equipment to access the underneath of my caravan where the mains supply entered. 4 times I caught him leaving in the early hours of mornings crawling out from under my caravan. His noises had awoken me. He was attempting to cause an electrical problem which would murder me. He did not only try the electrics but my gas supply as well.                
The council moved me to flat 3 Penhale Gardens Heysham LA3 2QA with the Gestapo pretending that I still rented at 298 as well. Oddly my photos of 298 stop on 1/7/13 the day I left yet seem to be many from flat 3 which would be odd if I didn’t really live there. I added in writing to the council partly as a joke that I hoped I was not paying for any security lighting. July 2013 was sunny and bright but I had noticed in the bright sun-light a security light in the corner of the block of flats housing me, flats 1 -4, 2 on the ground floor, 2 on the 1st floor. I found it was on 24 hours a day and walked round the site to see if it was alone in that; it was. The council finally came to look and I was not surprised when the decent staff member traced a newly installed wiring from the light via my flat bedroom to a newly fixed socket; I was paying for that as well until he dismantled it.                        
Moving then to 28 Fell View I found a street light outside me on 24 hours a day, after almost 2 weeks I reported it as wasting public monies and it was switched off until normal lighting hours. Thus moving to 28 Fell View I was linked to a street lamp, 26 and 30 Fell View with 20 thrown in for good measure in June 2014. At 10 am on 10/4/16 and again at 11 am I heard Williams in 30 checking the party wall sockets to see if I had on my power supply to my sockets: I didn’t have; I hadn’t had all day. The reprisal for knowing about freemason thieves was to reverse that and try to make it me. In that if the Gestapo could add to my utility bills they decided that would “teach me a lesson”. These are more tales of Dark Forces I was warned about in 2010 as my being “up against”. They certainly want me in the light and to pay for it.”

How NHS funds are misused in Lancs – 11 April 16

I emailed you when I was illegally detained in Harrogate Cygnet hospital. The actual illegal detention was not Harrogate responsibility but CYGNET staff including Dr SUSAN BRADBURY and a Dr Moton (who was not the psychiatrist he led me to believe he was) knew that the detention was illegal as no 2 doctors could be identified to say they saw me and found me to be mentally ill. Actually Cygnet held me on the “delusion” that I said I had jobs which I had not had, presented later with the evidence I had they simply changed the delusion! That being seen not be a delusion either they invented another and so on until after manufacturing documents said to be from “doctors” who later admitted they had never heard of me, it was decided that I apparently had a brain tumour. Of course there was no evidence but they had scraped the barrel; there was nothing left. Thus I am a walking miracle, I think. The good news was that they admitted I had a brain.
I told you it was costing the tax payer £4.000.00 a week to keep me in Cygnet; I was held against my will for 2 months before they tried to hide me in DURHAM under a different name. Given I am not mentally ill and any brain tumour seems not advanced enough to spoil what I try to do, I found that FRAUD and was not hidden away in Durham. In that I thought you may be interested to know of that criminal waste of tax payers monies using the cash strapped NHS who funded that FRAUD. You said you could not help, at least you responded, the labour MP for my home area is not the slightest bit interested in wasting such vast amounts yet she won the election claiming she would help the NHS. It seems to be they have more than enough and do not need “help”.
Believe me, they did not stop there; they carried on and still try and on 7 April 2016 amid FILMED lunacy did pretend they assessed me in a house 29 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and had to “remove me”. They did not know I was busy watching and taking photos. Obviously the sleazy corrupt bullies can be identified one is ROBERT SANGSTER who set the trap for me which trap I did not fall into. In using 29 Fell View they pretended it was 28 Fell View which I rent under duress because MY privately owned house in Lancaster is apparently bought by police officer TRACEY KENNEDY yet no one can give me her rank and badge number. I have to wonder if she only poses as police.
CQC are apparently looking into this but seem to be dragging their heels.
This needs to be questioned; this amazing misuse of NHS monies when they bleat they are so short. At least you responded: no one else has bothered.

Kind Regards,

Carol Woods Ms.

(PS why did they do that? Lancashire police and council want to discredit any testimony I INTEND to make for FRAUD EXTORTION DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES and worse. I am a whistle-blower and despite going through all the right and proper channels, nothing was done to aid me. Do ask me how this is linked to Cherie Blair.)”


Names swapped in FRAUD Lancs – 7 April 16 [pics removed]

“I am Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP drawing up this document because many who now know of my case have no knowledge of events of YEARS and how and why they are all linked being organised by police and council staff. The motives are many not least to claim I am not me but someone else. These are typical Dark Forces routines which “group” I was told I was “up against” by the FCO in 2010. I add now that at 11 55 am on 7/4/16 the police sent over a low flying helicopter where I was, why do that? I am not paranoid; they do that when they try to “confirm” something that is FACT that is really FICTION. The events of earlier on 7/4/16 did not entrap me; thus I drove to Morecambe about 9 miles from Caton. The helicopter has been used a number of times in FRAUDULENT ACTIONS to HARASS usually overhead where I rent 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP they to claim that the see something they do not but which, if seen, would suggest I was not me. All that is in a document of harassment of police actions with photos yet to be completed. At 11 55am after all the wasted public monies in more serious fraud, intent to harm me and more near 28 Fell View what would they say they had “seen” to make me seem to be someone else? I heard someone running up behind me: a scruffy local who was a type like McTEAR named below: he was trying to be “seen with” me thus making McTEAR “innocent” in this. It was not McTEAR but they would claim it “looked like him” from where they were. I took a photo of the helicopter above and then of the male who by then had to pass me as I had stood aside. It was not McTear, whoever it was, was not with me. Why did DWP do nothing when I hand delivered the data about the organised DWP FRAUD and impersonation of me in a DWP tribunal; that was forgery and perjury at least. This is one snippet: I have dozens similar to relate. I am said to be “mentally ill” because events happen everywhere I am. This shows who is mentally ill; it is not I.                           
Moving back to my home area of Lancaster in March 2012 after being away for YEARS after my house was seized, wrecked and looted in 27 Oct 08 and 19 Nov 08, I rented caravan 1A @ 298 Oxcliffe Rd Morecambe LA3 3EJ knowing it had been set as a trap for me but having no alternative:  I had nowhere else and had relied on my car from Jan. 2012.               
   In 2001 in regard to my whistle-blowing (http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/) one from WREA GREEN Land Registry CAROL McATEER featured as corrupt in that agency.               
   A local ruffian started to spend time at 298 and pretend he lived there when I knew he did not. I found out after some many weeks that he was ALAN McTEAR and he had mail sent to 298 in a related benefit fraud. He really lived nearer to Morecambe town itself. Events unfurled and they included him trying to obtain life insurance on me and 3 attempts to force his way into my caravan in early hours throughout summer 2012 to murder me. All that reported was ignored.                
I then found him standing outside my caravan door at night often, he friendly with the landlady and her son, he was allowed to sneak onto 298 where they would keep their dog quiet so I would not hear someone about. Standing about outside was proof, according to him, that he lived in my caravan with me. On 25 Nov 2012, I reported him to Morecambe police for stalking me. That was ignored. I also found that he was one to be given a key by the landlady to enter my caravan when I was out and he to sit about and pretend he lived there as my partner. The tracking device on my car shows the police where I am and allows much of such organised harassment to take place. In that I had also seen him stood by my car when parked in Morecambe centre; he to pretend he awaited the driver (me) with police driving by to claim they saw him, they saw my car thus it was “proof” he was “with me”. In Dec 2012 I found he had been to a DWP tribunal with his partner claiming she was me “ill” and needing extra DWP monies. In that the police legal rep IAN YOUNG had drawn up the papers and they had a pub landlord “Mark” (Robert Gillow pub Lancaster) pose as a solicitor representing McTear and his partner. They lost their claim. All that reported to all agencies MoJ, DWP, police etc was ignored.           
      Within that, from early 2013 a younger pair appeared and they pretended to live at 298 when they did not; they called for mail. She was to stand outside my caravan and try to encourage me to use her mobile phone; cutting a long story short, I found she was a VICKY McQUAID who posed as my daughter. She was chosen because of her name and because she has auburn hair. One of my daughters has red hair. McQuaid was a convicted thief and used for lots of other reasons aside from her name. Thus McQuaid was muddying waters with McTEAR. McQuaid I found also lived in Morecambe town proper. They did not use 298 as a safe mailing address: it was FRAUD. 99% of my mail was stolen.      
       The council then in July 2013 moved me to flat 3 Penhale Gardens about 3 miles distant from 298. They had there a seedy old man in flat 14 James McNAMARA to take over from McTear. McTear had been used to make me Carol McTear from Carol McAteer to muddy waters of investigation. McQuaid was to make me the mother of a convicted thief thus another into another person. McNamara was a pest and he would stand about outside my flat and pretend he was linked to me; he did not drive either so he would stand near the flats when I had been out and walk onto the flat site as I drove on pretending as he was just returning it was proof he had been out with me. He began to be provided with a red taxi to get him to Morrison’s for example when I was seen there, he to be seen thus likely to have been driven by me. That red taxi has been used many times and to date is still used to drive to harass and pretend when I drive in my car between Caton and Lancaster. McTear was sometimes still used to stand about by my parked car and “be seen”. The red taxi is used because my car is red.
 I leave the flats for Caton, 28 Fell View LA2 9RP and find too many coincidences around me and see liars obviously sent to tell me nonsense about themselves which all seemed to be details from MY life. In 14 Fell View the driver of a blue Mini seemed to be being used why I did not know except that a blue Mini features in this but it was not hers. I later find she is a Ms McGUIRE and she claims to drive me about in her blue Mini as apparently I live in 14 Fell View as well and am disabled needing to be driven about. We had gone from McAteer, to McTear to McQuaid to McNamara to McGuire. The blue Mini? On 2 Aug 2013, I had been in flat 3 for a month; it was ground floor with a front and rear door. At my rear door I thought I heard odd noises but could see nothing; the door half glazed. Eventually I was certain something was taking place and found a scruffy woman taking notes; she was a social worker pretending she was indoors with me “assessing” me as “disabled” needing “sheltered accommodation”.  I challenged her; she claimed she had the wrong flat. How did she know? She hadn’t knocked or called to the proper front door to ask. She had been there at least 10 minutes taking notes. I pointed to the large no. 3 and asked if she wanted flat 3. No, she wanted flat 7. Did 3 look like 7? No. She walked away to her car parked out of view: it was a blue Mini. I took a photo, PX07 FNC, why not park in the obvious place? Because that was easily seen from my flat; she hadn’t wanted that; I was not to know what she was doing. Others were to then park out of sight and pretend. They did not want their cars identifying as that identifies the drivers. Moving to Caton, within the first few days a blue Mini would hide and wait for me to drive off Fell View and race off to pretend they were linked to me; I took photos from my car which suggested I was actually in my car and not in another. Then RX02 TLU from 14 Fell View was drawn in. She has driven about behind me then taken the road back to Caton as if I have been dropped off. 
The INTENTION is to establish that I am “disabled” and need driving about mostly in regard to “explaining” events at MY house which apparently did not happen in 2008 but are only taking place at whatever time new events and recruits are found because the police and council have decided that the most plausible explanation as to why I “lost” my house was because I am “too disabled” to live in it AND in that am not me anyway. In 2012 Lancaster police did again try to say that I only “imagined” I had lived in and owned MY house. That is the “mental illness” apparently: I am deluded about that and other things such as jobs I have had.  This is only a fragment of use of others. 99% used are unemployed and thus free to do as they are asked. Round Fell View in 55 houses with others in off-shoots such as Copy Lane, the numbers of harassers with some bringing in friends and associates, there is a never ending supply to act on instruction.

Part 1 of 2 NHS fraud Lancashire – 7 April 16

This document from Ms Carol Woods under duress at 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP It is in 2 parts to save on “bulk” continues on from the NHS PLAN document sent out 4/4/16 with the added frauds taking place later that same day sent out prior to this. Typing this I will add that a male has been sent to stand outside me in 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP and shout nonsense; that is the usual tactic of “proving” he has met with me. The joke being that 28 is illegally wired so the police can hear every single thing (and act on what they hear such as tipping off their bullies and harassers as to when I prepare to go out so they can stalk to harass) yet they wouldn’t hear such fraudsters who pretend. The persons round Fell View are mostly unemployed, some are retired but have never worked so that’s academic; they are not salt of the earth types.

The INTENTION of Lancashire Care Health Trust letter in question to me, Ms Carol Woods 28 Fell View Caton LA2 9RP aside from all else, some of which took place on 4/4/16, sent from the ROBERT SANGSTER I can now confirm was one to harass me in February 2016 using his phone pretending he spoke to me on the number added to NHS records as being one I had stated was mine. The number 07881700989 is not recognised at all by me and, I had no phone.  Given his odd behaviour in that I remembered it and then find he was R Sangster and was shouting into his phone walking about where I was he pretending he talked to me on the phone thus I actually there near -by was not me. He later wrote to me claiming he had been trying to ring me despite by then my having made it clear to all NHS liars involved that I had no phone; he declined to say what number he tried when I asked. To continue their INTENDED FRAUD which we all saw was planned and organised after my photos of 4/4/16 and visit to EAST BARN PATHFINDER DRIVE LANCASTER to hand in for R Sangster a letter a related fraud was also on going where I was not expected to find: Lancaster University. There I found by chance as I drove up, the white camper van and white haired old man just calling to the sports centre. Was that “innocent”? No. He had never previously been, I know, I went in behind him and heard the exchange. How was he part of what they planned at DeVITRE HOUSE and EAST BARN both NHS places? The old doxies in T19 MAP we know as being the car used in the SAME FRAUD PLANNED 4/2/14 on Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA where I then rented flat 3 but they were not the same old doxies used then. All that in my earlier document for this I add that in August and September 2008, neighbours at MY house and I all saw an old doxy in a silver Audi parked near my house, she just sat for a short time but then drove off as they always do, never out of the car, calling on nobody; just pretending. She was the documented FRAUDSTER claiming she worked for a dead person. BUT the dead person I was to think was alive and appointed by the Secretary of State then (Alistair Darling) to oversee Lancashire County Council bankruptcy of me. Firstly, the junk issued to me to make me think they were court documents are seen to be what they are; junk. B) Mr Darling’s office confirmed to me they had no knowledge of appointing anyone at all in any matter related to me. C) LCC cannot bankrupt anyone as they have no corporate personality and so on. Without going into all the reasons it was FRAUD, EXTORTION, DEMAND MONEY WITH MENACES, WITNESS INTIMIDATION and so on, there was the inconvenient fact that the person appointed was dead. This is how they use dead people, mentally ill people, children and anyone they can, no one is out of reach for the Gestapo.  (Cheryl Kaye Wrea Green Land Registry told me in Sept. 2013 when I pointed out that they must have known a dead person claimed to have sold my house as “trustee” that dead people could be appointed and just have others pose as them, for Land Registry apparently that would be normal.)                      

Despite being dead, old men, as the “trustee” would sit in a large white camper van parked right outside my house looking like what they were; harassers and fraudsters. Finally to pretend one met with me they had him sit parked with the curtains closed but enough gap to film and there he sat filming to show that he was outside my house thus he must have been inside. I also could see from my first floor front bedroom that he in his cab was taping himself. That was what liar PC ANDREW MASSINGHAM tried to “revise” on 7 Nov 2015 arresting me; I took photos of people. Apparently it is not a crime to sit in a camper van and film and tape and pretend one is a dead person involved in EXTORTION but it is if I take a photo of one still indulging in such. Thus the white camper van at the University was not “innocent”; he was to be “proof” they had again “met with me”. Who was to claim they saw him so could “prove” that? He isn’t on my photos of the DeVitre House and East Barn areas and he had been parked up some time prior to my arrival. Someone who was known to be a liar at best would claim they saw the van thus “proof” he might be who he claimed. Someone who a jury would believe as a “Christian”, none other than SUZANNE JARVIS of 41 Fell View who had been working in an unqualified role in the leisure centre as if she was me. Agnes Jackson of 26 Fell View did in 2014 try to claim she was me as a qualified teacher of “A” level horticulture to prove she was me; she at a local pub was to be “seen” working their window box dressed, as she thought, to be “mistaken” for me.                       

Jarvis of 41 is a reason Mrs Greenbank was forced out of 28 Fell View, wanted for me; that document of “reasons” is being drafted as simply as possible. Jarvis is married to ANDREW JARVIS and without going into all as to why they are used I add that his name ANDREW and the fact that he had a small white van was seen to be “useful” as police officer ANDREW HALLIDAY who claimed to have bought my house in May 08 had his white van. NHS with their plans of Nov 2015 especially were INTENDING to befuddle me and hope I confused the Andrews and the white vans. BUT Halliday claimed he was married to me in one desperate attempt to explain his involvement thus Andrew Jarvis being married to Suzanne apparently makes them me. Mrs Jarvis does not work, is unqualified and a thief, liar and fraudster at best. He works from time to time when often he is to stay at home to “child mind” to leave her free to drive about and pretend she is me or is driving me.               

From my moving into 28 Fell View in March 2014, they claimed I lived with them in their council house at 41 Fell View and they were my carers and drivers. To do that they had various sleazy “professionals” call in e.g. PE08 ZRX and PN56 NXB to validate that FRAUD. Obviously they had no one in 41. Found out in March 2015 when others were found out in similar frauds, Mrs Jarvis told me the Lord Jesus was going to help them in any fraud investigation. Months later she told me she as a church goer could not even tell a white lie.                         

To then try to claim they had someone living with them (in their crowded house as they have 3 young children) persons were “borrowed” such as one day she collected an old woman with dyed orange hair and pretended she was the missing person from 41 Fell View. That failing, they have borrowed various males to be MR CAROL WOODS living there. In their desperation they then became Mr and Mrs Carol Woods; she claimed to be me. She would stand outside 41 and shout about school meetings and pretend that she was a qualified teacher: like AGNES JACKSON had done before her when she was me, Mrs Jarvis was driven round in L7 DGG car and pretended she had been in a mental hospital and was thus being returned to 41 where other “professionals” called and drove her about for a few days to shop. For months they in 41 claimed they were Mr and Mrs Carol Woods but I have 4 adult children, they only have 3 young children, they were old when they started their family; how was that dealt with? They were loaned a woman about 20 years older than their eldest child and she was their 4th, a daughter. That woman was to hide behind bushes and walk along behind me especially if it was dark to pretend she was with me thus my daughter thus she living in 41 was Jarvis’s daughter thus proof Jarvis was me. Then she was exchanged for a male who lived in hiding in 41 for a short time until I made a comment that I knew he was there, he disappeared so something else was “arranged”. Mrs Jarvis was me with her “job” at the University thus was typing my documents especially when I refer to being at the Uni. Library. She was to “prove” the white camper van had just arrived and thus likely to have been involved in NHS buildings about 2 miles away thus likely to be 2008 again and a dead person driving. Jarvis of course has had court documents and all kinds of mail sent to her as if she was me. The postman knows what he aids and abets but all that is out of scope of this.                        

The 4th April 2016 INTENDED PLAN failing another is hatched. In the plan for the 4th a malicious old troll in 29 Fell View was used Mrs LENNON; she was another reason Mrs Greenbank was forced out of 28. Where was it that police officer TRACEY KENNEDY lived in hiding to avoid debts from 2006 to 2009? 29 Blades St Lancaster and that was ONE reason she in 29 is used; she pretends she also drives me about and pretends I live there in hiding. On 4th, as part of the expectation their “plan” would succeed, she had the usual fraudsters gather at 29 and PRETEND they prepared an invisible person for something, MR Carol Woods was present in CW55 AYM car used often as “proof” there is such a person. The car has had at least 3 drivers one being the type of old doxy used often and similar to the one driving T19 MAP on 4/4/16 as photographed by me. My document sent out on 4/4/16 explains the use of a dark blue car used at EAST BARN where it was known I was heading to hand in my letter for Mr R SANGSTER. The dark blue was chosen because LENNON in 29 Fell View council house has a dark blue Ford AF07 XLL, the one at East Barn was not that car; my photo shows clearly it was not. The driver was nothing like LENNON either. Jarvis has a dark blue car, also a Ford as LENNON’s is; Jarvis’s is GN07 AHO. Notice how the use of similar licence plates is planned to muddy waters of investigation. That is not coincidence.                 

 Jarvis found out again they have another “plan” and that involved another borrowed youth and Mr Jarvis “leaving home” on 5th April 2016. The borrowed youth is about 5 years older than their eldest and to be my eldest, a son. But I had 3 daughters, Jarvis only has one. I was never a single parent with 4 children either. Where is the borrowed youth to fit in aside from that fraud? When I moved to 28 Fell View CLARKE in 23 was using a disabled boy in a wheelchair pretending he was his son which I had no reason to doubt. Jarvis aided that fraud as did Mills in 20 Fell View. Clarke was another reason 28 was wanted for me which is out of the scope of this. Suffice to say that the boy was being used as was another boy who I was sure was statemented thus vulnerable; I reported that as child abuse. That in part is what Jarvis tries to rewrite using another youth now in her fraud.     

How can NHS try to make those fraudsters into “me” all at once remembering that WILLIAMS in 30, JACKSON with her borrowed “sons” in 26, David BARRON in 47, DALTON in 45 with her yob, HICKS in 43 with the woman he lives with in hiding, JUNE CARRADICE in 17 and ENID SCOTT in 15, LENNON in 29 and so on are all apparently “me”? The letter I was sent in harassment saying that NHS would call to see me in 28 Fell View had with a stamped addressed envelope to Mr Sangster East Barn for my reply. It was hand written with a postage stamp; not a professional addressed envelope at all. So what? On 14 Jan 2010 I was arrested by PC JIM EDMUNDS Lancaster police, he who poses as a sergeant when he can borrow a jacket and on that day promoted himself to inspector with his PC uniform which he told me he preferred. He was aided in that criminal act of making me think he had powers over what he had by PC RICHARD TREDDENICK. Apparently I had sent an item to someone I had not known existed: I suggested the envelope writing was that of a man’s hand thus, since then they have tried to link me to a male which male has an uneducated hand. Had I returned my letter in that envelope provided by R Sangster, it would have been used as proof there was a man posting for me and thus I was linked to a male.                       

 DAVID BARRON in 47 deluded old man has pretended to be out with me by driving round behind me in his car X368 MEC after sitting in his waiting for me to leave so he can be behind me. He has stood next to my car and pretended he is linked to me; he has placed on the ground, by my passenger door, an old man’s glove to pretend he was in my car and dropped it on alighting. He has posted mail as if for me at the now famous post box at the end of Leslie Ave/Copy Lane off Fell View. How? He is told to wait as, illegally, it is seen I drive back to Caton and will pass the box; he posts as I drive past. On 31 Dec 2014 no fewer than 6 police vehicles and one red taxi were used to aid and abet AGNES JACKSON in 26 Fell View posting in fraud as me from that box they to claim it was I who posted, not her. Barron is similar type to Mr K Williams in 30 Fell View whose wife JUNE thinks she is me. They were main players in getting Mrs Greenbank out of 28. Thus Barron seen is to be “proof” Williams is seen with me thus I am Mrs Williams. Mr Barron lives alone. June Williams is one given ID in my name to gain “work” as unqualified “volunteer” in HMYOI Lancaster Farms which was part of the mental illness I apparently suffered when, on 7 Nov 2015 in that arrest, it was claimed that I was deluded in only saying I had had the jobs I said I had had. Obviously the unqualified, unemployed round Fell View who pose as me are deluded; they couldn’t even think of applying for any of the jobs I have had. The police records of that “arrest” record me as being “unemployed”. How did they know? Did they ask? No. It was part of making me someone else altogether so that others – PLURAL – could be me. Had I used the self addressed envelope, it could have been ‘proof’ I was Mrs Williams with Mr Williams addressing the envelope for me, or Mr Jarvis, or the lout in 45, or Hicks in 43, or one of Jackson’s “sons”. Jackson is sent thugs to pose as her sons, to driver her to fraudulent DWP claims and they are selected as they have “auburn” hair or, if not, told to shave their heads such as drivers of MD02 HGO a silver VW Bora, KS53 VLF used often at the empty house, 24 Fell View, and a male called Jackson, no relation but a useful recruit of 36 Fell View. Williams were sent a “daughter” almost as old as they are on 20/4/14 when they posed as me and tried to sell MY house claiming they, as me, were “too disabled” to live in it. I, working in my garden, was to think it was their daughter and not suspect what they were up to while they were to pretend they were me meeting with an old doxy such as one linked to a dead trustee. My photos identify that fraudster.                       

 As the cars gathered at 29 Fell View on 4/4/16 in that PLANNED fraud they gather at 15 and 17 on 6 April 2016. Who lives there? More who were nails in Mrs Greenbank’s coffin.  15 is used because I took photos and recorded in my email car T19 MAP being used again as it had been at flat 15 Penhale Gardens on 4/2/14 in the same fraud then. 15 Fell View is EDNA SCOTT and she is to be the EDITH CURWEN flat 15 Penhale Gardens who tried to pose as my dead mother on 4/2/14 and sell my house as if she was “too disabled” to live in it and in that pretending I was my own dead mother. (My mother was dead before I bought MY house; she never even saw it.)  In 17 Fell View is a JUNE CARRADICE used much to aid and abet JUNE WILLIAMS as if Williams could be me and she in turn is CARRADICE of the same Christian name. Both 15 and 17 have gained in fraud claiming to be linked to me. How is the name Carradice linked to me? I have a friendly acquaintance of over 40 years called CARRADICE; she lives near one of my daughters in Lancaster. On my return to my home area in 2012 she was recruited to walk about and be “me” seen where I was as she has auburn hair. I of course am someone else. Ms Carradice was one of a number I had been friendly with to be used. Then it was her hair that was “useful” when a Carradice was found in Fell View it was another nail for Mrs Greenbank’s coffin. How were persons recruited? Partly via false friend JANET WOODALL who, until I found her out, was introduced to many I knew and partly asking my ex-husband via his family links to senior freemasons. Lancaster is a small place: find one person and a trail of others can be found.  

Part 2 of 2 NHS fraud Lancashire

On 7 April 2016 which was clearly intended to be 7 Nov 2015 again, along with the above this took place and I captured it all on camera. To go back to March 2016 when SANGSTER told NOT to call did but about 20 minutes after the time he had stated he would then “explained” that by saying he just hadn’t read my letter telling him not to call when the police had alerted him to the fact that I was still in and about 28 Fell View so if he drove from Lancaster he’d catch me indoors. How did they know where I was and when? The illegal devices in my bungalow and on my car. Thus we have another l ink with corrupt NHS and police. The second letter sending an appointment to keep me indoors or involved at a “place of my choice” where a FRAUD was to be acted out behind my back with the INTENTION of claiming that I was someone else and who was that someone else? See above for 4 April and use of 29 Fell View, LENNON and her continuing frauds in pretence that I lived there as someone else. THIS IS I GUARANTEE IS TO ACCOUNT FOR THE “MISSING” MRS OLIVE GREENBANK FROM 28 FELL VIEW, BULLIED OUT SO I COULD HAVE IT. Sangster knew I would not be meeting him on any date at all; that was my letter of 4/4/16 which was copied out to others. There was no ambiguity in my letter or in the actions of today, 7/4/16 earlier.                                         

A red estate car arrived to be parked near to mine; it arrived late on the evening of 6/4/16 and had never been used before: SK05 LWN. That is usual when the Gestapo pretend that someone has driven me as someone else from somewhere else to live with the unemployed fraudsters along Fell View such as in 22 and 20. (Full document being drawn up.) Overnight another red car had been parked right opposite me in 28, outside 39 fell View, she who also poses as me from time to time. That was a red Citroen Zsara DE06 EOS and to rewrite the fraudster “professional” found out aiding JARVIS in 41 Fell View claim that I lived in 41 and was driven about and cared for by JARVIS along with all the others who claimed the same. That “professional” fraudster was a “social worker” based at WHITE CROSS Lancaster and her car was a red Citroen Zsara PE08 ZRX. DE06 EOS has not been used previously thus was found for the purpose of the PLANNED FRAUD. How could they do anything when I was clear I would not be meeting Sangster at all? They carry on regardless.                    

I drove away 10 minutes after the appointed meeting time, I was in no rush, I expected something behind my back and seeing 2 sleazy “professionals” who have been used often, both employees of the council, I took yet another photo of them showing how they waste public monies to harass and defraud. They use 29 and PRETEND they remove a dog from someone in 29, the invisible person being “cared for” by LENNON who is supposedly me. They thus are paid at public expense to drive all the way to Caton, walk their own dog and pretend. The Director of Social Services is I think STEVE GROSS(E). Maybe he needs to know how his staff use the public funds. Heather Tierney Moors needs to know about SANGSTER and the fraud at EAST BARN and DeVITRE HOUSE of 4 April 2016. Those 2 will claim time and travel expenses. Those 2 have done the same at least 4 times previously always when there is a “plan” to “see me off”. A dog is crucial in this; out of scope of this but will become clear as to why. I have no dog but basically, persons who have posed as me have thus the INTENT is to claim I HAD a dog but it had to be removed. Driving away I saw the usual use of a G4S thug driving about so I turned and followed him; one was used on 6 Nov 2015 amid all that. I took photos and I would say he was driving to Lancaster University via the back roads to claim they found me living in the library which they seem to do every so often. The Gestapo expected me to spend my day in there but I wasn’t heading there at all. I returned to Fell View, collected something from 28 and drove off again.                  

Two cars drove onto Fell View which drivers looked exactly like sleazy “professionals”, I had to drive round to see: one red K60 MDY with 2 “professionals”- women and one smaller grey with a seedy male obviously a “professional” but maybe not SANGSTER. They all look the same; it is hard to tell one from another. He drove and parked on ROMAN CRESCENT, a cul de sac off Fell View which is out of sight of 28 and used because they can see my car moving from their viewpoint but I can’t see Roman Crescent. He was allowed to park in a driveway but did not alight. The 2 women parked not far from him but outside no. 11 Fell View at least 500 yards from 28 and made notes; they were pretending they met with someone. They sat for at least 10 minutes; I set off when they did, they drove to 29 Fell View and PRETENDED to take someone with them: I had a vantage point and took photos also seeing that the usual thug in a self drive hire van for removals had been hiding parked up, another British Gas van had been doing the same (they heavily involved out of scope of this) and as the K60 left 29 with someone in their rear seat, all others drove away from being parked up in hiding which is how I saw them. They in K60 drove off as did the sleazy out of Roman Crescent, he went to Lancaster via the back roads so I guarantee to either DeVitre House or Pathfinders Drive; they took the rural road which I suggest went to Carnforth. They have done that before (all on photos) trying to link me to Carnforth to cover for serious frauds found out. Their cars ahead of me on photos suggest I was not in their cars. Meanwhile, K MILLS thief and fraudster from 20 Fell View drives to 20, they with the squalid caravan dumped on the front of their council house in June 2014 where they then claimed I rented the caravan as her aunt. The mail going to the caravan went to her in the house of course. The postman knew the caravan was unfit to live in and that no one lived there. K MILLS drives a large Ford vehicle PJ63 HCL as does Jarvis in 41 GN07 AHO and BOTH pretend they have me in their council houses living with them (as well as 29 etc). Thus the pretence is that someone moves out not of 29 but of 28 and that someone is the murdered Mrs Greenbank and that I just move in after being found living in Lancaster University library. In that of course MILLS and JARVIS claim I was dropped off at BOTH their houses as well so their found out frauds can continue. All that was to be behind my back; I was not to know and not suspect and the “professionals” continue to aid and abet fraudsters continue to claim in fraud that “someone” lives with them in their houses. That is how the unemployed ruffians can drive about in large vehicles and have their petrol paid for. Mills had a 2nd large vehicle S30 GKS which “disappeared” when plans to make me “lose my memory” failed; they were bought another to replace it.

Does someone claim DWP monies for Mrs Greenbank?  This is also about the murdered Mrs Margaret Porter of flat 3 Penhale Gardens LA3 2QA and the male in flat 3 prior to her.

I had to take some household rubbish to the tip near Morecambe so did that and will be on CCTV there in MY car. My document being drawn up as to why 28 Fell View was wanted for me which shows reasons and why the tenant then Mrs Greenbank was to be forced out any way they could show is illegally seen in the process of being completed, it shows how at least 3 elderly persons have been used about Fell View to pretend they are the dead persons still alive. That does not count the “professionals” driving round old persons to pretend nor the taxis sent to Caton to pretend they drop off and/or collect “disabled elderly”. Someone pays for all that time and petrol.                    

Walking along Morecambe prom at 11 55 am the Gestapo sent over a helicopter flying low to confirm something as usual: (I have many photos of the criminal use of such at tax-payers’ expense), what could they be ‘confirming’? I looked round to see a local ruffian sneaking up behind me, he had been running to catch up and PRETEND he was “with me”. Why? He was to be ALAN McTEAR murdering lowlife from 298 Oxcliffe Rd LA3 3EJ and aided by police on 23 Nov 2012 to claim he was my partner and needed extra DWP money as I was “disabled” (see McTEAR doc to be sent out and how names are changed along the way so that he ends up being one used in fraud in 14 Fell View LA2 9RP). The male was carrying “gift cards” which is an old trick: in my book Vol I record how some letters slipped past the interceptors (the police and Royal Mail) because I sent them in cards. Thus now they use such as McTEAR lookalikes to pretend that they with me buy “cards”. They will send something in my name. I took a photo of the low flying helicopter and then of the local: he in front as I stepped back to let him past: he was not with me. This is what they refer to as “back up plan” given all that effort earlier at public expense has failed. Who paid the removal van?

continues at: https://butlincat.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/carol-woods-update-260516-the-dubious-lancaster-estate-agents-farrell-heyworth-gangstalking-locals-harrassment-archive/