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Monday, 30 May 2016

Ancient ET War & Animal [with SNARL [CAT]] Mutilations - Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Bruce Goldberg 26 MAY 2016 ZFirelight Radio / C2C AM Radio

Date:Thursday - May 26, 2016
Host:George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Playlist of 4 videos:

Ancient ET War, Animal Mutilations begins after the 1st video of approx. 35 minutes which is on time travel etc - domestic cat mutilations in the UK [+ globally] is in part 3, beginning about halfway through

Linda Moulton-Howe [hour 2 / video 2]

Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe talked to Tom DeLonge and Bill Tompkins, who both have new books that detail an ancient alien war on Earth that uses unwitting humans as surrogate pawns in a complicated, many-layered chess board in which the Earth itself is a territory prize. She also covered recent animal mutilation cases in the UK, and one group's effort to call attention to the problem. Co-founder of the rock bands Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, DeLonge has co-authored Sekret Machines, a work of fiction that is culled from real-life UFO cases, and information he's gleaned from his military and intelligence contacts. "I was told that there were numerous 'gods' fighting amongst themselves and interjecting themselves into human affairs," and that the ancient myths of gods on Mount Olympus stem from the visiting aliens, said DeLonge, who added that ancient hieroglyphics were observed on some of the captured UFOs.
Retired Naval engineer Bill Tompkins, the author of Selected by Extraterrestrials, believes he was targeted by one group of ETs to be their representative back in the 1940s. He told Linda that while working for Naval intelligence during that period, he became aware of Hitler's UFO program, and that a group of Reptilian aliens were giving Hitler and Germany, space vehicles with anti-gravitational propulsion, as well as access to underground caverns in Antarctica where they could develop the new technology. He also contended that when the first astronauts landed on the moon, Reptilians were standing on the surface underneath their vehicles, just out of camera range. More here.
Animal mutilations go beyond cattle and horses and include bloodless half-cats, foxes, rabbits and birds in cycles around the world since at least the 1960s, Linda cited. In her last segment, she looked into a new spate of cases in the Borough of Croydon, England, south of London. SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty) volunteers have investigated more than 100 cases and about half have had veterinarian necropsies that confirm the bloodless nature of the excisions on the animal bodies, internal organs, be-headings and lack of any blood or tracks around the sites where the creatures were found. Mutilations have occurred in daylight hours, but no one has ever seen or heard a disturbance. UK investigator Ian Halling detailed why the deranged individual hypothesis does not match the facts in the majority of these disturbing incidents.

Dimensional Travel [1st part] - Bruce Goldberg [hour 1, videos 1,2]

First hour guest, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, discussed parallel universes and how to safely travel to the fifth dimension. He shared the case of a depressed Los Angeles woman whom he took through a hypnotic progression in which she experienced various future "frequencies"-- parallel universes of different possibilities from poor to average to ideal. By focusing on the future life she wanted among the options, she was able to manifest it into her life, he explained. When attempting to visit the astral plane or higher dimensions, Goldberg suggested low light conditions with minimal noise, wearing loose fitting or no clothes, and avoiding drugs or alcohol.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Peter Davenport

UFO reports, Dimensional Travel,
Ancient ET War, Animal Mutilations - Linda Moulton-Howe [playlist of 4 videos]