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Monday, 1 June 2015

HAMPSTEADRESEARCH.WORDPRESS.COM – EVERY POST FROM, beginning from the 1st post, on March 30 2015

These are the posts from the site http://www.hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com, which is the investigative site concerning amongst other connected subjects, the alleged satanic child abuses happening past and present in Hampstead, North London, the millionaires playground – the child abuses including the murder, trafficking, rituals, and more involving primary school age, and even younger children and babies, as spoken of by the 2 “Whistleblower Kids” – Alisa and Gabriel Dearman, whose father is the alleged leader of this satanic cult, whose tentacles spread far and wide, but particularly centre on the primary school the 2 children, and other alleged abused children attend[ed] up until the time the allegations reached “epidemic proportions” after the online exposure of videos of the 2 children describing the heinous acts they allegedly were forced to take part in, mainly at the Hampstead Christ Church, and other locations. which possibly are still taking place today.
The very 1st post from this site, dated March 30 ’15, highlights a video from a former Sussex police officer, Detective Sergeant Ray Savage, who gives a former police officers opinions on the entire allegations and case, recorded at one of the early peaceful demonstrations at one of the centres of the alleged satanic practices and abuses – Hampstead Christ Church, Hampstead, N. London.
Other posts include attempts to show who is actually involved in it all, along with the latest updates from the ongoing and some might say completely biased and controversial court case surrounding the subsequent and ongoing children’s removal from their mother and father figure.
These archive posts are up to the 1st June, 2015 =

Recent Posts - more recent posts from June 1: go to hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com site

nearly all from June 1 2015
May 2015: