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Thursday, 30 September 2010



September 29, 2010

Contact: James Dunn - 214-875-1480
...Rich Sheridan - 972-815-7570

James Dunn and Rich Sheridan visited the offices of the FBI today to continue the effort to expose, and get a Federal investigation into the alledged murder of Dunn's mother by Dunn's sister and other family members, the alledged pedophilia activities at A.W. Brown Charter school, alledged TAKs test cheating, and an alledged conspiracy in the Dallas County D.A.'s office/County Judicial system involving wrongful/malicious prosecution, official suppression, and harassment to shut James Dunn up, or send him to prison.

Here are the some of the pertinant documents provided to the FBI so far.

Number 1.

September 27, 2009


James Williams Dunn
xxxx Blue Ridge Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75233

To: D. Bonner, N. Bonner, T. Elan, N. Hampton
Dallas office of The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Subject: Alledged Case for Murder Against Rev. A. W. Brown, Paula Dunn Brown,Christina Nicole Brown, and Dr. Aaron Ashley Brown, and the Alledged Corruption of the Office of Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins


In June of 2008, the above mentioned took my mother, Mrs. Pauline McDave Dunn, into their home at 1400 Country Ridge Dr. in DeSoto, Texas, and refused to give her the proper medical care that was prescribed by her doctor, Dr. David Lee Walters. During the time that my mother was not given her medical care, my sister and her family changed her will, and looted her bank accounts. The lack of proper medical care hastened my mother's death which I call murder. All of this can be proved. The proof is irrefutable. My mother is also the mother of Paula Dunn Brown.

In mid April of 2008, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I took care of my mother from the date of her diagnosis until she was taken into my sister's home by my sister and her family during the first week of June 2008. Before that time, I had a great relationship with my mother. In January of 2007, just two weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer of the colon, I had purchased for her a 2002 Cadillac CTS. I had moved into her home in 2002 in order to assist in her care of my father who was then suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He died in August of 2005. After his death, I stayed in her home with her.

My mother was a receptionist at the A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School where I taught fourth grade reading and writing. After her first diagnosis of cancer, her care fell to me. I had brought her home from surgery in March of 2007 and for 13 days we never got a call from my sister, Paula, to see how she was doing. In September of 2007, my mother returned to her job as a receptionist at the school. She would hold this position until her second cancer diagnosis in April of 2008.

Despite the fact that the Brown family had shown little or no interest in my mother after her first cancer surgery, they all came running to her side after she was diagnosed as TERMINAL in April of 2008. After they took her into their home, I continued to live in my mother's home at 3635 Blue Ridge Blvd. in Dallas, Texas. Almost as soon as they had taken my mother into their home, they began to isolate her from her friends, including me, and to try to sell my mother's home. After the first night she was in their home, they had a cell phone that I had given her for a direct contact to me shut off. For the duration of her stay at their home, they denied my mother access to a phone. Some friends that my mother had for over eighty years were denied the ability to even speak to her at any time before her death at age 87 on August 16, 2008.

Paula Dunn Brown and Rev. Armond W. Brown came over less than a week after my mother had been in their home with Dallas realtor Louis Laurent to see how much my mother's home was worth. Even though I was still in the house, they began to systematically shut off the utilities. First went the cable television, then the home phone, they diverted my mail to their address, they cancelled my auto insurance and pocketed the check, they had the gas shut off and the meter removed. I never said a word while they were doing this, I only documented the fact that they were doing these things.

My mother's friends who had spoken to her daily for all of the time that I had lived with my mother, they said that it was highly unusual that they were not allowed to speak with her. My sister and her family never answered the phone when these friends names were on the caller identification. I have my mother on tape saying that she had no access to a telephone. For these reasons we all suspected that my sister and her husband were up to no good since, even though my mother and father had financed both Rev. Brown's church and the school, Rev. Brown had not visited my father even once during the three years that my father suffered from Altzheimer's. He and my sister had become super-attentive to my mother after her terminal diagnosis.

Because of my sister's family's antics, I began to carry a micro cassette tape recorder when I visited my mother. When I asked her was it her wish that these things were taking place at her home, she adamantly denied that she knew anything about any of the antics. As a matter of fact, she said that the gas and all utilities would stay on until I died or moved since I had taken it upon myself to pay all of her bills and introduce her to Prada and other niceties after my father had died. My income at the time was in excess of $60,000 per year and I had given it all to her prior to her second sickness and being taken into my sister's house. I have tapes that will show that my mother's wishes were ignored and my mother's accounts were systematically looted by my sister and her family.

On June 28, 2008, when I visited my 87 year old mother, I found out that the pain of her terminal cancer was being treated with Tylenol, over the counter Tylenol. My mother had been prescribed Hydorcodone and Luctalose. The Luctalose was to give her an appetite and to stop the ammonia that all of our bodies make naturally from going straight to her brain. With liver cancer the ammonia goes straight to the brain causing confusion, coma and then death. My mother was never given this drug, thus hastening her death. On Monday, June 30, 2008, after I had discovered that my mother was not being given the proper medication, my sister's children called me and banned me from their home. My sister's son was in the third year of medical school at this time. He surely knew how important it was to get medication to my mother. I have every thing on tape to prove that my mother was not being given medication in a timely manner.

It is my contention that my sister and her family who are the principal overseers of the A. W. Brown Leadership Academy, a 1500 student charter school in Dallas, and one of the most recognized charter schools in the state of Texas, killed my mother in order to get her money. It is my opinion that this will be a big case. My family is well-known on both television and in newspapers here in Dallas. I have been on local television eight times speaking about this case. Local radio and television personalities have called me for updates.

Even though I did not complain when my sister was having the utilities disconnected at my mother's home, I did decide to write a 25 page synopsis of my time spent at the A. W. Brown Fellowship Charter School. I have been a writer all of my adult life. I was the first African American to have a regular column in The University of Texas at Austin's Daily Texan news paper beginning in 1974. I have had my writing appear in D Magazine, The Dallas Observer, The Dallas Times Herald and The Dallas Morning News. The articled that I wrote recently went viral on the Internet. I thought that the article would make my sister cease to bother me. I also took the article and tapes to the Dallas County District Attorney, Craig Watkins', office. His office referred the material that I took to them to the DeSoto, Texas Police Department. My mother died at my sister's home in DeSoto, Texas. No action was taken by Watins' office or the DeSoto Police.

On February 12, 2009, my sister came to my mother's home and had the door locks changed. I was at work in Arlington, Texas when she was at my mother's home. After I got off work, I decided that I had had enough of her antics. I drove to the school with the intention of informing her board of directors what kind of school principal they worked with. I was thwarted in my efforts by school coach, Mr. Lonnie Carter.

As we stood in the hallway of the school, surrounded by lookers-on, I asked my sister why she had changed the door locks on my house. She then said that I didn't have a house. I cursed her out and told her that I planned to pursue the murder charges against her, and to close down her school for cheating on the state TAKS test. I have concrete evidence of the systematic cheating that the school participates in order to get millions and millions and millions of dollars in grant money. I then left the building.

The following Monday, February 16, 2009, I called many of the people with whom I had worked and told them of my plans for the school if they didn't call my sister off. Little did I know, my sister had emailed a letter to my g-mail account telling me that she was having me arrested. She detailed what she said was my mother's wishes for the home. (See email on this date that arrived earlier from me labeled "Charges Filed," for her account.) I am so glad she put these lies into writing because I have audio tapes that directly contradict everything that my sister says in the email. I loved the part where she says that I keep harassing her when I had not thought of her before she had the door locks changed. I had not spoken to her since September 29, 2008. I also loved the part where she says that my mother was on "Medicaid." My mother and I had a household income in excess of $115,000 per year and my mother never qualified for Medicaid. I have a recording where my mother says that she didn't have the $600 to get her pain, and other prescriptions. I then offered to get the prescriptions for her. I insisted on getting the prescriptions for her. I was appalled by the fact that that while my 87 year old mother was lying in the bed in pain, my sister went out and bought a $90,000 Mercedes with the money that she took from my mother's safety deposit box. Check with Chase Bank on Sylvan Ave. in Dallas. They can tell you the exact date that my sister looted my mother's box. This is one heinous crime. Who would do that to an 87 year old woman, what kind of people are the Browns?

I have a copy of my mother's original will, and the will leaves 50% of all property to me and 50% of all to Paula. My sister illegally changed my mother's will while my mother was being denied medication. This lack of medication hastened my mother's death…Murder. Because my sister killed my mother for financial gain, (I can prove that), this is Capital Murder.

I wish to have my sister, and her family all investigated and charged with 1) Elderly Abuse; 2) Misuse of fiduciary responsibility. 3) Capital Murder; 4) Perjury. I have 100% proof of all the alleged.

I have spoken to the Dallas City Council and the Dallas County Commissioner's Court numerous times about these allegations. Texas Senator Florence Shapiro's office has contacted me and I have sent some material to the state attorney general. I have been urged to get all of this information to the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of the severity of the case, and because the Dallas County District Attorney, a man whose aunt coordinated Paula Dunn Brown's wedding, refuses to properly pursue the case.

In an effort to keep me from speaking to the Council or the Commissioner's Court, I have been threatened and pulled into court by a judge at the time I was supposed to be speaking. This was a direct trampling of my First Amendment rights by the courts working with the Dallas County District Attorney. My speeches were covered by television stations about this abuse on September 21 and 22. (See my previous email to the FBI dated. September 20, 2010).

This case reeks of a conspiracy to silence me and I think that a conspiracy to hide the truth is coming from the Dallas County District Attorney's office. I will be in your office this Wednesday, September 29, 2009. I intend to pursue these charges, and an investigation until I can no longer communicate with the living.


James Williams Dunn


Number 2.


September 16, 2010

Mother Who Claims Her 3 yr Old Girl Was Pedophiled at a Prestegious Dallas School Willing to Go Public

For Contact:

James Dunn - 214-875-1480

Rev Ronald Wright - 214-779-3549

This breaking story appears to be the conformation of repeated claims made by James Dunn concerning alledged child abuse and pedophilia at AW Brown Fellowship Charter school.

"Ms. Cindy" stated that her daughter was molested by a janitor at the AW Brown 3 to 5yr old pre-pschool. She said that he is known as "Pa Pa", is about 70 years old, and is married to a teacher at AW Brown.

Ms. Cindy stated that as "Pa Pa" was molesting her daughter he referred to his penis as his "little horsie".

The AW Brown facility where this alledged act occurred is across from Red Bird Mall, formerly a Smith Furniture store. The main AW Brown facility is on Red Bird Ct., just off Westmoreland.

Ms. Cindy was put in touch with James Dunn by Rev Ronald Wright, with Justice Seekers.

In my opinion, pedophilia is a far greaterproblem in our communities than most people realize. Pedophilia is one of the biggest political secrets today, because pedophiles have been put into political offices because they can be blackmailed to do the bidding of their "Masters". This was once the case o/f in-the-closet homosexuals, who have become acceptable to most based on a propaganda campaign of lies.

Most homosexuals were/are created by pedophiles, and then they grow up and become pedophiles. The biggest alledged example of this in Dallas is former city council member, and Mayoral candidate Ed Oakley. Mr. Oakley has been suspected by some to take trips to Thailand to secretly engage in this heinous act, and to avoid prosecution in the U.S.

The AW Brown alledged case of pedophilia I know to be just the tip of the iceberg of the SEXUAL PREDATOR-SEXUAL DEVIANCE OF SOME VERY HIGH PROFILE AND POWERFUL DALLASITES.

James Dunn states that his sister, Paula Dunn, uses intimidation, and retaliation to parents that have come to her with reports of their children being molested. Mr. Dunn claims that Paula Dunn-Brown and DA Craig Watkins are friends. Its been reported in the Dallas Morning News that there have been at least three incidences of DA Craig Watkins or his office being associated with questionable positions/associations with regards to sexual predators. 1. Before Watkins became DA, the man who ran his bail bonds company was reported in the News to be both a pedophile and a rapist over a 20 year period, which included at least 4 cases. Some were upheld, and some were dismissed. 2. An east Texas woman's case pending in the DA's office, which claimed that she was alledgedly raped by this business associate of the DA, was suddenly dismissed by the DA's office, claiming that she wouldn't come to Dallas for the trial. The east Texas woman denied this claim. 3. DA Watkins was involved in a 10 year old's reversal of her claim that she was molested by a man. The James Dunn case, and the Ms. Cindy cases makes 5 total cases of sexual predators/pedophiles being alledgely protected by the DA and/or his office.

"Ms. Cindy" is willing to go in sillouette-muffled voice on TV, and muffled voice on radio to break this story wide open.

These are the 3rd and 4th items given to the Dallas office of the FBI today

Number 3.


Contact: Richard P. Sheridan, 972-815-7570 James Dunn, 214-875-148


Where: Frank Crowley Court Building, 5th floor, Judge Andy Chatam

When: 11 am Today, September 1, 2010

As stated by James Dunn, he is to appear before Judge Chatam this morning because of his continued attempts to expose the alledged corruption of Dallas County DA Craig Watkins Office, and alledged County Criminal-Justice system corruption. Dunn was scheduled to speak before the Dallas County Commissioners Ct. on Tuesday (8/31), and the Dallas City Council today (9/1), but was caused to cancel both because of a call from the DA's Office.

This case involves an alledged murder, and allegations of child abuse, pedophilia, and TAKS test cheating at AW Brown Charter School. According to Dunn, the principal of AW Brown, Paula Brown, and DA Craig Watkins are friends. Dunn cliams there is a DA office conspiracy against him, and has evidence that he has been harrassed from the DA Office over the past 1 1/2 years.

James Dunn is the campaign treasurer for the Sheridan for Dallas City Council Campaign.


Number 4.

Speech/Testimony to the Dallas County Commissioners Court

DA Craig Watkins Alledged Involvement with Paula Brown's Alledged Murder Coverup

June 8, 2010

Many Dallasites are witnessing an ever-widening corruption case against Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins. I have absolutely unequivoval, unimpeachable, concrete proof on audio tapes that the office of Dallas County DA is far more corrupt than anyone would imagine. To paraphrase Bette Davis from All About Eve, "Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a rough 3 minutes."

These audio tapes contain conclusive evidence that my sister, Paula Brown, and her family, murdered my mother during the summer of 2008. On June 28, 2008, I found that my sister and her family had failed to have my mother's life-saving prescriptions filled. They allowed this helpless 87 year old woman, dying of cancer, to suffer in pain as they gave her only over-the counter Tylenol for her illness. When I found out what they were doing, they barred me from their 5100 square foot mansion. On the tape, you will hear my mother remark that she did not have the money to buy her medicine. When she went to my sister's house, she was made to pay a bill, and couldn't because she was then broke. Mysteriously, my mother's fortune of around $150,000 disappeared. This while my sister went our and purchased a new $90,000 Mercedes CLS 550 with my mother's money. Listen to the tape, and you'll cry. What kind of person gives her helpless 87 year old mother Tylenol instead of the needed pryspryscription drugs, while buying a new Mercedes? There is a special place in hell for people like that.

When I protested to my sister that I was going to make this murder and torture public, she enlisted constables on her "payroll" to arrest me for a terrorristic threat against her. I had written a 25 page internet article detailing the murder, and promised to publicized it. I urge everyone here to get a copy of that article from me. Call 214-875-1480.

In December of 2008, I took a discette of this article to DA Craig Watkins office. His office sent it to the DeSoto police. I never heard from either, so I revisited the DA's office twice before my February 2009 arrest. They want me quiet. They want me to go away. I won't do either.

I found out that the DA was ignoring this murder because of my sister's connection to the DA. She is Watkin's neighnbor and friend. They both live in, and hob-nob in the same DeSoto neignborhood. Also, my sister's wedding coordinator is Mr. Watkins aunt. My sister, the principal of A.W. Brown Fellowship Charter and her husband, who is Pastor A.W Brown, have attorney Lorenzo Brow as a school board member. Lorenzo Brown directed a considerable number of bail bond cases to Mr. Craig Watkins bail bonds company prior to his becoming DA. Ignoring this murder is reciprocity, Quid Pro Quo. To build evidence against me, some constables in Derrick Evans Precinct found "massive amounts" of ammunition that may have belonged to my father, and that I had never seen before.

Tommorrow I go to court at 9 am in Andy Chatham's court at the Frank Crowley Court building. I could not afford an attorney since I spent all my money on my late mother. The public defenders assigned to me were hand-picked by Watkins to do nothing for me. They, Denise Campbell, and a Miss Walton-Barnes, couldn't understand why I was upset that Miss Campbell would start to prepare for trial the day of the trial. Ms. Campbell had complained to me on the phone the previous Thursday that I should stop making agitating phone calls to her office, and that everything was under control. Miss Campbell informed me that she wouldn't listen to any evidence that my sister, Paula Brown, was lying, nor would she read my 25 page report that contains proof that my sister is a liar. Miss Campbell said that I would be arrested if I left the court. Finally, the issue was settled with rthe help of Miss Watkins supervisor, and the tial re-scheduled.

My sister is indeed a liar and a murderer. She is being protected by DA Craig Watkins. Read my 25 page paper, listen to the tape, and you will find that our DA is protecting a murderer, pedophile promoters, and people who run a charter school who lead students rto cheat on state-wide tests.

I have proof of all of the above. But who cares about the murder of an old, black woman, after all, this is STILL Dallas.

James Dunn