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Saturday, 8 June 2013


1brEDGAZ32 Cameron Whip problem Saturday 1 June 2013

THE Bitter Pill gazette – 32

Repeat {{{{{{This publication is not remotely connected with Freemasonry. Vomit is an acronym for Victims Of Ministry Ill Treatment. (Apologies if you have already received a copy of this publication.}

Not everybody knows this
All wireless phone calls are monitored and stored by GCHQ (Echelon?). All landline calls are monitored by BT and stored in the converted telephone exchanges. At one time BT telephone handsets were able to record all conversations within earshot.
The enemies of our enemies are our friends. The friends of our enemies are our enemies.
If anyone believes that she or he is being unjustly criticised in these publications we will publish detail of any relevant complaint and delete the complainant’s name from our address book.}}}}}}Repeat finishes.

1buEwing3 EDF ENERGY Saturday 1 June 2013
TO: Mr Terence Ewing, 9c Lawn Road, London NW3 2XS and
to: Vincent De Rivaz CPcustomer_correspondence@edfenergy.org Fax 020 7752 2104 cc Steven Hayfield,CP -steven.hayfield@edfenergy.com Gadeon House, Grenadier Road, EXETER WX1 3UT Tel. 01392 813603 Fax 01392 813550. Anthony.Taylor@edfenergy.com CP and Helen.Stych@edfenergy.com CP
From: James M Todd, B.Sc., 18 Truro House, Brunel Estate, Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5UY We” is editorial
Account numbers 776 500 131 0105.& 4350030101010
Plus a new account number 673 137 632 899
Dear Mr Ewing,
As promised we now have confirmation that EDF Energy has reacted to the criticism levelled at it in the last issue of the Gazette. The EXETER employees will hear nothing until the next publication of the Gazette.
The problems started when Chancellor Brown allowed EDF Energy to overcharge the UK in the sum of £17 billion. The Chancellor James Gordon Brown refuses to explain what happened to the £17 billion but he arranged for his bother Andrew to be on the Board of EDF Energy.
EDF Energy failed to migrate our account with London Electricity with which we had an economy 7 agreement. This enabled us to apply power to a storage heater for a specified 7 hours during the night. The cost of one unit of power was negligible or zero. Many years have passed and our files have been lost as the result of unlawful action by the Metropolitan or Thames Valley Police.
We should mention how EDF Energy was able to replace our agreement with London Electricity. A lady operating in the Newcastle area notified us that if we did not reply within so many days she would consider that we would accept the new agreement the terms of which were not disclosed. The time limit had expired before we knew of it.
There followed a period of years when we paid bills for electricity we did not use. We had a lady read the meter. She used a torch to do the reading so as to establish that we were telling the truth and had not been using electricity.
After we returned home our supply was erratic both in London and at Chalfont St Giles. National Grid appeared to be involved at both locations. There followed a visit from an EDF employee after we complained. He spent three hours at our address and repeatedly went outside onto the landing to make mobile phone calls. He appeared to install a clockwork timer that denied us the use of Economy 7. He speeded up the meter and thereby rendered useless the on/off timer. The thermostat, by switching on and off repeatedly, failed. There was condensation that caused water marks on the walls. We are now without hot water.
Here are details of the latest bill received on 31 MAY 2013.
14 February 2013 to 13 May 2013
Last time you owed 14 November 2012 – 13 February 2013 £782.13
You paid us £0.00 So you bring forward£782.13.
Your charges for this period £21.06. Your new account balance is £803.19.
Please pay £803.10 by 29 May 2013.
The postmark on the envelope enclosing the bill is EXETER 30.05.13. Postage 47p N1254411. You have clear evidence of criminal offences committed at our address and presumably at Chalfont St Giles where Calor gas in cylinders is used.
Yours faithfully, James M Todd.
Comment: EDF posted its bill on 30 May asking us to pay by 29 May. John Robertson should be investigated and removed from the energy committee.

Judge publicly reprimanded over driving ban

Lord Justice Thorpe did not tell judicial authorities when he was banned for eight weeks after
going through a red light
Owen Bowcott, legal affairs correspondent
·guardian.co.uk, Friday 13 January 2012 11.46 GMT

Lord Justice Thorpe pleaded guilty at Westminster magistrates court to driving through a red
light in central London.
One of Britain's most senior appeal court judges has been publicly reprimanded for receiving
a driving ban and failing to inform judicial authorities that he was facing traffic offences.
Lord Justice Thorpe, 73, who is also head of international family justice, was caught going through
red lights on the Victoria Embankment in central London by a police camera.
He was banned from driving for eight weeks after totting up 12 penalty points over the course
of the previous 18 months. The judge pleaded guilty at Westminster magistrates court to failing
to stop at a red signal.
Court officials only became aware of the case after reading about it in a newspaper. A statement
from the Office for Judicial Complaints released on Friday said: "The lord chancellor [the justice
secretary, Ken Clarke] and the lord chief justice [Lord Judge] have issued Lord Justice Thorpe
with a reprimand for receiving a driving ban and for failing to adhere to the guidance regarding
the reporting of traffic offences."
Thorpe faced a six-month ban when he appeared before magistrates last August but the
sentence was reduced because he said he needed to run a farm in Wiltshire. He was fined
£250 and ordered to pay another £250 in costs.
According to the report, which appeared in the Evening Standard in August last year, Thorpe
told the court he needed to be able to drive to herd and feed his 80 cattle.
"It is going to be difficult for me to cope without a licence," he explained. "Of course I recognise
that these circumstances must be exceptional and maybe these are not but I still wish to present
them for your consideration."
District judge Daphne Wickham reduced the ban to 56 days. "I am prepared to concede that the
six months would be a long time for this defendant to be disqualified," she said.
As the first head of international family law, Thorpe is one of the country's leading experts
on divorce, parenting and the breakdown of marriage.
He has responsibility for liaising with judges over divorce cases in foreign jurisdictions.

Comment: A member of our family (son) divorced his wife in May 2005 and voluntarily handed
over the matrimonial home to her. It was valued at £500,000. As a result solicitors for the wife,
Family Law In Partnership (FLIP) handed the case to the sharks at solicitors Osbornes who had
the full nefarious backing of the judiciary and other law enforcement authorities like the police
and the Crown Prosecution Service. We have called for the resignation of Kier Starmer, Bernard
Hogan-Howe and Sara Thornton and have been imprisoned in our own home as a consequence.
Note that the persecution of our family has continuous for eight years. It commenced with the
wrongful judgements of David Wilcox the man who owns a block of flats in Victoria and who
rents them out to anyone willing to pay the rent. Wendy Wright and Julian Beard of Osbornes
are involved along with Judge Deborah Wright who tried our son in his absence and sentenced
him to 28 days in prison. Deborah Wright was heard on her mobile phone outside Harrow
Magistrates Court saying “You can’t tell me what to do.” When our son appealed he was released
from prison. His solicitor advised him to drop his appeal because there was no need for it
because he had been released. The solicitor’s advice was wrong. The conviction must be
The latest information that we have is that a “Valuation and Surveyor – Joint Valuer” has decided
that one of his associated companies must pay an exorbitant amount presumably to cover the
costs of Grant Thornton and Summers-Nigh Law who are two corrupt insolvency practitioners.
If either company denies the truth of our quasi defamatory allegation we will be pleased to
publish their denial. Richard Buttle (the rat catcher) accompanied by another crook used to
run round Misbourne Farmhouse, Chalfont St Giles HP8 4RU during days and nights hammering
on doors and windows. At night they took flash photographs of buildings and vehicles. They
left a 5cm bundle of papers, hand delivered, on the top of a letterbox in pouring rain. Buttle
initially refused to identify himself and demanded entry into the farmhouse to check for rats.
He refused to give his name. Buttle later married Deborah Nigh and settled in a village near
Banbury. The root cause of the Insolvency Racket was the theft of the orchard belonging to
the freeholders of Misbourne Farmhouse in addition to the Family Court rackets. Our law
enforcement authorities know about serious corruption including Attorney General Dominic
Grieve and Keir Starmer Director of Crown Prosecutions.
The law states that since the orchard belonged to the freeholders of Misbourne Farmhouse
they were entitled to restrict traffic between two parts of the freehold, (the orchard and the
farm house) and that only farm traffic was permissible. John Russell Fyson who operated
a wastepaper operation from the Dutch Barns site died and his wife died soon afterwards.
Barclays Bank Trustee Company awarded the orchard to a property developer who sold it on
to Colin Emerson, a second hand car dealer. The result was, inter alia, that a Designated
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest in a water valley was
developed without planning permission thanks to Tory corruption in Chiltern District Council
and Bucks County Council. The site was used to import contraband including tobacco, alcohol
and drugs through the French port of Dieppe.
Note also that Libdem Leader Nick Clegg is a native of Chalfont St Giles. He turned a blind eye
to rampant corruption in his own back yard.

1buBuck 1 Police Wednesday 18 July 2012

To: Karen Buck, MP Email: karen.buck.mp@parliament.uk Fax 020 8960 0150 Tel. 020 8968 7999
Your ref.:TODD01001//01101554. Copied to the Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan, MP. .
From: James M Todd, B.Sc., 18 Truro House, Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5UY.
Phone: 020 7727 3877 Email: vomituk@gmail.com (Disconnected)

Dear Madam, Law enforcement
You have not heard from me since 18 July 2012 because you had failed to address the
issues I had raised but had also exacerbated my persecution. My publication of Gazettes has
kept you up to date not only with my problems but also problem generally affecting other
individuals including members of my family.
Perhaps you will copy this letter to Cheryl Gillan, MP. My email to her is blocked. She
has never done me any harm. She is Tory. You are Labour. I hope that someone will copy
this to Mrs Gillan who fell foul of Mr Cameron.
Recently I sent the Metropolitan Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe a report from Lord
Lambeth. His Lordship alleged that he was being exploited by a member of a terrorist group.
Hogan-Howe replied telling me to rewrite the article and send it again. Lest you miss the point I
ask you how I could rewrite Lord Lambeth’s report.
I sent a Freedom of Information request to Westminster City Council and to bmaster@westminster.gov.uk (Ref.10748). The reply came from non mandated ALMO CityWest
Homes in the form of Tolu Ogunlade who states that the information requested was not collated.
The conclusion has to be that the Yale locked door to my flat was specially made at great cost
to enable persons with a copy of the key to enter my flat at any time and thereby make me a
prisoner in my own home.
This morning at 0330 hours I heard someone try to open my door. This was followed by
the sound of voices and the continuous loud knocking on my door. My neighbours must have
been disturbed and my reputation not enhanced. When I opened the door there were upwards
of five persons of both genders dressed as policemen or police women. One male asked me
‘Did you phone us?’ I shouted at the group, ‘I am 88 years of age and should not be harassed
like this.’ They slipped away quietly. I tried to follow their movements but saw and heard
By this letter I hereby authorise any third party to contact Westminster City Council and bmaster@westminster.gov.uk to find out why my FOI request was passed to a non-mandated
ALMO. I would appreciate knowing why CityWest Homes accepted my FOI request particularly
since it was aware that I had reported it for many serious criminal offences committed against
me. I hope that Bernard Hogan-Howe will have sufficient self respect to apologise to my
neighbours for the disturbance caused by his minions this morning.
I now report that my attempt to email this letter was prevented and the original
removed from my computer.
Yours faithfully, JAMES M TODD

Message received by telephone on 7 June 2013. Both versions of the foregoing letter were
received. The culprit is probably MI5 but Cameron will have an input as he stubbornly attempts
to hold onto power. He even advertised that he had sent his best wishes to Prince Philip.
Prince Philip is one of the few Royals whom I respect. Cameron isn’t fit to lace his boots. Let
us hope that Philip is back home soon and in good health.
Further comment: The furore over GCHQ hacking and leaking information to Obama The Bum
may explain our recent harassment including the interference with our computer making it
difficult to draft a letter.

Latest information from Switzerland. 5 June 2013
Private valuer Richard Blacklee. The Insolvency pair of crooked practitioners, Summers Nigh
Law and Grant Thornton got a totally bent valuer at the start who produced a valuation of over
£100,000 and offered to amend it if assumptions he made were inaccurate. When told they
were inaccurate he refused to amend it unless ordered to do so by Summers Nigh contrary to
court and RICS rules. A truly dirty rat is Richard Blacklee. I do not have the name of the latest
valuer but his report will help incriminate Blacklee who ought to be struck off.


Terence Ewing terenceewing@yahoo.co.uk
Reply-To: Terence Ewing terenceewing@yahoo.co.uk
To: ceu@scotland.gsi.gov.uk ceu@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

9c Lawn Road

4 June 2013

Freedom of Information Officer
The Scottish Government
St Andrew’s House
Regent Road

Dear Sir/Madam


I wish to know the following information:

1.1 I wish to the text and information contained in the legal advice that has recently been
1.2 obtained by the Scottish Government as to the legal advice of gaining independence for
1.3 Scotland from the rest of the UK on whether or not Scotland would remain a member of the
1.4 European Union , or would have to reapply for such membership from the European Union?
1.5 I wish to know who on behalf of the Scottish Government requested the legal advice
1.6 referred to in paragraph 1.1 and who supplied it to the Scottish Government?
1.7 I wish to know the date when the Scottish Government requested the legal advice referred
1.8 to in paragraph in paragraph 1.1 and the date when it was supplied to the Scottish Government?
1.9 In particular, I wish to know if the legal advice referred to in paragraph 1 was supplied by
1.10 either one of the Law Officers i.e. Lord Advocate and/or Solicitor-General, and/or the
1.11 Advocate General for Scotland?
I make this application under section 1 and 8(1) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002
Yours faithfully,

Terence Ewing

From: Colin Peters colin-peters@blueyonder.co.uk 6 June 2013


Hello there my friends.
I am amazed that my contribution about the truth about our legal aid system has been accepted
and published in the web page of our local rag, the T&A.
Here in Bradford, West Yorkshire, just like all the rest of the country, lawyers are bleating about
the injustices that will be caused to members of the public who will be deprived of their honest
and expensive services due to legal aid cuts.
So many of us know the real truth so please, all of you, please join me in telling the truth about
every facet of the ‘system’.
It is not there for you. It is not there for me.
It is there only to serve and nurture all those within it.
Spread the word to whoever might publish the truth.
Colin Peters
Telegraph and Argus Web page http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk

We used to say that the only solicitors worth having are the ones who refuse to take your case.
One of our drivers Duggie Thompson was accused of using his damaged vehicle because
it posed a threat to other road users. I appeared in Kensington Magistrates Court as his transport
manager. A police sergeant was the prosecutor. Also present were several police constables
who were present to learn the tricks of prosecuting. The magistrate was a nasty old crone who
had clearly found Duggie guilty.
The sergeant asked me what experience I had to enable me to say that the vehicle was safe.
I replied that I was a professional engineer who had been involved in guided weapons
development at the Military College of Science. The old crone’s hostility melted away. She
found Duggie not guilty. The constables wanted to shake my hand. The courts always come
down on the side of the police.
Duggie went to live in France. My son lives in Switzerland. Norman Scarth lives in Ireland.
Maurice Kirk lived in France and the Channel Islands. The days of the tyrants are numbered.
In desperation I appealed to the Grand Lodge of Scotland to put me in touch with a solicitor I could trust because I had to keep travelling into Edinburgh to lodge or pick up documents and was prevented from earning a living. The almoner replied asking me to buy shoes and other items of clothing for my children and to send him receipts. He nearly cost me my life. Philip Raby Walbaum, a South African surgeon, performed an unnecessary lung lobectomy, stitched a piece of cancerous tissue into the bronchial stump and prescribed the drug PAS which was never used where cancer was suspected. I fled to the London Chest Hospital where Dr Wheeler probably saved my life. The London Chest Hospital may now be called the Royal London Hospital.

1buPorter1 Copy on 7 June 2013

12th June 1989 18 Truro House
London W2 5UY
(0403 691455)
Lady Porter,
Room 1806,
Westminster City Hall,
Victoria Street,

Dear Madam,
1. To-day I have learned that flats almost identical to this one, but with central
heating, on this estate, valued by your Council at circa £62,000.00 have been
independently valued £5,000.00 to £10,000 on account of structural defects
which are not scheduled for correction within the five year guarantee period.
These are the defects which your council has been denying for years. You
overvalued this flat on comparative terms. Now it is clear that you grossly
overvalued it in real terms. So this is another reason why you will not allow me to
purchase my flat and why you seek to evict me.
This suggests that criminal offences have been committed by your Council.
2. The lift at Culham House now rarely works.
3. A derelict car with a flat tyre, bearing a Westminster City Council sticker,
has been left near Sunderland House, in a dangerous position, for more than one
Behind these matters referred to above there is corruption.
Yours faithfully,
Comment: Porter was guilty of the Homes for Votes and the sale of the cemeteries with prime development land. We will never know how she settled her bill but are of the view that the Labour Party was hugely rewarded. The terms of the settlement are to remain secret for 100 years. Interestingly a lady who lived in Combe House, Brunel Estate blew the whistle on the Homes for Votes affair.

The problem is that it receives too much money from TV Licence fees and Patten the Chairman of the Trust and Hall the Director General are not fit for purpose. They have made most of their reporters the laughing stock of world TV.

The Chief Executive of NHS England addressed the NHS conference in Liverpool.
Step forward Sir David Wikcockson who, following severe criticism by a Parliament committee on health over his debonair attitude to the murders in the Staffordshire hospital, announced his resignation because he considered that eight years in the job was long enough. He rambled on and on and must have been using a prompter. He will not be stepping down until next year. His rambling speech was a valedictory of himself. The Good Lord would say, “He that bloweth his own horn that same horn shall not be blown.”
What sort of severance package do incompetents like Wilcockson receive? Why aren’t they kicked into the long grass empty handed?

1buGRANTSummers1 Criminal activity Tuesday 4 June 2013
To: Grant Thornton UK LLP, No 1 Whitehall Riverside, Leeds LS1 4BN. Tel. 0113 245 5114 Fax 0113 246 5055 and Russ.D.Parkin@uk.gt.com and ian.richardson@uk.gt.com and Summers Nigh Law katies@summersnighlaw.co.uk
From: James M Todd, B.Sc, 18 Truro House, Brunel Estate, Westbourne Park Road, London W2 5UY. Phone: 020 7727 3877 (Disconnected) Email: vomituk@gmail.com (Still disconnected from the Internet by BT )

Dear Sirs, Grant Thornton ref. IZR/SME/RDF/T78011
High Court of Justice, Number 6319 of 2006B
On 31 October 2006 I wrote to Joseph Sullivan the Official receiver.(Ref.: lukh 6319 2006B)
“Since I made it known that I was going to write to you I have been informed that you had Geoffrey Scriven , President of The Litigants In Person Society (LIPS) imprisoned on the basis of a statement you had taken from his mother as she lay dead on a mortuary slab in Manchester.” It now looks more likely that Mr Scriven was killed like many others who dare to fight official corruption.
On 31 October 2006 I sent Mr Sullivan 32 pages of evidence showing cheque numbers detailing the cash owed to me by the bankrupt. On account of my age and disability I appointed two persons to act for me as proxies in appointing as Trustee in Bankruptcy T. Papanicola, Bond and Partners, LLP, The Grange, 400 High Street, London N14 6TB. Papanicola did not query my claim. If memory serves me correctly Papanicola was bankrupted. Be that as it may it is too late for you to start querying the merit of my claim. Moreover you are liable for the unnecessary costs incurred, for harassment and fraud. Dr Cable, the Business Secretary has been unable to confirm that you or Summers Nigh Law are legitimate Insolvency Practitioners.