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Sunday, 2 June 2013


Whistleblower Radio -- Kerry Cassidy/Richard Alan Miller 03 October 2012

Published on 4 Oct 2012

Edited - no breaks. Richard Alan Miller -- Physicist, Princeton, MIT, Emeritus Professor -- SEAL Trainer, Explorer of State of Consciousness, X-Files contributor, Farmer.

Discussions included (..but too many to itemise!): Monsanto (DuPont) is part of the military industrial complex - GMO food is a bio weapon; Consciousness Studies; His development of protocols for Navy SEALS to bypass conscious state; Personal Development using the same techniques; Bio Feedback; Military use of microwaves as bio weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan - Frey Effect (see link below); Alphas (TV), Blue Sky Research in the 1970s; Alternate Universes; Holographic Universe; Plutonium main bio hazard to the planet; Water on Mars; Fractal Maths; Commando Solo. Rick worked (and has a handler) for Naval Intelligence.